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MJ Estate Slams MSNBC

'Disgusted' by Decision

to Air Murray Documentary

11/9/2011 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate is lashing out at MSNBC -- saying it's "disgusted" with the network for planning to air the Conrad Murray documentary this weekend.

The Estate issued a statement ... saying, "Like so many of Michael’s fans, the Estate is also disgusted by MSNBC’s irresponsible and inexplicable decision to air a Conrad Murray 'documentary.'"

The statement continued, "The Co-Executors, John Branca and John McClain, are sending a letter to the top executives at Comcast, NBC Universal and MSNBC to express their disdain for their actions."

The MJ fans are predictably up in arms as well -- in fact, the group, "Justice 4 MJ" is trying to organize a global boycott of the documentary, "Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" ... saying, "The only documentary we want to see is the one of Murray enjoying prison life."

10:40 AM: Jermaine Jackson just tweeted, "I hear all upset/frustrations re Murray doc. It's shameless & sickens me too, but I choose not to give it attention/controversy it craves."


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Disgusted by the airing of a Do***entry but not so disgusted with the auctioning off of the bed he died in?

1044 days ago


The looney fans need to get over it. Where were y'all when Michael was alive? I never seen any petitions to get his name put back on the school while he was alive. He was proven NOT GUILTY in 2005. Why wait til he dies to get his name restored?

No one gave a damn til after MJ died. It makes me sick seein' how you all act now. I'm starting to think it's just to bring attention to yourself.

And I'm not gonna even get started on the family. But LaToya disgusts me. She threw her brother under the bus claiming he was a child molester. Now she's ridin' the money train like others. And she has the nerve to yelp or whatever when the verdict is read. Disrespectful even though I believe the verdict should have been GUILTY as well.

I hate that MJ is gone. I really think he was just misunderstood. But you new fans who are claiming MJ was your life and all that. You know you didn't become a fan until June 25th, 2009.

And another thing. Quit begging the Jackson family to retweet you on twitter. Stop kissing their ass on twitter. It really makes you look foolish.

Get over yourselves. Again, you did NOTHING to help MJs name when he was alive.

1044 days ago

Hey Now    

Sorry, I've got it set to dvr. I'm curious: what's the big deal? They made a movie about MJs last days that earned them a bazillion dollars. I thought it was a bit tacky.

1044 days ago


Yup, they are upset because only they can make money from his death.. disgusting family.

1044 days ago


TALK ABOUT DISGUSTING--------------The Jackson Clan should look in the mirror-----------------That's the pot calling the kettle black!!!

1044 days ago


dont pot that on tv

1044 days ago


Must protect their money making products image at all costs.......They are as guilty or more so then Conrad Murry because they hired him in the first place to keep their freaky money maker on his feet to make more money for the Jackson Money Pit....

1044 days ago


he has every right to have his views and thoughts seen and heard. Not everyone is upset that the freak is dead. Not everyone worshipped the weirdo. I think doc killed him. I'm not going to cry about it.

1044 days ago

Michael Jackson: Can You Handle The Truth?    

Michael Jackson molested and raped many children. He was a serial child rapist that abused many, many children. He not only hurt the children, but broke up their families through his ritual abuse. Anyone who knows the REAL MICHAEL JACKSON, knows what a big satan worshiper he was and all the criminal activity he was involved in. A MASTER MANIPULATOR, MJ knew human psychology very well, and used it to confuse and prey on innocent boys.

Erecting an amusement park in his backyard. Textbook pedophile. Everyone around MJ knew how he loved his "boys." He bought his boys new clothes, toys, took them on expensive trips. Anything for his boys. Ask anyone who was close to Michael and they tell you that Michael always had boys over, and showered them with expensive gifts. He went everywhere with his boys. He loved his boys, he even slept with them in the same bed. Took showers with them. Touched them. Kissed them. He even had sex with them. MJ loved his boys. He would go to great lengths to wine and dine the boys's parents to make sure they would look the other way. He rewarded the boys that stayed quiet. And punished the ones that didn't. This sick perverted sh*t bag molested scores of boys, he was a real inspiration for all the NAMBLA pedophiles all over the world. This man was their God. Any self respecting human being can see this sick man for who he was. He was sick, mentally and physically. The more boys he molested the harder it became for MJ and his enabelers to hide the evidence of his sickness. Just call Brian Oxman, he will go on TV and make things alright by lying. Call up Howard Weitzman, he can stop it all from crashing down. Hey, this isn't just any child molester, this one has lots of money. Lots and lots of money to pay off people and pay people to do his will.

In many pedophiles inner circles it is well known that Michael Jackson was a big pedophile and distributor of child pornography. It's also well known that MJ frequently paid out bribes to officials and organizations to avoid prosecution for his crimes. MJ knew the game and played it well. He didn't want to get caught. He didn't want to go to jail.

If any of you fans really cared about anyone involved in this, including Michael Jackson's kids, you would see this for the truth it is. Take off your blinders and stop covering up for the dead monster. He was addicted to drugs for over 20 years. Serious drugs, hard drugs. If you go Downtown and look at the drug addicts in the street, you're not far off from the state Michael was in. Michael was far worse. Michael had serious psychological problems. No use denying an obvious fact.

Drugs made the pain easier for Michael. He could live with himself and his reality for one more day with the high from the drugs he took. All the pain and emotions he felt, all the guilt that was pent up in him, the guilt and hurt he had would briefly pass with the high he felt when he shot up and took those pills. Michael just needed a little, um, milk. Nothing unusual here. Doesn't everyone have 20 different aliases they use to get all their drug prescriptions filled?

1044 days ago

tony gee    

I thought that we are in a democratic country. These stupid people thinks that there is only one side of a coin. Newsflash! There is actually another side of the coin and it is not only you people who matter in this world, whether you are a child molestor or not. But I guess the molestor's side does not want to hear the other side of the story. Dumbells!

1044 days ago


But they are ok with selling a death bed?

1044 days ago


If MJ was alive, he would sue to stop this show from airing.

ALso, sign petition to stop MSNBC Murry show

1044 days ago


well the jackson's made their money telling their side of the story about michael now murray will make some telling his side i don't see the sin cause it isn't like the jackson's didn't make their money in interviews and reality this and that etc after the michael died estate probably want a percentage

1044 days ago


America's most liberal group of program providers is grossly underperforming due, in part, to extreme liberal bias. They are desperate to get numbers any way they can.If I had a cable alternative to comcast NBC/UNI owner...Id exercise that choice.

1044 days ago


Michael was just as responsible for his own death as Murray was. The whole thing is a total shame, and so what if it is aired? Only those with interest will watch it, and it won't change Murray's sentence, and it won't bring Michael back from the dead. If the family is disgusted by this, how do they handle the everyday knowledge he was a child molester?

1044 days ago
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