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Dr. Conrad Murray

Why I DIDN'T Call 911 Right Away

11/12/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says he didn't call 911 right away the morning Michael Jackson died because he is a "trained" cardiologist -- and he could do whatever paramedics could do.

Murray made that boastful statement during a strategy session, and appears in the documentary, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" ... which first aired in the U.K. on Thursday night. However, this footage did not air in the U.S. version which aired Friday night on MSNBC.

Murray's delay in calling 911 was a key topic during his manslaughter trial -- but ultimately, his attorneys never put on any evidence to support the explanation Murray mentions in the documentary.

The doc goes on to say he would have quit working for MJ if he woke up that morning -- because Murray believes what happened to Jackson was the result of "his own hands." 


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jus*****ched it, they should have concentrated on the fact that he was a drug addicted, spoiled, and entitled child. MJ thought he was a GOD, he was spiritually bankrupt, with no socially redeeming values. His family helped to create the monster that he became. His family deserves to be put on trial also, and so many more people.....

1074 days ago


Conrad Murray comes off as an arrogant egomaniac in this do***entary. Throughout it he constantly blames everybody else but himself.He's definitely in love with himself.If hadn't given Michael the propofol that faithful night then Michael would of still been with us today. This do***entary does him no good and makes him come off as incompetent and not being able to handle his responsibilities as a cardiologist;he was simply was corrupted by money and that fact that he was treating Michael Jackson.

Flan****n comes off as a douchebag through the entire do***entary,doesn't surprises me honestly.

1074 days ago


watching right now - it started at 8pm cali time

1074 days ago


Murray is so full of Chit! Is there double jeopardy attach if they charge this SOB with first degree MURDER of Michael Jackson. What he done was so unprofessional, so reprehensible he deserve the death panalty! DIE MURRAY DIE!!!

Is there a way that they can recharge this jackass with first degree murder? He freaking confessed on the Today show that he put Michael under and left him abandon to talk on a phone to a couple of his bar ho's. Murray's caught in another of his fk'n lies where he claimed he went to the bathroom to the cops. Conrad Murray is a cold bloody freaking murderer!

1074 days ago


What a disgusting, arrogant man

1074 days ago


Of course he is saying that now -- the entire do***entary was nothing more than him changing his story to fit whatever he felt would get him off. It's amazing that he lied about being on the phone to the police by omission, and then blamed it on the police for not asking him. What a sociopath.

TMZ why do you post stories that are questioning the verdict. The man lied repeatedly. I truly don't believe he understands what telling the truth means.

1074 days ago


It looks like MSNBC sanitized the U.S. version. No mention of what Randy Phillips supposedly said and no mention of bed wetting. Murray (sometimes called "Murphy" by Flanagan) comes across like an arrogant narcissistic a-hole.

1074 days ago


Um oleman, did you watch the same do***entary? Put your personal issues aside. The man is responsible for another man's death.

1074 days ago


Oleman,Michael Jackson was a religious man.So what? One could argue that Conrad Murray thought he was a god as well because he was hesitant in calling 9/11 and felt that they he didn't need the paramedics.

1074 days ago


Having been a Paramedic I can speak from experience. Dr. Murray apparently could not do "anything a Paramedic could do"! I would say that not only did he not possess proper resusatation equipment but he also seemed to lack the proper skills! Even a First Responder knows more than he did. Everyone in the medical profession takes an oath to "Do no harm". Meaning the patient should not be worse off following your care!!!! What an idiot!!!

1074 days ago


what ever happened to "first, do no harm"
- btw do murray's atty's no how bad they look in this??? and murray what a huge egotistical sob!

1074 days ago

george fudge!    

If Murray was such a well trained cardiologist, why was he doing CPR with Jackson in the bed and didn't move him to a hard surface like the floor?? Find out which college he went to and ban it from teaching medical programs.

1074 days ago

Kee Kee    

So what if he killed Michael. He killed a pedophile. I have vitiligo. I know there was a reason the police took pictures of Mike's penis. For the 99% of you who don't have it, Google pictures of the most commonly affected area. It's a little difficult to explain why 10-yr-old boys know you have a leopard's penis. I have a leopard's v*gina. Thankfully, only my boyfriend and doctor have seen it. But believe me, if you see it once, you'll be able to pick the f*cking thing out in a line-up. Michael was a pedo which is why he settled. Thank you Conrad!

1074 days ago


I really enjoyed his line about him thinking Michael didn't mean him any harm. Whatever! His actions or lack thereof killed Michael Jackson. Also, in this rant shown above - he says he doesn't have access to a phone. Um, what did you call Michael Amir with? Does he not recognize the digits 9-1-1 on one of the two phones he had that morning. Did you see when the British guy is interviewing him and he catches Murray in a lie about a quote he gave to Sky News, Murray gets up and walks out.

I absolutely love how the defense team sat around and discussed what would be a good story to plant in the media and actually show the PR guy calling the media to plant the story. How disgusting!

The fight between Flanagan and Chernoff was good. Chernoff is at least smarter than Flanagan (which was apparent during the cross examinations) and Dr. White still had that same stupified look on his face. I really felt sorry for Dr. White. He took on something he absolutely shouldn't have and he couldn't talk his way out of it with Walgren.

I so wish Murray had gotten on the stand. I would have absolutely loved to see Walgren go after him and how he would lie about his lies.

I hope Pastor looks at this when getting ready for sentencing.

1074 days ago


did you notice that msnbc edited the docu compared to the version we saw in britain ?
no mention in the US version, that mj peed his bed still suffering from his fathers psychological scarves.

1074 days ago
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