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Penn State

Mike McQueary will NOT

Coach Against Nebraska

11/10/2011 9:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike McQueary
Penn State has announced receivers coach Mike McQueary -- the man who witnessed Jerry Sandusky allegedly rape a boy in the PSU locker room in 2002 -- will NOT coach against Nebraska on Saturday ... out of fear for McQueary's safety.

The university released a statement reading, "Due to multiple threats made against assistant coach Mike McQueary, the university has decided it would be in the best interest of all for assistant coach McQueary not to be in attendance at Saturday's Nebraska game."

McQueary has been under fire for not doing anything to stop the alleged rape -- and then going to Joe Paterno instead of the police.  

Important to note ... McQueary was NOT pulled from the game because officials felt he did something wrong ... he was pulled for safety reasons. 


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I agree, that McQueary should step down or be fired for not following thru like the rest of the dept that knew about this incident...When are the Universities going to teach the younger generation between right and wrong and NOT DO THE RIGHT THING THEMSELVES? Shame of PSU for letting GREED take over the MORAL fiber that makes us Human Beings!

1042 days ago


Normally I wouldn't advocate this but in this case I believe it is warranted. If these allegations against McQueary turn out to be true, he should do one redeeming thing in his life - quit, go home, write a sincere letter of apology to the victim, and end it. The world doesn't need cowards like you in it - this comes from a victim of child abuse - your demise is no loss. By the way, take your cowardly father with you.

1042 days ago


Normally I wouldn't advocate this but in this case I'm all for it. If these allegations against this coward turn out to be true, he should do one last redeeming thing in his life - that is go home, write a letter of apology to the victims, say good bye and end it. The world doesn't need do nothing cowards like this in it. Shame, shame, shame - and this comes from a victim of child abuse - no demise is no loss.

1042 days ago


What's really awful is that a big football player stumbles upon an old man sodomizing a little boy in the shower. What does he do? Pull the rapist OFF the little boy and call the police ASAP? No, big football guy tiptoes out and whispers what he saw to the coach....THE END. WHO DOES THAT?!! What's sad is that he had just stopped it then and there, and called police--SO many other little boys could have been spared. He had to be horrified, yet he was too scared of making waves. Coward.

1042 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

This child molester freak is adored by the media.


1042 days ago


Pretty sure the reason they haven't fired him is that they don't want Mike McQueary to turn against PSU. He testifed to the grand jury that he told Paterno everything so Paterno could be also charged with perjury since Paterno claims that he only heard about something "inappropriate" that happened in the shower with the boy and Sandusky. Yeah, like, "inappropriate" is just okey-dokey. Pathetic, all of them.
The Patriot News in PA has been reporting on this before the grand jury report. They are a must-read for this case. Today's article mentions that Mike McQueary broke up a knife fight between some of the football players, so we know he'll take action, unless it's a little boy being raped.

1042 days ago


This heartless *** should have been fired a long time ago. It's absolutely appalling that he witnessed a child being molested and never physically intervened on the kids behalf!

1042 days ago


I think the saddest part, other than what these boys suffered, is that the students appear to be putting their pride for their college before basic humanity.

What can they possibly be proud of in that University now? I am a firm believer in school pride, but when they not only allow a animal like this to do these things, but cover it up for him?? How could you ever feel good about your school?

I read yesterday about the sister of one of the victims, going to PSU, and she can't let anyone know her brother was abused. She said she can barely make it thru a class because the dumb ass students are already making light of the situation. Saying the boys got "Sanduskied" and laughing. That's sick!!

1042 days ago

Mrs. Parker    

All that were aware and involved need to be placed in a cage where they can be viewed and tortured as was these children that have been carrying this burden. I have young men who were aspiring to attend Penn State but have withdrawn their applications. I would not allow it since no one knows what the heck is going on there.

1042 days ago


Hey anti social, brush up on your reading. If english is not your first language, don't worry it will come to you. Reading can be hard for some.
It is written correctly, unless it has recently been corrected since you noticed.

1042 days ago


Maybe South Parks Cartman was right "Gingers don't have souls".

1042 days ago


Why is this guy still there? They ALL need to go immediately!!!!

1042 days ago


FIRE HIM!!!!!!

1042 days ago


WOW...this story is out of control and ppl are getting facts WRONG. McCreary NEVER said he saw a child being raped. What he did say was that he was concerned because he saw something that could be questionable. Get the Grand Jury testimony and read it before posting facts not true. I agree he should have been fired too, and I agree that he should not be at the game. This whole mess if totally out of control. The Powers that be are the ones responsible for allowing that man to continue being around young boys at their school without any investigation at all. JoePa did exactly what he should have done he went to his boss. We don't know what that conversation entailed but obviously he went no further with it, was he told to leave it alone?

1042 days ago

Susie q    

WHY Mike....why didn't you stop it?......

1042 days ago
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