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Nic Cage

Drops $2k on Mammoth Ivory


11/10/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Nicolas Cage is finally over that whole "financial ruin" thing -- 'cause dude just dropped TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on a steak knife in Alaska ... TMZ has learned.

Nic was chillin' in Anchorage Wednesday -- when he rolled into a bad ass custom blade shop called Northern Knives.

We're told Cage fell in love with a Don Dezarn original -- which featured MAMMOTH IVORY in the handle and a patriotic bald eagle engraved onto the 4-inch blade.

The knife is primarily used as a decorative piece, and one knife expert tells us it's common for people to wear similar blades as a holstered accessory with a "nice suit."

Knife experts tell us ... $2,000 is pretty reasonable for a knife of that caliber. But the crazy part ... Nic told people inside he plans to use his fancy shank to cut his steak!!!

Chew on that.


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In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny: What a maroon.

1075 days ago


Idiot. I thought ivory was now illegal, as it should be. If it comes from an elephant Nic fully disgusts me now!

1075 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

Wow, with such financial prowess, I can't believe he ever got into financial trouble in the first place.

1075 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Isn't ivory use illegal?

1075 days ago


NIC CAGE....get an IVORY drywall knife and SPACKLE your face!

1075 days ago


Ivory from elephants is (mostly) illegal. Ivory from mammoths is NOT illegal; mammoths have been extinct for thousands of years, but there are many many mammoth carcasses (some estimate ten million) frozen in the Arctic that are coming to light as the ice melts, and it's perfectly legal to use that ivory. (Walrus ivory is also mostly legal.)

1075 days ago


It looks to me that he should hire another cook.

1075 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Wonder if Nic is aware that an elephant lost it's life just for the tusk? What a repulsive idiot!

1075 days ago


That knife better be pretty old because importing Ivory has been illegal for a long time now and you can get in big trouble if it isn't something like 30-40 years old or older.

1075 days ago


Why are you even posting this? PLENTY of people collect knives and plenty of celebrities collect "odd" items. That's really not even that much to spend on a collectible. I'm sure he was probably just joking with the people inside about using it on his steak. Even if he wasn't, though, who cares? What you really have to wonder is what someone at TMZ has against him. There are so many other celebrities that do much stranger things, you never comment on them, yet constantly try to paint him in a bad light.

1075 days ago


No one should question what a man wants to spend his money on. If anyone had the sense to check out the pictures the Norther Knives shop has online, you would see just how beautiful these pieces of art are. Cuts steak and just might be in the movie !

1075 days ago


By the way, it's obvious quite a few of you need to read this again or even just the title. It's made from MAMMOTH ivory. Mammoths have been extinct for thousands of years. It is also illegal to sell elephant ivory in the US, Alaska is part of the US. In fact, you can't even bring elephant ivory into the US from another country. No elephant died. Good grief people, learn how to read!

1075 days ago


Be real all.

$2,000 for a nice knife is nothing. Cutlery could run higher for the inlaid handles and etchings. I say it's a safe bet some of these so-called "Chefs" on cable spend an even higher amount for status alone, if anything. If Nic wants to use the knife to cut a steak, so be it. At least it's being used and not placed away somewhere collecting dust.

$2K for a really nice knife is realistic.

1075 days ago


So, an elephant was slaughtered so he could buy a stupid knife? What a freaking do*che bag!

1075 days ago


Stupid knuckle-draggin' foo.

1075 days ago
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