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Penn State

Mike McQueary will NOT

Coach Against Nebraska

11/10/2011 9:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike McQueary
Penn State has announced receivers coach Mike McQueary -- the man who witnessed Jerry Sandusky allegedly rape a boy in the PSU locker room in 2002 -- will NOT coach against Nebraska on Saturday ... out of fear for McQueary's safety.

The university released a statement reading, "Due to multiple threats made against assistant coach Mike McQueary, the university has decided it would be in the best interest of all for assistant coach McQueary not to be in attendance at Saturday's Nebraska game."

McQueary has been under fire for not doing anything to stop the alleged rape -- and then going to Joe Paterno instead of the police.  

Important to note ... McQueary was NOT pulled from the game because officials felt he did something wrong ... he was pulled for safety reasons. 


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good dbag pervert

1081 days ago


OMG!!!!!! Not coaching for fear of HIS safety ? MORONS! It should be that he is not coaching because he is FIRED and going to JAIL for not stopping or reporting a child being raped to the police!!!!!

1081 days ago



1081 days ago


What would he have done if it had been a little girl instead of a boy ???

1081 days ago

Jay W.     

No where but down... Mcqueary

1081 days ago


think harder.

What if McQueary is also a victim of Sandusky or the victim of an nearly identical crime -- would that change what you are assuming to be in evidence with facts you have no knowledge of.

What if McQueary was paid off by the University at the time, to prevent him from disclosing -- for the sake of the program, the school. That would explain the University's protection of McQueary.

1081 days ago


I don't understand..they're worried about HIS safety..he wasn't worried about that babies safety that he witnessed being raped. How the hell are they gonna justify this?

1081 days ago


So let me get this straight..This guy..Mike McQueery witness a rape involving a minor..that happened in 2002? Did nothing about it back then..but just told the coach Joe Paterno? at the time about it? Okay, so Joe Paterno would think at the time its heresay..but why didn't this idiot Mike McQueery do anything at the time... The old guy was probably naked at the time...it makes no sense.. Mike McQueery should be fired as well for being so stupid. I wouldn't be supporting Joe Paterno for not going to the police but at the sametime it would still be heresay. Mike McQueery should have done something at the time..and should be fired.

1081 days ago


I'm telling you, I bet this guy was either abused by Sandusky or was doing something willingly and he didn't want to air his mess. That's why he didn't call the police. It's so sickening to think he wouldn't protect that boy.

1081 days ago


"in 2002 -- who NOT coach against Nebraska on Saturday" ... hey tmz - you got ashton in their writing for you???

1081 days ago


He was a 28 year old man when he personally saw a grown man raping a 10 years old child. I would have gone up to them and taken control of the situation by telling the child to put his clothes on and that he was safe with me. At the same time I would have taken a picture of the nude rapist with my cell phone while calling 911. Also, I would have been screaming and making noise to alert anyone else who might have been in the building. If the pervert came after me he would have gotten my size 9 shoe anywhere I could make it land. Certainly a normal person would not have walked away and done NOTHING. I have a son and I would have been grateful if someone intervened if he was sexually assaulted. What is wrong with this world? For sure McQuery is an accomplice in this coverup. He was the first person who should have called 911. I don't care what happens to any of these coaches or the Penn State football team. They are all lucky that my son was not one of the boys they abused because a parent should be able to revenge someone who hurts their children. Shame on the school and the damn alumni.

1081 days ago

JD Santini    

"Who not"? Seriously TMZ? That's the best you can do grammatically?? I don't care if it's "after hours," HIRE SOMEONE who can read and at least check their story ONCE. The degree of embarrassment for Harvey and his inability to hire competent people is unreal. This isn't the first MAJOR grammar error, Harvey. I know you can do better.

1081 days ago


If they fired Paterno then McQueary should be fired also!

1081 days ago


He probably thinks he's some kind of big deal, from the look on his face. I hope they fire him.

1081 days ago


Degregg - I have been thinking the same thing - what if mcquery was a victim and it is a payoff - the now have at least 20 victims - do***ented abuse back to 1998 - and now a 24 year old victim as come forward - sandusky was best friends w/ mcquery's father and sanudsky was a youth fb coach, that is where he cultivated his victims - it's speculation - but just saying i bet this is a lot worse than we know

1081 days ago
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