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Joe Paterno's Exit

He Really Does Run PSU

11/9/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Joe Paterno says he's retiring in the wake of Penn State's child sex abuse scandal -- but not until after the season. Should JoePa get 86'd ... NOW? Two former players and angry PSU students weigh-in on Paterno's future and his legacy.

Plus, Michael Jackson's bed -- the one in which he actually died -- is going up for auction. What's something that eerie worth? You gotta see Harv's guess at a final bid.


(4:40) A rarity -- Harvey backtracks over the PSU scandal.
(5:30) If you ever doubted that Joe Paterno runs Penn State -- his statement today announcing his retirement should clear that up.
(8:05) Bruce Clark -- who played football under Joe and accused molester Jerry Sandusky -- is on the phone.
(13:40) Bruce keeps defending Paterno -- but if he were in Paterno's position ... would he have gone to the police?
(20:15) Rich Mauti -- another former PSU player whose son now plays for the team -- is on the horn.
(27:45) Harvey presses Rich about how the current players should handle the game this weekend.
(33:40) A PSU student calls in to support JoePa ... because he's a "figurehead." Harvey points out it doesn't make it right ... because Mussolini was a figurehead too.
(41:50) Did a language barrier effect the outcome of the Conrad Murray case?
(47:00) The guy auctioning off MJ's deathbed calls in.


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Sometimes our language is difficult. Multiple meanings for one word. Besides spanish people do this all the time and get rude and talk in spanish in front of people. If anyone tries to make a big deal out of it , the courts are going to get sued for discrimination. Rightfully so since they have all created this multiple language culture.

1044 days ago


Harvey, You need to do a video montage with photos of c murry and to the MJ song "I'm Bad"

1044 days ago


Like it or not JoePa & Penn St football is "too big to fail"

The $$$$ generated by the program is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS there.......

Occupy Penn ST U next.

1044 days ago


Actually, if true, it's grounds to have the verdict overturned!

Jurors are to reach their own understanding of the facts as presented by counsel and the judges instructions , not a non-court approved (potentially biased) translation of the facts!

An appeal/re-trial can also be granted as to the judges decision for limited "voir dire" - he didn't allow proper vetting of jurors!

1044 days ago


Sickening that the Jackson's are allowing Michaels bed to be sold! Anything to put a few more $$$ in their pockets I guess. Yet they complain about Murray making a do***entary?

1044 days ago


Paterno did not witness the assault, he reported what he had been told...period. Everyone should be attacking the Piece of **** Grad Assistant that should have intervened to stop Sandusky. The jerk should have called the police then and there.

1044 days ago

C Carroll Adams PhD    

In several ways during voir dire (selection process) jurors are asked under oath if they understand English.

Clearly since a claim one of the Conrad Murray jurors did not understand English during deliberations, an investigation must be made immediately.

If necessary a mistrial can be declared based upon juror misconduct. Justice is better served conducting a new trial instead of waiting for the California Second Circuit Court of Appeals to order a re-trial.

1044 days ago


Anyone who has ANY knowledge of sexual abuse of a child should immediately go to the police. Unless you are in immediate danger, pick up the phone!!

I wish someone had done that for me in 1980. Unlike today, my parents and teachers did not know to listen for the subtle signs. I don't hold them accountable. They loved me and would die if they knew what they missed.

But for this creep to have FULL KNOWLEDGE of the act and not go to the police???

Harvey - Please explain how that is not criminally liable?

1044 days ago


Joe Paterno means more to the university than most "outsiders" understand. After over 60 years with Penn State is is sad it has to end like this, but he mostly definitely should be allowed to coach this weekend. People, including university administrators, have been waiting for JoePa to announce the sad news that he is retiring for many years. Through his years of devotion, Joe has basically become Penn State. He is 84 and should be able to decide when he wants to leave, even if it means him announcing it before the end of the season. He is an extraordinary man on and off the field, even if we don't know the whole story. PSU FOREVER! We are... PENN STATE.

1044 days ago

Jay W.     

Don't blame Joe.

1044 days ago


Paterno should NOT be calling the shots! He was an enabler, if I spelled that right, he AND the Grad ass't should be fired today, yesterday! This is unreal how he is still there! It was a nassive coverup/pass the buck/look the other way fiasco & he was just as responsible as all the others. I bet if the real story came out, it would ****ter Penis State University.

1044 days ago


Harvey, what the hell are you thinking?

I don't care how "hip" you are, making homophobic/racist comments is NEVER ok!

1044 days ago


Ratner didn't quit the Oscars because of his remarks, he quit because putting on a show of that magnitude requires extensive rehearsals. (And we all know how Brett feels about rehearsing.)

1044 days ago

Helpful Handyman    

An arrogant harborer of pedophile monsters. He will get his!

1044 days ago

Helpful Handyman    

Pedo Paterno a Catholic, by chance? Arrogant b*stard.

1044 days ago
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