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Joe Paterno's Exit

He Really Does Run PSU

11/9/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Joe Paterno says he's retiring in the wake of Penn State's child sex abuse scandal -- but not until after the season. Should JoePa get 86'd ... NOW? Two former players and angry PSU students weigh-in on Paterno's future and his legacy.

Plus, Michael Jackson's bed -- the one in which he actually died -- is going up for auction. What's something that eerie worth? You gotta see Harv's guess at a final bid.


(4:40) A rarity -- Harvey backtracks over the PSU scandal.
(5:30) If you ever doubted that Joe Paterno runs Penn State -- his statement today announcing his retirement should clear that up.
(8:05) Bruce Clark -- who played football under Joe and accused molester Jerry Sandusky -- is on the phone.
(13:40) Bruce keeps defending Paterno -- but if he were in Paterno's position ... would he have gone to the police?
(20:15) Rich Mauti -- another former PSU player whose son now plays for the team -- is on the horn.
(27:45) Harvey presses Rich about how the current players should handle the game this weekend.
(33:40) A PSU student calls in to support JoePa ... because he's a "figurehead." Harvey points out it doesn't make it right ... because Mussolini was a figurehead too.
(41:50) Did a language barrier effect the outcome of the Conrad Murray case?
(47:00) The guy auctioning off MJ's deathbed calls in.


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If that was Joe Paterno's son I bet he would have went STRAIGHT to the police ... he wouldn't have just let it get swept under the rug!

1058 days ago


I just can't believe the Pervert State crowd still thinks OLD JOE is an icon! That MORON just looked the other way for 13+ years! UNREAL! He had many many chances to ban the pervert, talk to him, get him removed from campus, etc. He DIDN'T! His little ring of power & prestige meant more than children getting abused by his pervert friend.

GREAT place little "happy valley" is.... I hope the place gets totally slammed, that town had to know they didn't care, including JOE!

he should resign NOW not dictate when & what he will do. It's the pinnacle of arrogance!

1058 days ago


What about that **** who was head of the Second Mile charity that Sandusky founded?? He was TOLD of the allegations by the university. His response was that they did an 'internal' investigation and found nothing. Riiiiight. Another person protecting his job, imo. Despicable.

1058 days ago

Flying Blind    

i don't know who "joe" is, but why din't the guy who say the acty call the police?

1058 days ago


I believe that JoePa, as he is called in Pennsylvania, should finish out the season. The Coach reported the incident to the Penn State administration. He is a football coach and he did what he was suppose to. I believe the problem lies with the Administration and President of Penn State, not the football coach. Joe is in his 80's and did what he thought he should do. he comes from a different place then most of the people critizing him.Keep in mind, his job is making good men come
Out of his football program. I personally know men that have gone thru his program and every single one of them would go to bat for Coach Paterno. I think he should definitely finish his season. Also, if this abuse happenedsolong ago, why is it just coming to light the middle of the Penn State football season.

1058 days ago


They are railroading Joe Paterno. He didn't shower with little boys and give them hugs.


1058 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

I am shocked at the people who keep saying Paterno is absolved of responsibility because he wasn't the one who witnessed anything. What planet are you from? Everyone who had knowledge of Sandusky's pedophilia will be under scrutiny now that this is blowing up. The knew what had happened before the Grand Jury Report was made public, and were happy to live quietly under the radar. "Hey, we hear you are molesting kids in our showers, so you'll have to give us your keys."

This is not someone saying, "Well, I didn't see him take the office supplies..." This is about children being raped and molested. The college students who support Paterno and talk about about candlelight vigils for the victims are just kids themselves, and can be excused for their ignorance. A college football season is a fleeting moment in a life; being molested is a life sentence for the victims.

In the past (and maybe still), rape on college campuses across the U.S. was often handled by campus security before being escalated to the police. Crime stats were definitely kept quiet to avoid frightening other students or tarnishing the school's appeal to prospective students and their parents.

If you think that how Penn State handled this wasn't influenced by concern for their football program and school reputation (=$$$) you have your head in the sand.

1058 days ago


Joe Paterno is no different than most of the rich and famous..they are coddled and protected by the major corporaTions they make MONEY for at the expense , financial, emotional or otherwise, of everyday people and in this case HELPLESS CHILDREN,,this society is going to he'll in a hand basket because of GREED!! Paterno should be FIRED AND ESCORTED OUT OF THE BLDG BY SECURITY..these children deserve at least this much..JUSTICE FOR ALL...
Check out this video on YouTube:

Sent from my iPad

1058 days ago


This douche bag is 84. He is very close to dying and going straight to hell where he will rot for eternity for being the accomplice of a pedophile. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

1058 days ago


Isn't it a criminal act for failing to report a crime.

Joe Paterno is responsible for every child that was raped by that bastard after he knew about it happening. Joe Paterno is responsible for the continuing anal rape of children because he didn't report it.

How could Joe sleep at night knowing that he was allowing children to be raped.

Joe Paterno enabled the rape of children. I hope the children's guardians sue Joe Paterno and Penn State U(pedophile state)for everything dollar he has.

1058 days ago


Why is he running? He should have followed up on the allegations after he reported it. Why does it take so long for athletics to be brought to justice?

1058 days ago


Football is kinda gay anyway. One guy bends way over and another put his hand between his legs. They pat each other on the bum. All those big burly men in the shower room. Sumpin' ain't right about that game in my view.

1058 days ago

Jerry Cecere    

Unfortunately and tragically, I've observed many times that potentially fine universities are regularly corrupted by their sport teams. What does this mean about the education they provide?

1058 days ago

Jerry Cecere    

Unfortunately and trqgically, I've observed many times that potentially fine universities are regularly corrupted by their sport teams. What does this mean about the education they provide?

1058 days ago


Whoa!!!! Joe Paterno should not be fired. He DID report it, and that the person he reported it to should have been responsible for contacting the police. Joe went thru the pecking order and why should he have reported it to the cops when it was up to the man next in line. I went to PSU, and JP is a very, very nice man. The president should have been fired. They probably are trying to pin the blame on JP just to forcible retire him. This makes me very upset. Paterno did the right thing and reported it to his superiors, and it was up to them to report this to the cops and not be blamed.

1057 days ago
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