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Lindsay Lohan

Exit Through the

Coroner's Gift Shop, Please

11/11/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan can do her community service and her holiday shopping down at the coroner's office ... which has it's own gift shop!! Let's just hope inventory doesn't get crossed up over there.

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Just wanted to stop by and say she is a disgusting slob.

1075 days ago


Ok, I just have to say that it is very odd that Rogue/Rocky has not posted since Michael has been incarcerated. Not even on ROL. He had a couple posts while Michael was out for the day, but that was it. Coincidence???

1075 days ago


What's the YES for? Does it mean that everything that you ask of her the answer is yes? Like: "Lindsay are you a freak?" "YES" "Lindsay do you lie, do coke and steal?" "Yes". "Do you belong in Jail?" "YES" "OK, I guess we agree on all the above, but one thing we want to know do you have STDS and lie about it?" "YES" "Wow were finally getting honest answers from Lindsay! She should wear that shirt more often. Unless guys are asking if she would like slohan on the Lohan, if you get my drift. "YES"

1075 days ago


Why do you have to be mean to Lindsay Lohan all the time?!

1075 days ago


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1075 days ago


Unless she answers to the name Peggy. "YES"?

1075 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is the only person I read about who would think the Brett Rather admitting that he had sex with her nineteen year old self was good publicity....That she had to service a producer by speading her legs to get hired for a movie roll" ...kinda of shows a pattern here don't it. and shows what her real talent is.....and it ain't acting !!!

1075 days ago


Wonder if I go on that Wealthy Dating site I could find a Rich Wealthy Man who would be interested in a slightly over aged hillbilly granny who lives on a mountain and takes care of grandchildren and cats interesting ? ...Think of what fun I could show him...How to keep from steppin in a cow patty in the pasture...not to touch the poison ivy growing on the garden fence..and how to make love on a pile of hay withhour getting hay caught up in the HMMMMMMMMMM...
be back in a minute ........going go put my widh list in...LOL

1075 days ago

AGENT smith    

There are 21 articles posted online today about the LA county jails being completely full next month. It looks like anyone with under a year sentence will be either catch and release or home arrest. With each passing month he jails become more crowded.

1075 days ago

the real diva    

only in california they would have a gift shop at a tasteless. maybe when lindsays court ordered service at the morgue is done and since she probaly won't be making movies as her career is nearly done. she can work at the gift shop. it would be a job for her when she has nothing left.

1075 days ago


I would like to point out at the Migs Video shoot, a costume that Lindsay wore went missing. No proof she took it, but clothing from Lindsay's photo shoots always seem to go missing.

1075 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Just like BK is the home of the Whopper, the LA corners gift shops sign should read "LA, Home of the body bag".

1075 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I checked out a few of her interviews done in her late teens. Lindsay was cute and endearing. Her mannerisms were those of a charming teen girl. In her last interview with Leno, she is a parody of her teen self. All her endearing mannerisms are exaggerated. She has lost the sparkle she had back then. Her face no longer moves because of the botox and it looks painful when she smiles. Also, it just screams emotionally inmature. It was glaring that she has not grown as a person since her teens. Instead of maturing, she is still trying to be that teen girl. All she has done is exaggerated what she perceives as her "star" power.She is like a cartoon of Lindsay. I just cant see her turning it around after comparing those interviews. She has lost years of growth into an adult personality. How do you make that up quickly? Cant be done. This is not even touching on her reputation, crimes, ect. Just in the way she presents herself shows a lack of maturity, growth and exaggerated teenage mannerisms.

1075 days ago


NO FAIR ! bloodredwitch:

Just had a picture of Betty Davis in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane " pop into my head with Lindsay face instead of Betty's ....UGh now I will have flashbacks all day long......
So true fo freaky true....Because I will tell you right now their is no more devious, narcissist , self-centered ,person in the world then a 14 yr old who's been treated like a princess all her life....thank god most happily grow out of it by 20..except for Lindsay she's stuck in in that world..and doesn't want to change...

1075 days ago


Delmar said, "Maybe they do, maybe they don't. I don't know. All I know is that she shops a lot at boutiques and there's been no incidents reported. All of these places I would think have security cameras also".
Security camera's haven't stopped her in the past. See Kamofie and Company.

1075 days ago
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