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Penn State Trustees

Reportedly Ask New Coach

to Keep McQueary Off Sidelines

11/10/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Penn State board of trustees have reportedly asked new head football coach Tom Bradley to keep Mike McQueary from coaching from the sidelines on Saturday ... out of fear for McQueary's safety.

According to Pennsylvania's Morning Call newspaper ... the board does not plan to fire McQueary or ask him to step down.

McQueary is the person who claims he witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a pre-teen boy in the Penn State locker room in 2002 ... and reported it to Joe Paterno.

While JoePa was fired for failing to contact police -- McQueary still has a job, despite the fact he also didn't call cops ... and worse yet, he didn't try to stop Sandusky from raping the boy when he had the chance.

It's unclear if Coach Bradley will pull McQueary from the sidelines on Saturday ... or have him coach from the skybox ... or instruct him to simply stay home.

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ANYONE, regardless o****e, or station, has an obligation to report crimes like this. What if this had been McQueary's son? Would he have been happy to know that a colleague had witnessed his son being raped and done nothing? If my son had been raped and I found out people not only witnessed it, but did not report it, I would hold them just as culpable within a court of law and outside it. This guy has a whole lot of Karma coming. McQueary, I honestly hope none of your sons or daughters are raped or sexually molested. Because you are a piece of sh*t and I cannot believe you are not being charged with failure to report a crime or conspiracy. You are a class A f&cking *******. F&CK YOU!

1080 days ago


This guys is as disgusting as Sandusky!!! Simply reporting this to his coach is the action of a COWARD!!! Rescue the child and call 911!!! He doesn't deserve to coach, he deserves to be in jail!!!

1080 days ago


This guy needs to be fired and thrown under the stadium! I cannot believe he witnesses a child being raped and did nothing to save that boy. Makes me want to smack the ginger off of him!

1080 days ago


Here is the Grand Jury Report on Penn State / Jerry Sandusky. It will make you ill reading it.

This story is just the tip of the iceberg. Sandusky also adopted and fostered kids into his home. Most of the staff at Penn State KNEW what he was doing to those kids, for YEARS. They simply looked aside when someone brought it to their attention, for YEARS. We are just hearing about it now, but Paterno et al have known since the 90's.

1080 days ago


It's kind of funny how the molestations were reportedly taking place in 1994 (perhaps earlier?). And 1994 kind of rings a bell for me because I remember in 1994 Michael Jackson had been accused of molesting children. The truth reveals itself that the innocent man was blamed and the guilty one got away...

1080 days ago


This just shows that Penn State was looking for a way to get rid of JP and this scandal was the perfect thing. Not only did Mcqueary WITNESS the incident all he did was report it to his superior(JP) and he then reported it to his yet he is the one that gets fired.

1080 days ago


PENN STATE's Culture of Rape on young boys appears to be standing its ugly perverted ground. They are protecting MCQUEARY for his own safety? Really?
They didn't see fit to provide SAFETY for a 10 year old being raped in their facility. Are they CRAZY? or CRAZY WITH POWER?
PENN STATE now stands for PERVERTED STATE. Disinfect the facility from TOP to BOTTOM.

1080 days ago

Linda Petrou    

this guy saw Sandusky orally abusing a 10 year old, did nothing, went home and talked to his father about it who did nothing but recommend he tell JoePa. So JoePa reports it up the line and gets fired and this guy continues on??? He should go to jail!!!!!!

1080 days ago


people keep saying that a "28 year old man should have gone directly to the police" A 28 YEAR OLD MAN would have walked over, grabbed that kid, and beat the living sh*t out of that human being... even if it was his boss. AND THEN called the police!!!!!!!!!! If this man is allowed to coach for Saturday's game... how can Penn State ever be credible again?

1080 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Maybe McQuery didn't stop the abuse because he liked what he saw. After all, his last name has quer (queer) in it.

1080 days ago


I think Mike McQueary deserves JAIL TIME!!!!!!!

1080 days ago


this is a travesty - here are some facts
Differing versions
Paterno likely will end up a key witness for the prosecution of Curley and Schultz.

Their testimony of what happened in 2002 -- when now-assistant coach Mike McQueary said he witnessed Sandusky in a sex act with a boy in a shower -- contradicts that of Paterno and McQueary.

In the presentment, jurors wrote that McQueary -- identified in the presentment only as a 28-year-old graduate assistant -- was credible but Schultz and Curley were not.

Several sources have identified that witness as McQueary.

McQueary recalled the incident taking place the evening of March 1, 2002, when he went into the locker room to put away sneakers and get recruiting tapes. McQueary said he saw Sandusky standing behind a boy about 10 years old, performing a sex act in the shower.

McQueary immediately left and told his father. In the morning, he told Paterno, who then called Curley.

About 10 days later, McQueary met with Curley and Schultz and told them what he witnessed, according to the grand-jury report.

But the grand jury heard a different version of that meeting when Curley and Schultz testified.

They said they were never told about any sexual act. Curley's recollection is that the incident resembled "horsing around," and Schultz recalled that it was described as "not that serious."

Schultz, who was in charge of the university police force at the time, and Curley never talked about calling police, and they never reported the incident to Children and Youth Services.

Because of their jobs, they fall into the category of people required by law to report any allegation of child abuse.

"This is a case about a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys," Kelly said. "It is also a case about high-ranking university officials who allegedly failed to report the sexual assault of a young boy after the information was brought to their attention, and later made false statements to a grand jury that was investigating a series of assaults on young boys."

Earlier alleged incident
What McQueary described is similar to an incident that had been reported four years earlier to Penn State police.

In that case, Sandusky was cleared after two boys alleged Sandusky had washed their bodies in a shower in the Penn State football locker room.

In the 1998 case, police had the mother of one of the victims confront Sandusky in her home. The presentment says he admitted taking the shower with her son and admitted it was wrong.

"I understand. I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won't get it from you. I wish I were dead," Sandusky said, according to the grand-jury report.

Then-Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar decided against pressing charges.

The mother of that victim said she felt there were a few people trying to help her son and many people who were not.

When informed of the charges Friday by The Patriot-News, she said:

"I just got goosebumps, seriously. I just lived with this for so long, and it killed me when people talked about him like he was a god and I knew he was a monster."

It's unclear if the police would have been able to re-investigate that report if they had been informed about the second similar incident witnessed by McQueary in 2002.

State law requires that reports of abuse labeled "unfounded," as the 1998 report was, have to be expunged one year and four months after the investigation closes.

When he testified before the grand jury, Schultz acknowledged that the cases were similar.

Both happened in the locker room of the Lasch Building, where the football offices are. And both involved young boys.

Instead of letting Gricar make the call, Curley and Schultz asked Sandusky to stop bringing Second Mile kids into the locker room. It's a ban that Curley admitted was "unenforceable," the jurors wrote.

As part of the terms of his retirement agreement, sources say Penn State agreed that Sandusky would keep an office on campus and maintain a key to the football locker room in the Lasch Building.

Spanier was notified and signed off on this "ban," and Second Mile President Jack Raykovitz was told. No one ever tried to identify the child.

Spanier denies knowing about the 1998 report, which had been a six-week investigation by police, county prosecutors and the CYS. It's not clear if anyone told Raykovitz.

Jerry Lauro, who was the CYS investigator, said in phone interview Saturday that Gricar made the decision and that his report wasn't influenced by anyone.

The presentment mentions that Penn State and The Second Mile shared an attorney, Wendell Courtney, in 1998. Courtney is still the attorney for The Second Mile.

Courtney, Raykovitz and McQueary couldn't be reached for comment.

1080 days ago


FIRE HIM. CLEAN HOUSE! Its good they fired JoePa, but they need to get rid of this guy too!

1080 days ago


I think PENN STATE should clean house all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the basket , fair is fair they all need to go these students will be branded .

1080 days ago


Thought you might like to read these comments from a friend on Facebook with more detailed information.

"I have lived in the buckeye state for 20 years now & worked in MI for 6 years. I kinda puffed-my-chest a few times after what happened to them with TP & UM's problems...I was quick to tout how squeaky clean PSU has always been. So due to this I couldn’t agree with you more and I am pissed about what happened to JoePa. Though we haven’t caught-up in 20+ years, I do miss you & my Muncy friends and I am sorry that we have to reconnect under these cir****tances. With that said, don’t kill the messenger, but I think this is worth sharing…the word is that only half the story is out & that the football empire allowed additional incidents to occur post Sandusky's retirement in ‘99 - along with the ‘98 “showering” incident being the real reason for Sandusky being pushed into retirement (just an opinion, but where the cover-up starts & why the NCAA may investigate). The sports blogs say that additional criminal charges were pushed for, but the Grand Jury refused & supposedly the FBI has been asked to start initial plans for a ’94 - ‘11 cover-up investigation to help take the pressure off the state & local authorities and to bring criminal charges to those who are deemed untouchable. Supposedly, when this is all over, this could be many times worse than the SMU incident, which is why the Death Penalty is already being discussed…losing JoePa could be minor compared to a Death sentence for the program. I think it looks cover-up-like due to so many facts that are hard to believe…the janitor that caught/didn’t stop Sandusky showering with a boy in ’98 ended in no charges, the GA who watched/didn’t stop Sandusky from having sex with a child in '02 is now a current PSU assistant football coach & Sandusky was reported to be on campus as of 2 weeks ago, along with attending alumni events since '02. I believe at this point, the Board should be hated for their decision, which I hate them for it too, but the Post is reporting that they have known for 3 years that criminal actions were coming (officially since ’05) & couldn’t get in front of it. The scuttlebutt is that anyone associated with this going back to ’05 or ‘02, maybe even back as far as ‘98, will be gone post season…coaches, school administrators, PSU-NFL alumni involved in The 2nd Mile (post ’02), PSU police, those in the local Prosecutor’s office, Child Welfare & local police in the know, and finally, the board members – they are tainted too. This is a sad day for us all & what may just be the start of a very long & tragic period not just for PSU, but for our state of PA, big $ college athletics & those of us who are/were parents & coaches. Once the horrible stories from these boys are actually made public, it may change a lot of our current emotions. After watching the 11 am press conference with Coach Bradley, I couldn’t be more saddened about all of this and now my heart is just with the victims & their families!"

1080 days ago
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