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Lindsay Lohan's New 'Do

Real Weight Off Her Shoulders

11/9/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_ddq95t3l_0_xomtd85mLindsay Lohan is at her splits' end -- chopping several inches off her flowing blonde locks this week -- and the actress tells TMZ, it's all for a "fresh start."

Lindsay showed off her new 'do this afternoon on her way out of the morgue -- and we gotta say ... it looks pretty good.

Give her an inch...


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For one lucky soul, a night of true bliss can finally be achieved. Linds has consented to make the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of DUIna’s latest setback. Yes, everyone - a chance at a night on the town with Linds can be yours for only one million dollars. I’d hurry if you want in - DUIna says the tickets are going fast. Faegtrick and Lnor already bought 1000 (don’t worry, there still available - Linds stole ‘em back).

The date will begin at the Chateau Marmont hotel. Winner - please be prepared to pick up the tab and leave an obscenely large tip. After a few drinks in the Men’s room (and a little cocaine), Linds will entertain you by picking a fight with some random skank and smashing a champagne glass in her face while peeing on the floor. Winner - please be prepared to supply the cocaine. Then it’s off to the Clam Ahoy lesbian bar for some “Lusty Lindsay Limbo”.

A nightcap at Ginger’s Celebrity Seafood Buffet, and then it’s on to Venice for a late-night burglary or two. The date-from-heaven will conclude somewhere in the neighborhood of 8:00 am. Unless you can get some more cocaine.

1085 days ago


I think a new set of dentures would have been a better investment.

1085 days ago


Well I will let Delmar and Julie21 debate it out on whos the worst mother the New Jersay/New York Professional Whore Mother Dina or the Hollywood version Kris....personally I think they both tie for Worst Mother of the for their daughters well those rotten apples didn't fall far from the mother tree did they....

As for who Lohan Inc are sorry Delmar your dead wrong better look a little closer to your gal then that...
Cause TMZ, and RadarONline and all the other Pap sites would not know the where's , whens or who's of Lindsay life unless somebody doesn't call them.....yes the Papz are out there but other people (real stars) don't have any problem avoiding them everyday most of the time...Lindsay could to if she wanted to... She could use the back door or a different car or avoid the places she knows they are...not walk right directly into their paths and then hide behind a purse....and not call in her daily plays so they can be waiting for her outside the office or eartery or beautyshop...She is the one who created the Pap army that follows her around so she can't blame anyone but herself...
All that work all day and you still havn't milked a ounce of pity out of the public for her but it was a good effort...
Dr Lohanstein created that Pap monster and turned it lose on the country now she has to face what she has created.......

1085 days ago


Don't tell Linds I told you, but that whole thing's a fake. C'mon... you saw her in Court the other day - did you ever see hair grow shorter? And then grow longer again the next day? It's a cheap piece of crap wig she buys by the case. They come all tore up right out of the box. She has to, cuz after a day or two, they reek so bad of cigarettes and other stuff it's a nightmare. it's cool though - She's gorgeous.

1085 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

This is a scary obsessive LL fan. She just repeats herself over and over and it is all lindsay. Doesnt tweet anyone else. EEEEEEEEEEEEK
wink flash :)
@winkyflash ✈

1085 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


That is seriously a twisted chick! I think she even got her hairline altered to be the same as lindsay's! I saw the tweets about being proud of being arrested. YIKES!

1085 days ago


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A nightcap at Ginger’s Celebrity Seafood Buffet, and then it’s on to Venice for a late-night burglary or two. The date-from-heaven will conclude somewhere in the neighborhood of 8:00 am. Unless you can get some more cocaine.

1085 days ago


I dating place are looking for love and wealth on this site they are "looking in all the wrong places for dam sure...LOL

1085 days ago

Rick Penny    

i like it , she looks good , but i do still think she needs to cut some of her friends lose because the ones that are helping her make bad choice's are really not her friends , i do hope she gets her life together .....

1084 days ago


Crackheads can be sooo indecisive @ times.
Hair today,gone tomorrow.

1083 days ago


who cares about lohan ....shes a tramp...shes just trash...put her in jail where she belongs...

1083 days ago

This woman needs more than a new hair cut for a freah start! Anyone have a spare brain? Why dont they really put this one in Jail? 5 hours! What a Hollywood JOKE! Throw the key away for a few weeks & show her just what it REALLY means to break the LAW!

1083 days ago

Jo Ann    

The only thing I see is too bleached, too damaged, too limp and an overall lack of any style to the hair, AND, I'll bet she payed a pretty penney for this mess. She needs to find a new stylist!!!

1082 days ago


girl is looking a lot more balanced lately.
hair's great.
she seems to need the legal system to keep
her from partying to the ground.
maybe it's a good thing in restabilizing her life.
wish her total props

1070 days ago
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