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Lindsay Lohan's New 'Do

Real Weight Off Her Shoulders

11/9/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_ddq95t3l_0_xomtd85mLindsay Lohan is at her splits' end -- chopping several inches off her flowing blonde locks this week -- and the actress tells TMZ, it's all for a "fresh start."

Lindsay showed off her new 'do this afternoon on her way out of the morgue -- and we gotta say ... it looks pretty good.

Give her an inch...


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Blood Red Witch    

The new Lindsay story is appalling! I made one post in agreement to that. I refuse to post further on it. So I am back here.

1017 days ago


TMZ, that looks good? Ass-kissers....

1017 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Ellie, I know! I almost didnt either but felt I had to make my voice heard about how disgusted I was. Seriously, isnt there someone who has to approved what goes up on this site? Also if one of the commenters had posted something like that they would have deleted it. With GOOD reason. SMH

1017 days ago


Well, Lohan Inc in trouble now.....Harvey's goina jump all over that Mel Gibson story like chickens on junebugs.......
He will drag out every nasty thing he can out and through in in the site....don't matter that the story is nothing but trash he will whip that old Mel Pony into a run and get as much milage out of it as possible.....
(By the way---to the old friends from the Mel/Oxshanna board...)....who wins the betting pool on how long it would take before Mels Hollywood Mogel foes would start another attack on his reputation ? I think I put in 6 I close?
Maury says "Mel Gibson you are NOT the father"...but we will offer her a change to text any of the other 3 baby's daddy's she already has to see if they are.......

1017 days ago


She has extensions and they look like **** as does that horrid blonde color. Would probably do her good to swtich to diet soda as well. And why cant she ever drive herself anywhere? What a ******* waste of money a 24/7 driver!

1017 days ago


That weave aint bad when its takin care of. But I guess that means washin it more then once a month?

1017 days ago


97. Blood Red Witch:
The new Lindsay story is appalling! I made one post in agreement to that. I refuse to post further on it. So I am back here

I agree with you I saw that story and just rolled my eyes. The man just lost his life he doesnt need to be used in a story to get hits off of Lindsay (we all know Lindsay stories gets lots of hits of course usually not for positive reaons).

As far as Lindsay new hairdo not sure why there needs to be a story about it but her hair looks great. It looks like her natural hair minus the dye of course. I am not a fan of fake extensions.

1017 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Everyone needs to tweet @TMZ and @HarveyLevinTMZ about how disgusted they are with the LL/Heavy D story.

1017 days ago


That platinum blond color does nothing for her... she looks just like one of Hef's girlfriends. Oh wait!! She just posed for Playboy! Guess it worked for her...

1017 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I hate to admit it, but I had to sleep on who Lindsay looks like in this picture, and she looks a lot like my girlfriend from the 8th grade,lol.

1017 days ago


Hmmm... missed this. Looks like they are still trying to cast the part of Kim Gotti, as they sent out a casting call for the part in September. From imdb:
On September 26th and 27th, 2011 the New York and Los Angeles casting directors for the upcoming Barry Levinson film "Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father" sent out casting calls that include over 89 roles... Shooting will take place starting January 2, 2012 in New York City... Note: Neither Lindsey Lohan or Annabelle Wallis has signed on to play Kim Gotti, as that role is one of the roles that were sent out with the casting call.

1017 days ago


Lohan Inc is the managing team, enablers , and lawyers that surround Lindsay and direct and put out all the Spins and outright lies that surround this woman...It isn't just Mommie Dearest by a long shot.,because more then often Dina will put out one thing in the morning and by evening Lohan Inc will put out another lie that makes her sound pure stupid.... These are the people who have the most to gain and the most to lose keeping her in the think about it you'll come up with a answer......

1017 days ago



just a fake cheap crooked hooker wig, and it's GROSS, just like this used up skankho

1017 days ago


@ketjo Seems the people that keep her in the media most are TMZ, radaronline, Celebitchy and other tabloids that have their own spin on her doing everyday things. What's she doing here? Coming from the morgue. Gets into a car and answers a question about her hair. Is this really a story? Does the media really have to report on her every tweet? Yes, as you call them Lohan Inc. will have some stories but I haven't heard much spin from Lindsay and her team, just responses to questions, maybe more wishful thinking of how Lindsay will turn her career around, and an occasional announcement about a project. Her publicists job is to respond to things on her behalf and that's mostly what he does.

1017 days ago


Julia, Dina is a stage mom. That's what she is.
Lindsay had a different career trajectory than what may turn out for Ali and you need to get this. Lindsay had a strong rise and had the freckled red-hair girl appeal with charisma and a certain fearlessness and youthful vigor and studios loved her. She did commercials, some modeling, soap operas and she did well and stood out up to her mid teens. Then trouble and she now is a very unprofessional adult actress and entertainer with major legal and behavioral problems. Ali had moderate appeal and less obvious talent but enough interest to get her spotty work in print media, advertising, a Disney DVD movie, an internet recording and she has pretty strong vocal ability. I think Ali's confidence was hampered by having the star big sister. At any rate, it is a different trajectory and her appeal isn't based on charisma or Lindsay's qualities. It is more based on a rare maturity of her facial features which are angular and severe and her looks came into their own around 16 or so, not earlier. She perhaps has an appeal for stylish niche products vs. commercial products. It doesn't matter when Ali is a bit older how she got there and her trajectory if this is to be her path. She'll need to be professional just to live down the exploits of her sister, mother and father and naysayers such as yourself and a bunch others mostly found at places like this.
One thing you need to realize is people are pushy. They go to people. Miley Cyrus was rejected time after time for Hannah Montana. There are so many big stars that were rejected time after time by studios and persevered, talent scouts don't always get it right. They do sometimes, but not always so whether it is pushy agents, parents, or the talent themselves being pushy into studios is one way major talents or personalities get established. And the last thing I'll say to you is your opinion doesn't matter regarding someone's success. I quite dislike Kate Perry and if it was up to me she wouldn't get booked anywhere. I'm no big fan of Rihanna either. But both apparently have something I don't see so my best to them in their careers.

1016 days ago
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