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Lindsay Lohan's New 'Do

Real Weight Off Her Shoulders

11/9/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_ddq95t3l_0_xomtd85mLindsay Lohan is at her splits' end -- chopping several inches off her flowing blonde locks this week -- and the actress tells TMZ, it's all for a "fresh start."

Lindsay showed off her new 'do this afternoon on her way out of the morgue -- and we gotta say ... it looks pretty good.

Give her an inch...


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NOTHING about Lohan looks good......... Are you guys on freakin DRUGS or WHAT!!!???

1081 days ago

the real diva    

that is obviously extensions not her real hair. she looks stupid with the blonde color hair. time she went back to red. it suits her more. looks like her extensions may have some split ends too.didn't she have her hair up in a bun this morning? i guess she let it down to try to catch the eye of people who work there or something.

1081 days ago


I think she got it to cover her crack face

1081 days ago


Both of her 2 natural locks got a trim.

1081 days ago


Good Lord, she has a receding forehead! She is starting to look like a giant insect with those sunglasses on!

1081 days ago



I don't know if he was telling the truth or not, but Michael said that Dina made Lindsay sign a contract when she was young where Dina would get 10% of anything Lindsay makes for life. What kind of a parent does that?
Also, do you know about all her failed businesses she used Lindsay's money for? If not, Google the Lohan shoes and the Lohan green toothbrush for starters...

1081 days ago


Drink in hand, check.

1081 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

God forgive me for this but does anyone else want to knock her out when she smiles?

PS. Oh her hair is definitely fake. Most of her is.

1080 days ago


I remember a doll that had a button on top of it's head which you pushed to make it's hair longer or shorter? She has the same doll hair....the kind you could never comb or brush and it always looked wadded up. BTW This is not a compliment either!

1080 days ago


Did the hair dresser send the cut hair to Lindsay's probation officer so it could be tested for crack?

1080 days ago


The hair cut was necessary.....she was benting over cleaning around the toilet and about half of that fake ponytail on extentions kind of ended up in the toliet bowl and one of her work partners kindly flushed the commode....pulling her head into the toliet...and the only way to get her head out was cut off most of that fake ponytail.....and to keep her from sueing they all stood around and told her how wonderful it looked......

I doubt very much her real hair is over a a inch or two long without those extentions...its so short now next they will just glue them directly to her scalp because there won't be enough real hair left to glue to.....
Another frest start ????? LOL

1080 days ago


Julia, Jessica Simpson is not dumb. That's an act. I agree with you that Lindsay has a mental condition and I'll say she has substance abuse issues as part of the mental condition. Kris Jenner is pimping Kendall. Kendall is going to have an E Special 16th birthday celebration in Las Vegas and Kendall didn't even want it. Kris is as big a "pimp" of all of her daughters, she only has daughters, as anyone regardless of Kim K's situation. There's no difference in how she uses her children than any other mother that uses their children.

1080 days ago


@Julia My opinion of Lindsay is she loved the party scene at a young age. She didn't check in to the house with Ramon Symone, she had a 24 year old boyfriend, Wilmer, and chose to hang out with Paris and that gang. I think she made that choice at 17 so I don't get where you find her so sweet. I think there's definitely a sweet side to her as well as a biting nasty side and that's been mentioned in too many stories that I can think of. Dina gave birth to her, but she didn't choose her personality traits. Lindsay may have some of her father's unstable traits. And a 18-19 year old with lots of money, and told she's a celebrity and one of the biggest things in the world who develops a I can do what I want attitude living 3000 miles away from you is hard to control. And also Dina had a 17 year old and 2 young children when Lindsay's bad behavior started to get fully in gear. Lionel Ritchie couldn't stop Nicole (who was a bit older), Britney's parents couldn't stop her, Paris's parents couldn't stop her, and on and on.

1080 days ago


Notice to all Non-Americans reading these comments...Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashion or any of the youny woman you see on this website. are examples of what the average young american woman is like.....They are products of a fantasy factory called Hollywood....ran by nasty, horny old men with No morals who only have 2 things on their minds..makeing money and having sex with young women....and they the best whore making factory in the world and their follow nasty old men who run the media promotes their products....

They No way at all represent the average american young woman who is quit busy thank you, with completeing her educating, starting a family, or working a decent job...she is not, parting every nite , sleeping with every male who has money and showing her assets to the whole world....
And another important point the average american woman has her own style her own look and her own personality, without extentions, and botox, and fake boobs and pumped lips and etc...they are natural beautys....every please deregard those Barbie clones from LaLa ...
Thank You.
A Average American Mom who is proud of her daughters....

1080 days ago


Off subject for minute.. Have you seen the story on radar were a young reality star whom briefy dated Mel Gibson this summer is claiming she is having his baby...LOL

After all the trouble he's had with that Russian whore he's had in the passed to years ...If he didn't have that sperm factory shut down and snipped shut he's the biggest fool in the world and I don't beleive Mel Gibson is that big of a fool......

Just a prime example of another product of the hollywood whore factory trying to make money and 15 minutes of fame...
P.S. this woman already has 3 children by three other men ..that tells you it all right there..
I don't doubt he screwed her if she offered but she out of luck cause he was firing blanks this time....
Maury says "Mel, you are NOT the father" LMAF

1080 days ago
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