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Dr. Conrad Murray

Why I DIDN'T Call 911 Right Away

11/12/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says he didn't call 911 right away the morning Michael Jackson died because he is a "trained" cardiologist -- and he could do whatever paramedics could do.

Murray made that boastful statement during a strategy session, and appears in the documentary, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" ... which first aired in the U.K. on Thursday night. However, this footage did not air in the U.S. version which aired Friday night on MSNBC.

Murray's delay in calling 911 was a key topic during his manslaughter trial -- but ultimately, his attorneys never put on any evidence to support the explanation Murray mentions in the documentary.

The doc goes on to say he would have quit working for MJ if he woke up that morning -- because Murray believes what happened to Jackson was the result of "his own hands." 


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Ya ya ya - blame the dead guy for killing his own self Murray!!! Typical jerk who uses the person who cant speak for themselves as his scapegoat.
You WILL answer for this one day Murray!!!!

1085 days ago


It seems MJ died instantly as he was not blue from lack of o2 . If his heart was going without breathing he woud be blue. so either his heart stopped then of course no breathing and he would appear white or the cpr was circulating o2 to body via cpr. so Ithink Murray came upon dead man of sudden death. The do***entary was good andreally shows how simplistic the jury acted and how biased the court directions for the verdict were biased toward conviction as really this is not manslaughter but malpractice accident. Talk about a mob mentality in LA

1085 days ago


Murray COULD have testified at his own trial.But just like Casey Anthony, he did not.Outside the court room though,when what they say will not be questioned, they turn into misunderstood victims and Catty Cathys...Murray had a gag order and now he violated that court order as well.I do not care if you like MJ or not.Murray was SUPPOSED to be a trained cardiologist and MJ was his patient who died because of his actions.Stop judging the victim.

1085 days ago


Can we stop calling him Doctor now?

1085 days ago


damn I forgot to watch the wacko jacko special last did piss boy come off looking...

1085 days ago


conrad murray's sitting in a cell - doo da doo da
conrad murray's getting balled - doo da doo da
conrad murray's got the soap doo da doo da
conrad murray's sitting in a cell doo da doo da

1085 days ago


can the doctor go to jail longer then 4 years because he talk doring his case

1085 days ago


Despite all the tragedy and despite that i adore Michael and his work as an artist in many ways, it is obvious that Michael was socially incompetent as a 8 year old boy.
The sum of things that Murray did wrong in ten minutes is so striking that i wonder that Michael, over all the years, did not have the slightest glue that this man may be not good for him.

1085 days ago


The man is stupid, as well as lying. This "trained cardiologist" didn't have half the equipment paramedics have and he should have had, and he said himself he gave MJ heart compression instead of clearing his airways when he "found him" with no breathing and a racing heart. That action alone would kill the patient. But the truth is MJ was dead when CM saw fit to return to his patient's bedside, and all his actions from then on were aimed at keeping it a secret he had administered propofol. And he even blundered on that one. We'll never know if Conrad Murray was the worst and most selfish doctor on earth that day, or if he actually did this on purpose – he certainly doesn't sound as if he mourned MJ, or even liked him.

He takes no responsibility now and didn't then, ordering massive amounts of propofol right away after he was hired, while MJ was STILL shopping for someone else to help him out, begging nurse Lee to step in. He recorded his patient's most private moments and he breaks doctor-patient confidentiality now without hesitation. He is a true slime bag. No professional, not even his own witnesses paid to take the stand, would say they would have acted like he did. And, finally, he blames his dead patient.

I am not interested in hearing him, and I don't believe a word he's saying. He is even worse than I imagined he'd be.

1085 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Yeah..........apparently not.

1085 days ago


He could do what any paramedic could do? That's laughable. What he *couldn't* do was what some kindergarteners can -- CALL 911! This arrogant jerk deserves to be behind bars. And so what that MJ kept asking for drugs -- grow some balls and tell him NO.

1085 days ago


Hmm... a trained Cardiologist? .. I guess that means he carries around jumper paddles in his back pocket. What a douchebag.

1085 days ago


There was NO IV drip as the evidence proved. IF the evidence says therewas propofol then more was given by iv push. either by Murray or Jackson. and there is no proof. I do not think it is manslaughter to have the drugs in the room that is an error of judgment in not forseeing the possibility of Mj getting at it. So what did he get convicted on. Leaving the room when someone breathing normally and appearing to be sleeping when the small amt of drug the doc gave would have worn off or was it the idiot list of things the prosecution would seem necessay if using profpfol Murray did not in the day he died do any serious drug giving. so that list does not apply. some how the combination of fatigue, dehydration the antianxiety meds over whelmed his body. and the liteny of machines are not required for infusing those drugs. so what was the doc convicted for exactly

1085 days ago


Prayers and love for Michael's children, the Jackson family and their extended family members. Stay strong and unified with your bond of love. Much love to all.

1085 days ago
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