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Penn State Trustees

Reportedly Ask New Coach

to Keep McQueary Off Sidelines

11/10/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Penn State board of trustees have reportedly asked new head football coach Tom Bradley to keep Mike McQueary from coaching from the sidelines on Saturday ... out of fear for McQueary's safety.

According to Pennsylvania's Morning Call newspaper ... the board does not plan to fire McQueary or ask him to step down.

McQueary is the person who claims he witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a pre-teen boy in the Penn State locker room in 2002 ... and reported it to Joe Paterno.

While JoePa was fired for failing to contact police -- McQueary still has a job, despite the fact he also didn't call cops ... and worse yet, he didn't try to stop Sandusky from raping the boy when he had the chance.

It's unclear if Coach Bradley will pull McQueary from the sidelines on Saturday ... or have him coach from the skybox ... or instruct him to simply stay home.

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No Avatar


Since it seems that PSU is INCAPABLE of taking a stand and doing what is right NEBRASKA should send a CLEAR MESSAGE (not only to PSU but the world) and NOT PLAY SATURDAY. I wouldn't think ANY LESS of NEBRASKA for taking the RIGHT position on this matter!!!

1075 days ago


This "ginger" clown surely has some kiddie porn to download Saturday anyways.
He watched a kid being raped and told his daddy instead of calling 911, I hope he dies.

Too bad he didn't have multiple gold records, then folks could simply look the other way.

1075 days ago


pennsylvanians need to take a stand and go down there to protest on game day. reverse the bad rep those idiot penn state students gave you

1075 days ago


I cannot imagine why this guy is still employed at Penn State. He is just as quilty for not protecting that child as the person hurting that child.

1075 days ago


They can't get rid of their entire footbal staff, so Joe fell on the sword. It's actually shows how much he loves Penn State when McQueary was the actual witness and the one person who defintely should have acted. And why is everyone so shocked that he didn't report this? In a world where morals are mostly non-existant and everything is accepted, I'm not the least bit shocked.

1075 days ago


How pathetic, it took a public outcry for the university to calibrate what morality-what a responsible, conscientious entities and people do when there is evil in the camp.

But I know, the game must go on... it's all about money, sport and sponsors, and money

1075 days ago


Is it even a question as to whether he should be fired or not? The students need to get their heads out of their asses. It's f**king football. Life will go on with a new coach. The children's lives are now traumatized forever. Think of someone other than you and your selfish f**king school for once.

1075 days ago


I remember in 1994 Michael Jackson had been accused of molesting children. The truth reveals itself that the innocent man was blamed and the guilty one got away...
Dumbest analogy ever.

1075 days ago


Are you kidding me? He should be fired as well, period. I cant belive he didnt kick that guys ass when he walked in and saw it. This whole deal sounds fishy, since 1994, seriously...

1075 days ago


WTF????????? This makes no sense. McQueary is far more culpable than Paterno. They were without doubt absolutely correct in firing Paterno. Why are they not firing this guy also? There has to be more to this than meets the eye.

1075 days ago

hung and dashing    


Er, in other words, FIRE HIM!

1075 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

If you are going to drain the swamp, then drain it completely.

The only thing I';m learning about Penn State as an insitution, is that they protect the football program....until caught literally with their pants down.
The only thing I see now, is that the firings are in response to negative press reports. Nothing poroactive. Just reaction to keep up their image (fail) as an academics first school.
They are a day late and a dollar short on every froint.
One thing is for sure, I'm never sending any kid of mine to Penn State. They'll forget the difference between right and wrong.

1075 days ago


They need to start fresh and get rid of old baggage and that is Mike!!

1075 days ago


If this college recognizes that he is in danger because of his role in this, why wouldn't that translate to them firing him? He had more culpability that that other Moron that they fired. This Sh*thead witnessed the rape! If I witnessed a child rape and didn't report it, I'd expect to go to JAIL! YOU REDHAIRED FIRE CROTCH HILLBILLY WHITE TRASH PIECE OF GARBAGE! I HOPE YOU, YOUR WIFE, YOUR SONS, AND DAUGHTERS ALL HAVE TO EXPERIENCE WHAT THAT POOR CHILD THAT YOU IGNORED DID YOU PIECE OF SH*T!

1075 days ago


check it out - grand jury investigation on penn state sexual abuse:




1075 days ago
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