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La Toya Jackson to MSNBC

Don't Air the Doc Murray Doc

But At Least Show it to Us

11/10/2011 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson is on the attack against MSNBC, claiming the Conrad Murray documentary that will air tomorrow will give "a murderer and convicted felon ... celebrity status."

La Toya fired off a letter to the network -- a letter obtained by TMZ -- in which she complains that Michael Jackson cannot defend himself against Murray's claims.  TMZ first reported, some of Murray's comments about MJ are extremely critical.

La Toya says she finds it "disgusting to permit this criminal to profit from homicidal acts that left my family without a brother, my niece and nephews without a father, my parents without a son ..."

La Toya wants the network to shelve the show, but if they don't she's asking the network to give the family an advance screening.



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Oh shut up Media Whoretoya! La Toya says she finds it "disgusting to permit this criminal to profit from homicidal acts that left my family without a brother...OH PLEASE! Latoya I (and most of the world) find it disgusting that you continue to find ways to profit off the death of your brother by continuously whoring yourself out to any media outlet that will pay attention to your pathetic, non-celebrity, wannabe, unemployed no career, no shame, no common sense, no talent self! TMZ "obtained" this letter she sent? Yeah right, more like media whoretoya sent the letter to TMZ herself so they could publi*****.

1042 days ago


MSNBC (tm) just issued the following statement: "La Toya who?"

1042 days ago


Anyone tell you yet today La Toya? Eff off.

1042 days ago


LaToya, you need to stop right away. Murray was giving drugs to your Celebrity brother who was a junkie. No one won with this case. Your brother wanted and needed drugs, and paid this doctor to give it to him. On the streets, your brother was paying a pusher for drugs. There is no difference except that your brother was a celebrity. Everyone loved Jackson, I get that, but everyone has to remember also what he became before he died. He was a junkie needing drugs. Who knows what else he took when the doctor wasn't around. I feel bad for Jackson's kids who saw him at his worst at the end.

1042 days ago


Wait!! I thought LaToya was PSYCHIC?? So she should already know what is in the video that NBC is going to air??? I feel bad for his kids and his mother, that's it. The rest of that family is camera happy and are just looking for their own opportunities to profit off of MJ's death. Especially his own father, if you want to even call him a father. All the kids admit he was/is and abusive, money hungry pig. I sincerely hope MJ had his affairs in order and that his KIDS get every last dime from his estate and that his money hungry family, with the exception of his mother, get absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!

1042 days ago


How about the Jackson Family taking some responsibility while Michael slurred his way through the last few years of his life.

-They're called Interventions, Le Toya.

How about Michael taking some personal responsibility,
as well - he was a father.

Granted that Murray was paid to keep Michael doped-up.

But where was the family prior to the tragedy?

Where were all of the outcries and protests then.

Don't come off like Victims, Le Toya, when you knew about all of this before, during and after.

At least be responsible now -

1042 days ago


oh poor Latoya, the forgotten Jackson. such an attention whore. her dead brother was a drug addict, plain and simple. drug addicts eventually kill themselves. sad, yes, but 'dems da facts. she figures with the famous Jackson gone maybe now some attention will trickle down...

1042 days ago


She looks sooooo old!!!

1042 days ago


If people gave your baby touching brother "celebrity status", I fail to see the problem with what MSNBC is doing.

1042 days ago

Mary Ann McQueen    

OK, you want to cast "shame"??? SHAME ON THE ENTIRE JACKSON FAMILY for not intervening during Michael's years of prescription drug abuse. The only reason they didn't was because he was their cash cow....Now Janet bears that cross....She wasn't in court on verdict day because she was on tour....making money for the Jackson family.....Let MJ RIP and the rest of them should just go away and get real jobs.

1042 days ago


I think NBC should air the do***entary, Michael is a legend, but he was also an addict and everyone knows it. I hate the fact that his sister is now begging for the do***entary not to air when they know that Michael had issues!! he was involve in so many scandals while alive. anyways I want to see dr Murray side of the story and Michael's family should not have the privilage to see it before the public!!!

1042 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Holy histrionics, Batman.

1042 days ago


If only his family gave him as much support in life as they are now pretending to show in death, maybe he wouldn't have been such a messed up piece of... human.

1042 days ago


La Toya, get a life you ugly hound dog. Your bro is dead and you wrongly got some mug now to blame for it so GET OVER IT!!

1042 days ago


SO much negativity in our world! She's just being a sister, and defending her brother like any other family member would do for someone who they love. He's gone, not here any more, let the stuff go with someone deceased, and let life move on.

1042 days ago
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