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Penn State Coaches

Urge Players' Friends & Family:

"Wear White for JoePa"

11/10/2011 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1111_penn_state_exMultiple sources connected with the Penn State football team tell TMZ ... coaches held a meeting with players today and told them their friends and family should show support for ousted coach Joe Paterno by wearing white to the game on Saturday.

It's a bold move, considering there is a university-wide move for people in the stands to wear baby blue to support the alleged sexual assault victims of Jerry Sandusky

In addition to wearing white, we're told the coaches informed the team they may change the time and location of the pre-game meal because of security concerns.

And, we're told, the coaches assured the players there would be "enhanced security" for the game.

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Penn-is State has lost all credibilty now that they still think paterno is bigger than any child sex story...watching those dummies supporting him speaks volumes about how sad that University is. What are they teaching those kids pedophilia?

He's 84, this will kill him soon for sure...

1086 days ago


They should fire Mike McQueary and cancel the rest of their season!

1086 days ago


These freaks at Penn U are f'ing shameless. Another point I haven't heard discussed yet, is why on earth is the child rapist Sandusky out on bail? He is indicted for (I think) 40 counts by the Grand Jury and they let him walk out of jail on a piddly ass $100,000 bail? He's a danger to children. wtf? Also, I have friends that work @ LAUSD. They have told me they would be fired in a NY minute if they didn't report a child rape or molestation to the cops. What freaking century is Pennsylvania living in?

1086 days ago


I can try to understand the love the players have for their coach, but the coach knew of information of a child rape and he didnt report it. like it or not... that is wrong. that is why he got fired. I am sure he is a good guy... but his actions (maybe just a bad decision or he froze as to what the right thing to do was) allowed a crime to happen... and more children getting raped. if this was any one of those protesters who had a child getting raped by Sandusky, they would be thinking 100% different !

1086 days ago


This is appalling! Disgusting people disgusting school. God bless the victims.

1086 days ago


Ppl in PA seem to brush sexual assualt and abuse under the rug eh? Eh, hem Rothlesberger...and now this? Have you seen the latest allegations ppl? Chk out this story on the huffington post!The story could be getting worst.

1086 days ago


forfit this wks game...and maybe the rest of the season

1086 days ago


All the students rioting are child rapists cheerleaders. PSU should PURGE EVERY single person involved even the janitors if they are still there. If they don't..PSU will be know FOREVER as child rapists haven and think of all the pedophiles that are very happy about the students cheering on this travesty. Makes me vomit.

1086 days ago


I guess they could just wear shirts that say Pro Child Molestation too.

1086 days ago


Are they insane? Does sports really skew your moralistic set of values that much? These ass*oles need to sit the f**k down.

1086 days ago


And this is EXACTLY the mentality that allowed those little boys to be raped while everyone else looked the other way. Is there anyone HUMAN behind the helm of that school??? Or anyone with a SOUL?! Disgusting.

1086 days ago


Boycott Penn State Football. No Televised Games...No Merchandise...No Tickets...Anyone who supports Penn State Football supports child rape.PERIOD

1086 days ago


Finally, the TRUE color of "sportsmanship" in this day and age. Totally vulgar are they who distort its meaning. This crime is so distressing and unconscionable. The students and faculty in protest are disgusting to cheer and defend Paterno, who should have shown his guts off the field by going directly to the police. And this ultimate coward and poor excuse for a human being, McQueary, should be ashamed to even show his face because he chose to walk away from rescuing this boy from the grip of evil and, instead, chose to just tell Paterno, as if it were a parking violation. And then we have the buddy-system surrounding an Athletic Director and a President, who did nothing with the knowledge of this rape. How do these people sleep at night? The whole miserable bunch should be fired, and charged with negligence and abetting a crime. And Sandusky should get 1000X as good as he gave - with a saguaro cactus. So much for "higher" learning.

1086 days ago


I'm sorry but this is BULL****!!!! All I can say is WOW! The ppl of this school have sunk to a new low and anyone who wears white in support of this jerk are lower than dirt in my opinion. I mean how misguided can you be? What about the victims???? The day that JoPa was informed of this child rapist was the day that HE had a responsibilty as a CIVILIAN, a COACH, a FATHER, a GRANDFATHER and a HUSBAND to report this disgusting pedophile! Instead, the moment he decided not to report it to the police was the day that HE LET IT HAPPEN!!!! After reading the timeline of the janitor and all the others who never reported their eyewitness accounts to the police, let me just say that they're going to be alot of ppl going to hell for this who are just as GUILTY AS that pedophile! Not once have I heard of anyone from that school thinking of these innocent victims only for their precious coach who turned the other way! By backing JoPa up and showing him support, all these people are basically enabling this type of abuse and non action in the wake of this abuse and it's SHAMEFUL! The fact that many in the school were sayin he should've been allowed to retire with dignity is a disgrace. What about these kids who had their innocence and dignity raped from them????Jerry already has a special place in hell waiting for him and everyone else who ALLOWED for his vile behavior to continue and that includes JoPa! The fact that Jerry even has adopted kids is insane to me because I'm sure it will come out that he molested them too. SHAME ON JoPa AND EVERYONE IN THIS SCHOOL WHO SUPPORTS HIM!!!!

1086 days ago


I just read the grand jury report, 1. noone should go to this game period, 2, every adult associated to this abandoned those little kids i mean first they are manipulated and groomed to be molested or raped, and then you have all these adults who droped the ball, now now you have all these people having sympathy for a guy that pasted the buck. Sick sick plain sick I dont care what your are gay straight black white, male female repub or demo, or religious or not, I think we all would do something different if it was us, and we all can agree period that what was done to these kids was a conspiracy on all counts by all involved

1086 days ago
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