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Penn State Scandal

Giving Mike McQueary a Pass?!

11/10/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Penn State fires Joe Paterno, but says it's cool for Mike McQueary to coach this weekend? The same McQueary who, according to testimony, witnessed Jerry Sandusky's alleged rape of a young boy.

Matt Hahn -- Rachel Uchitel's husband and a former PSU player -- joined us to rip his alma mater's handling of the scandal. Plus, student body prez TJ Bard tries to explain why some students are on the fence about an issue that's so black and white.

Outrage and frustration -- two things you'll feel after today's episode. We did.


(3:01) PSU fires Paterno, but not McQueary -- who witnessed a boy being raped ... and then ran away like a coward.
(6:40) Harvey reads the shocking grand jury testimony about what McQueary claims to have witnessed.
(10:25) PSU student body president TJ Bard is on the phone. He says if "anyone has aided in the continued abuse of a child" doesn't belong at the school -- but refuses to say McQueary should be fired.
(12:45) Why won't Bard stand up against McQueary?
(15:00) How can the students honor the victims ... if they let McQueary at the game? 
(17:10) Shocking -- there's no line of communication between the university and Bard.
(23:50) Another student calls in -- and won't take a hard stand on the issue. So frustrating.
(42:40) Matt Hahn -- Rachel Uchitel's husband and former PSU football player -- calls in ... and FINALLY ... someone takes a serious stand against the school.


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I'm sorry, but if you were a witness to a murder and stood there while someone was being killed and didn't say a word, you would be charged with a crime. This Pig should be charged with something. Watching a child being raped and not say a word, send him to prison and have an imate watch him get raped.

1057 days ago


I think the opposing team should refuse to play them this weekend.

1057 days ago

teabag mouthful***ents/sandusky-grand-jury-report11052011.html

read the grand jury report ...
the s*** bag joe pa......ridiculous child molester saving idiot

1057 days ago


STOP TALKING TO THESE IDIOTS! Take my call so I can give you an honest opinion!

1057 days ago


Veritatis Amans, how many incidents of child rape have you walked into in the middle of the night in an empty locker room? As it has taken 11 years to arrest Sandusky, on what basis do you assert that calling 911 would have resulting in anything other than McQuery's firing, demotion, or death?

Death!!?? Yep, the local prosecutor, Ray Gricar, went missing in 2006 and has never been found.

1057 days ago


This student body president is NOT a leader of his student body at all. He is just like McQuaery--Penn State is a scary place for young people to learn how to live their lives. This guy is a politician and he is lying about something!

1057 days ago


Let me get this straight, this guy sees the kid getting raped and does nothing to stop it, calls the father instead of the police, father tells him to report it to Joe instead of the police, the father doesn't report it to the police, Joe reports it to his superior keeping in mind he didn't see it but he gets fired and the eyewitness who did nothing to stop it keeps his job? What is wrong with this picture?

1057 days ago


Is there some kind of contact info such as an email address of the person in charge of this mans jobs that we can write to and complain. it is absolutely deplorable that this man is keeping his job, especially after so many people have lost there jobs and were less tied to the situation than he was. im honestly disgusted and feel strongly enough about it to take some action against the decision to keep this man on a staff where he will be dealing with teenagers

1057 days ago


What Harvey is missing is what the local prosecutor's office has been missing since 2005-- the local prosecutor Ray Gricar. The prosecutor who would have prosecuted these cases went missing in 2006 and has never been found.

1057 days ago


Nope, can his ass!
or let the victim to it!

1057 days ago

BJ Rocks    

This is an evil disgrace! Everyone involved needs to go to jail! And have done what was done to all of those innocent boys. And to put that McQuery in to take Joes place is another shot to the victims.... And the rioters have no idea.. Maybe someday when they grow up they will realize what actually took place... If it were there family members Im sure it would hit home. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Lets hope justice will be served.

1057 days ago


i would imagine none of the "protestors" were ever raped as children and their exhuberance under such cir****tances is degrading to them and whatever "education" they are getting

1057 days ago

Julies has been saying the broadcast is "In moderation" and to check back in a few minutes for the last two hours. I want to watch! What's going on?

1056 days ago


"This media is currently awaiting moderation, please try again in a few minutes." this message comes up on the site when trying to watch TMZ Live for the last few hours. What happened? How is anyone seeing this recently?

1056 days ago


Mike McQueary was not a child he was a 28 year old man. The only reason he would go to his Daddy was to ask him, if he were to report this to the police what were the chances of his getting fired. Daddy's advice, don't report it to the police pass it on to the Coach. Fire Mcqueary and whoever else is involved. The cat's out of the bag and there's no way of salvaging anything out of this mess.

1056 days ago
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