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Dr. Conrad Murray

Why I DIDN'T Call 911 Right Away

11/12/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says he didn't call 911 right away the morning Michael Jackson died because he is a "trained" cardiologist -- and he could do whatever paramedics could do.

Murray made that boastful statement during a strategy session, and appears in the documentary, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" ... which first aired in the U.K. on Thursday night. However, this footage did not air in the U.S. version which aired Friday night on MSNBC.

Murray's delay in calling 911 was a key topic during his manslaughter trial -- but ultimately, his attorneys never put on any evidence to support the explanation Murray mentions in the documentary.

The doc goes on to say he would have quit working for MJ if he woke up that morning -- because Murray believes what happened to Jackson was the result of "his own hands." 


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His docu...was funny to me...All lies..but the part where murray was trying to quote the bible (try learning your bible) so you are not miss quoting the words.

And the HOLY SPIRIT will never usher FLESH that killed another into the HOLY of HOLIES tabernacle. Murray what GOD do you serve? What GOD do you pray too? Your heart appears to be very evil.

The LORD has you just where you need to be behind bars.

1046 days ago


I have been a paramedic for 17 years... I am not not a doctor, but I have never heard such crap. A life is a life, and people don't stop you from calling. Mr. Murray had a cell phone to girls but not 911? Give me a break.

1046 days ago


Dr. Murray may as well be named Dr. Idiot (to put it politely since TMZ's site's probably censored). I watched a little of the do***entary but most of it's b.s. and I didn't believe a word this jerk said. He wants to blame everyone else and take no responsibility himself. I can't wait to hear Harvey's thoughts on the do***entary.

1046 days ago


Murray is a Devil and he said MJ betrayed him,I cant believe he was bllod enough to do this doc. I hope majority of the inmates are mj fanatics and kill him or he commits suicide,I have never felt this way about anyone but listening to his lies and bull**** is enough to make me feel violent

1046 days ago


I figured this would happen: Notice that it says that Prince is doing this as a favor for his Uncles! Of course, the losers are still trying to live off of Michael through his children just like the rest of the family. They cannot cut it on their own - except for Janet. See article:


Prince Jackson steps into public spotlightBy Alan Duke, CNN
updated 10:35 AM EST, Thu November 10, 2011
Prince Jackson shows support for his uncles with jacket endorsement
The "Thriller" and "Beat It" replicas are "nice to wear to events," Prince says
Michael Jackson's oldest son wants to be an actor
Although rich from his father's estate, Prince wants to earn his own money, lawyer says
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, takes another step into the public eye this week with his first commercial endorsement.

Prince Jackson, 14, revealed in an interview that while he can't sing or dance like his father, he wants to be a television and movie actor. He has previously said he wanted to be a director.

While some Jackson fans may object, saying Prince Jackson is too young to be involved in an endorsement, the lawyer for grandmother Katherine Jackson said steps are being taken to "make sure that going forward everything with the children is done by the book."

Prince isn't doing it for the money, but as a favor for his uncles, the four surviving original members of the Jackson 5 group that featured his father.

None of the marketing materials for the jackets includes Prince's name or image, but he did join Jackie, Marlon and Tito Jackson recently when they autographed 1,000 replicas of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" and "Thriller" leather jackets. Jermaine Jackson also signed the jackets, which go on sale Thursday through

The J5 Collection, which is based on the styles of the Jackson 5, will introduce Michael Jackson's style "to a new generation," Prince Jackson told CNN.

Jermaine Jackson: Murray is a liar He might wear them to "dress up parties," he said. "It's not casual, but it's nice to wear to events."

Prince Jackson, who's about 5-foot-10, is showing signs of a young man who is ready to make his own mark on the world.

Jackson's three children -- Prince, Paris and Blanket -- were famously sheltered from public view until their father's death on June 25th, 2009. It wasn't until the pop icon's memorial service that the world got a close look at them.

Paris, now 13, spoke for her brothers then, saying her "daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine."

Prince Jackson spoke up on the Grammys stage in February 2010 when he accepted his father's lifetime achievement award.

"To all his songs, his message was simple, love," then-12-year-old Prince said. "We will continue to spread his message and help the world."

Since then, Prince talked briefly to Oprah Winfrey when she visited his home last year to interview grandparents Joe and Katherine Jackson.

Prince also walked a red carpet and answered a few questions from reporters during a recent trip to Germany to accept an award to his father.

He smiled broadly and appeared confident on stage at the tribute show to his father in Wales last month when he introduced Beyonce's song.

Prince said he's hoping to travel with Jackie, Tito and Marlon Jackson when they perform shows in Japan next month. The plan is to have Prince introduce his uncles on stage, Marlon Jackson said.

Perry Sanders, the lawyer for Katherine Jackson, said Prince has indicated he is determined to make his own money, even though he will inherit many millions from his father's estate.

Taking care to make the right decisions about what deals to accept and what to reject is crucial to protecting his brand as the eldest son of the King of Pop, he said.

His uncles asked Prince to support the "Thriller" and "Beat It" jacket sales, a line that is authorized by the executors of the Michael Jackson estate.

"These limited quantity collector's items are exact replicas of the iconic originals and were created by the original designer of the jackets," according to a news release.

Michael Jackson debuted the red "Beat It" and red and black "Thriller" jackets, designed by Marc Laurent, in 1983. The Jackson brothers signed 500 of each jacket, which will sell for $2,350.

1046 days ago


He didn't call 911 but he called the security guy, he called Michael's PA/secretary, he called the chef,( the CHEF for crying out loud! Why? Was he hoping to maybe have a quick sandwich while he thought up more lies and excuses?) he called anybody and everybody but he didn't call 911 because he was stalling for time so he could try to cover his tracks of guilt.

1046 days ago


If his defense was savvy, tehy would have said MJ was premedicated with drugs probably given by one of his other doctors before Murray gave him meds and he was not aware. It would have cast doubt and brought to question some of teh other docs involved. Because he didnt know where MJ had been before he came home. Nevertheless, I still believe he killed MJ playing Russian roulette with that medication and panicked. How can Murray explain the MJ blood was already pooling underneath him meaning that Murray was lying about the timeline. I think Murray called those ladies as an alibi of some sorts. He is a liar and I cangt listen to many of his words. I am finding alot island and *****ian men are liars. I think they believe their accent makes them more believable. BS.

1046 days ago


C'mon this was Michael Jackson. Off stage. Not the entertainer he once was. Very sad to see what Jackson did to himself over the years. Murray had nothing to do with that.

The once upon a time, the self-proclaimed king of pop. That was back in the 80's. Yes, he was kickass. That was a long time ago. Just look what he did to himself since.

Jackson just so happened to belly up on Dr. Murray. If not Murray it would have been some other Dr. who could get his drugs. Jackson was the true propofol pro. There was never going to be or would ever be a hospital setting or 'standard of care'. Jackson paid for that along with the drugs.

Michael Jackson was a pharm pro junkie for over 25 years. 19 known different names used for Jackson getting his drugs.

Dr. Arnie Klein got lucky. Very, very, very, lucky. So did all the other Dr.s. Jackson paid to write scripts for his drugs.

Dr. Murray didn't kill Michael Jackson. His body finially gave out. But of course Michael Jackson had nothing to do with that.

1046 days ago


Does Dr. Murray have an inbuilt defibreillator inside of him?

1046 days ago


POOOOOOR Doctor MURRAY, he is a Killer, he should be on a mental hospital, in the do***entary i see how he was acting like a crazy person OMG he is a dangerous to the public, he has mental issues, and he was a psycho he is the KILLER OF MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

1046 days ago


The US version was HIGHLY EDITED. The edited version could have gone UNaired.

1046 days ago


MSNBC Do***entary: How the World Revolves Around Conrad Murray: Through the Eyes of a Sociopathic Doctor.

Why would Murray, with 17 plus proven medical errors resulting in death, record a do***entary to convince people that he’s the smartest doctor in the world and above the law?

If CM would have been acquitted or a mistrial, this do***entary of vile, lies and personal slandering of Michael Jackson would still have been released.

That’s not a friend. That is a person with a delusional mind incapable of making decisions. Murray is an extremely mentally disturbed man. He is a sociopath. He has no morals or ethics and severe lack of judgment. Any doctor that hangs out in strip clubs, buys women for companionship, commits bigotry, impregnates multiply women, doesn’t pay child support, doesn’t pay his creditors, put the burden on others to pay his debts, a habitual liar, doesn’t pay his taxes, and solicits waitress’ & strippers with $500 & $1000 tips/clothing is a person that should be barred from a medical license for eternity. CM is trash to our society. A disgrace to the medical profession. What an embarrassment to his children. He should be committed to prison to avoid jeopardizing public safety.

1046 days ago


Poor dude. Get your Webster's handy... look up "SCAPEGOAT"

1046 days ago


Murray thinks he’s above the law again by breaching Judge Pastor’s gag order initiated early Spring 2011.

Penal Code 166 PC punishes contempt of court. “Contempt of court” essentially refers to any behavior that is disrespectful to the court process. Examples include (but are not limited to):
( I only listed what would apply to CM.)

- willfully disobeying a court order.

For the most part, contempt of court (including violations of court orders) is a misdemeanor , punishable by up to six months in county jail and a maximum $1,000 fine.

I pray upon the court to rule contempt of court violations per interview also.

1046 days ago


Dr. Murray is guilty of malpractice, but not murder.

1046 days ago
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