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Penn State Scandal

Giving Mike McQueary a Pass?!

11/10/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Penn State fires Joe Paterno, but says it's cool for Mike McQueary to coach this weekend? The same McQueary who, according to testimony, witnessed Jerry Sandusky's alleged rape of a young boy.

Matt Hahn -- Rachel Uchitel's husband and a former PSU player -- joined us to rip his alma mater's handling of the scandal. Plus, student body prez TJ Bard tries to explain why some students are on the fence about an issue that's so black and white.

Outrage and frustration -- two things you'll feel after today's episode. We did.


(3:01) PSU fires Paterno, but not McQueary -- who witnessed a boy being raped ... and then ran away like a coward.
(6:40) Harvey reads the shocking grand jury testimony about what McQueary claims to have witnessed.
(10:25) PSU student body president TJ Bard is on the phone. He says if "anyone has aided in the continued abuse of a child" doesn't belong at the school -- but refuses to say McQueary should be fired.
(12:45) Why won't Bard stand up against McQueary?
(15:00) How can the students honor the victims ... if they let McQueary at the game? 
(17:10) Shocking -- there's no line of communication between the university and Bard.
(23:50) Another student calls in -- and won't take a hard stand on the issue. So frustrating.
(42:40) Matt Hahn -- Rachel Uchitel's husband and former PSU football player -- calls in ... and FINALLY ... someone takes a serious stand against the school.


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KAREN Christopher    

Is there a problem with the tape tonight?? I can't access!!

1078 days ago



1078 days ago


Living there for as long as I did (high school, college, etc), I always thought it was like a David Lynch film. Anybody remember DA Ray Gricar gone in thin air? Huge story at the time and swept under the rug. Not saying anything, but... it ain't what you think it is. Crazy things going on that are so deep, people can't fathom it. Glad I moved away, but saddened very deeply.

1078 days ago


TMZ Live re-broadcast has been inaccessible since being released at 5pm PST. It will not play....was there a legal issue that forced it in to "moderation"? Please fix this for people on the west coast tha*****ch after work or take it down. It is not active.

1078 days ago


TMZ Live re-broadcast has been inaccessible since being released at 5pm PST. It will not play....was there a legal issue that forced it in to "moderation"? Please fix this for people on the west coast who watch after work or take it down. It is not active and message saying to check back in a few minutes is frustrating. Has anyone out there seen the Nov.10th TMZ Live the last few hours?

1078 days ago


I was trying to put the Sandusky/Gricar timeline together and then saw an article in The NY Times about a possible cover-up between the two. I already thought there was a connection.
Dirty little town. Happy Valley...

1078 days ago


Finally, TMZ Live is playing. It was an important one to see. The PSU child victims are on my mind. Thank you, Harvey!! Your passion about this horrific story is comforting somehow, it seems people have lost sight of what matters here. I thought I was in the minority by not giving a sh#t about what happens to the adults or college involved in comparison to what the victims have and are enduring. What is going on with the morals of people in this world...grown, privileged men in positions of authority turning away from child rape. The excuses they make are appalling.

How On Earth can an adult physically witness a man having sex with a child and not immediately rush forward and stop it with all the force you have? Seriously....I cannot imagine instinctual immediate actions to defend a child not kicking in... Clearly, the man and the institution he represented made Sandusky more important to protect than a defenseless child. That is what happened, and it should be a wake-up call for the institutions that glorify sports to this degree. These PSU men felt entitled to put children at risk for the “team”, and to save their own reputation from tarnish. Simply disgusting.

The rapist Sandusky was likely someone McQueary had known for years, and the shock was big when he walked in the shower. Maybe that accounts for not going to the police the first day or week, maybe a month after knowing he did not react to save the boy. When he saw Jerry Sandusky at work or even on the premises with no mention of criminal charges, did not inquire about the victims’ welfare or follow up on the "investigation", McQueary allowed university officials to sweep child abuse on campus under the rug.

The men at PSU involved rationalized inaction, suspecting the boys, due to a disadvantaged status accorded by the criteria laid forth by Sandusky's charitable programs, were of questionable character. Little boys. These men acted as elitist and totally egotistic and heartless. Smug Spanier said he thought McQueary just saw some "horsing around" and deemed it no big deal. Yet, Sandusky's campus access was limited (supposedly) as a result by can't have it both ways. If the reported behavior was "horsing around”, then why limit Jerry Sandusky at all?

I read all 23 pages today. The cover-up goes back and back, on and on. From the maintenance staff that heard Mr. Calhoun the janitor report an emotional, immediate account of sexual misconduct between Jerry Sandusky and a child in the late 90's. The PSU supervisor he told did nothing. The staff on duty worried they would get fired if they spoke up. I wonder where all of them are today and if they realize they could have stopped this from continuing. Others in positions of authority who witnessed odd behavior or suspected Sandusky never spoke.

The dark truth is that this was a classicist enabled crime spree from beginning to end. No one, all the way down the line, was willing to stand against Jerry Sandusky and were threatened by his perceived importance and status. In America, citizens are becoming cowed and easily intimidated by those with wealth and influence.

Boys involved were not believed and marginalized because they were poor. Some statements from interviews I’ve read seemed to imply that the privileged white males at PSU that knew enough about the conduct of Jerry Sandusky to question his interest in the young boys, found it was much easier for them to discount the boys, who in their minds may be opportunistic gold-diggers.

Where is Jerry Sandusky? How can he be out on bail? Would a less affluent man be released on the public with such charges pending? Who is assuring he is not around any children? Harvey, please don’t forget to mention his name when discussing the tragedy here. Jerry Sandusky did all of this. His name is not being said enough. Yes, others failed big-time. JERRY SANDUSKY methodically assaulted children and brought unimaginable pain to them. Let’s hear more about him. Bring on the trial.

1078 days ago


Joe paterno said it best don't focus on me, focus on the victims. I'm one who is upset that he was fired but understand the reasoning behind it. McQueary still being there is something that everyone should be looking at and finding out who these victims are. If people want answers go to the sources who witnessed it and experienced it. Why hasnt anyone been able to get to McQueary no interviews no nothing, its like he just vanished. He is being allowed to stay because either he became a victim himself or he knows something besides what he has already said. Why is McQueary being protected over Paterno and all the other people involved? McQueary is the most guilty out of everyone because he saw it happen or maybe he was apart of it. The school is being allowed to conduct their own investigation is the first mistake that everyone is ok with. Everyone is protecting their own asses and covering up something. No one is talking about the Second Mile Organization that Sandusky met all the victims from. No one has tried to interview these people. I know Sandusky couldn't of been the person working there. No one is doing what is morally right. They fired Paterno not because it was morally right but because it was the right business decision for the school and they have been wanting to get Paterno out for years and finally had their chance. Paterno saying he was retiring at the end of the year was I'm sure his plan all along since this is the final year of his contract and Penn State would probably end up in the Rose Bowl and he cold go out on top, but instead he was used as a scape goat. The funny thing is Joe Paterno has been the only who has been giving answers although short and brief. He hasnt shyed away from the cameras or went into hiding. They wont let him speak for legal reasons I'm sure. They picked on the weakest person to put all the blame Paterno. I would take a hard look McQueary, the second mile foundation, ask current and former players what they saw when Sandusky was there. I mean after all these players are saying this is my university, this is my coach, crying on national tv, but they are the first one's to throw this same coach under the bus and talk bad about this same school. If they cared so much do something about it, won't Paterno talk to you and you can in turn let everyone else know what's going on. Do what's morally right since that is the new saying.

1078 days ago


Is Penn State educating students in critical thinking such that someone would actually say "McQueary did what he could." Really - he did what he could? Couldn't he have stopped the abuse in the shower? Couldn't he have called the police. McQueary did not do what he could!

1078 days ago

Tom K    

McQuerry is the MAIN culpit (after Sandusky)
He saw it happening!!! HE should have called the cops right then and there. NONE of this would have happenned to Paterno and the other guys IF McQuerry would have called the cops.
He should be arrested immediately and charged.

1078 days ago


@15. The whistleblower theory is off the mark. McQueary should quit. Who could possibly look at that spineless sack of jello any longer and not think, "What a spineless sack of jello!" The media referred to him as a "young graduate assistant" at the time he found the child rapist raping. He was 28-freakin-years old, a grown man (well, adult, not a man)who walked or ran like a Sally and called his daddy. He is a sickening POS.

1078 days ago


Mike McQueary should be fired. This guy saw first hand and did nothing! Then he gets to keep his job. It's like the school has droped the ball twice by mot cleaning house totally. It is a discrase to those children that got violated because he did not got to the police like he should of. If there is a pettition let me know I want to sign it.

1078 days ago


The student body president needs to grow a spine. The idea that he hasn't been spoken to by the admin is implausible at best... As a student newspaper editor I had the dean of students hunt me down after hours on the order of the president of the college when he found out I was asking questions about a building project... He's clearly been told to watch what he says-- his job is to represent the students but he's acting as a mouth piece for the administration...

1078 days ago


Joe Paterno, Joe Paterno.....He did not molest these boys. Sandusky did. The media needs to focus on him. He did this. What about all the others involved who did nothing.

1078 days ago

I am a middle aged women with experience in self defense. There is NO doubt in my mind I would be running full blast to get that pervert off that poor child! McQueary is as guilty as the predator. And DJ Bard stop being a wuzzy. Students have alot more power then they realize, we were a big part in stopping the vietnam war, or maybe you are all just looking out for yourselves, how sad for all of you.

1077 days ago
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