TMZ Live Joe Paterno's Exit He Really Does Run PSU

11/9/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Joe Paterno's Exit -- He Really Does Run Penn State

Joe Paterno says he's retiring in the wake of Penn State's child sex abuse scandal -- but not until after the season. Should JoePa get 86'd ... NOW? Two former players and angry PSU students weigh-in on Paterno's future and his legacy.

Plus, Michael Jackson's bed -- the one in which he actually died -- is going up for auction. What's something that eerie worth? You gotta see Harv's guess at a final bid.

(4:40) A rarity -- Harvey backtracks over the PSU scandal.
(5:30) If you ever doubted that Joe Paterno runs Penn State -- his statement today announcing his retirement should clear that up.
(8:05) Bruce Clark -- who played football under Joe and accused molester Jerry Sandusky -- is on the phone.
(13:40) Bruce keeps defending Paterno -- but if he were in Paterno's position ... would he have gone to the police?
(20:15) Rich Mauti -- another former PSU player whose son now plays for the team -- is on the horn.
(27:45) Harvey presses Rich about how the current players should handle the game this weekend.
(33:40) A PSU student calls in to support JoePa ... because he's a "figurehead." Harvey points out it doesn't make it right ... because Mussolini was a figurehead too.
(41:50) Did a language barrier effect the outcome of the Conrad Murray case?
(47:00) The guy auctioning off MJ's deathbed calls in.