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Lindsay Lohan

Exit Through the

Coroner's Gift Shop, Please

11/11/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan can do her community service and her holiday shopping down at the coroner's office ... which has it's own gift shop!! Let's just hope inventory doesn't get crossed up over there.

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Red Cloud    


Let me chime in one more time before I'm REALLY GONE. The "look" on their faces at around 2:40 or whatever, is not disgust or distaste or whatever negative BS you and others imagine. It looks to me like they're reacting to the camera lens pointed in their direction. THEY ARE NOT expressing anything negative towards Lindsay. That was more than six(6) years ago, if I'm correct. She was at the PEAK of her popularity. Why would people make faces at her???? Sorry gc, I like you and respect your opinions. But this is just absurd. It is NOT what you 'see'.

1085 days ago


If DUIna’s such the entertainment mogul, why doesn’t she have an assistant? Wait…. She does.

Lnor. Never mind.

1085 days ago

Ellie G    

Well I had never heard her sing so I went to listen to a couple songs. That was 2 minutes of ear hell. I will say she looked so healthy and pretty back then (I don't know when that was).

1085 days ago



That's what I's almost sad to watch, to see what she was, and to see what she has become. (She looked happy too)

1085 days ago


Couldn't sleep so thought I would play some what you'll were talking about so I when to listen and play it...........Well Miss Tiffy my old Pekineze was sittin here with me she jumped up and started in to barking which caused the porch dogs Max and Sunny two big mouth Goldern retriever to barking....which in turn set off my sons huntin dogs who are coonhounds to baying and their kennel down the hill....then my hubby calls down and asks whats all the this time Miss Tiffy is sulking under the desk were I have thrown my house shoe at her so what could I do I told him ......................................................................................that the dogs must have heard a screech-owl that startled them and set them off.......well in a way it was ...kind..of a ...screech..owl sound anyway.......
Sure hope the hounds stop soon before they wake everybody around this mountain......
So is everybody having fun.? Funny I'm wide awake now...

1085 days ago

Ellie G    

ILG, she did look happy. Dina should be flogged for not dragging her out of the mess she got into before it got so out of control.

1085 days ago


Delmar -

Thanks for the link to the photos of AA Ali slumming it with the little people at Costco. You can see every detail. Like how her hair's two different lengths. And how it's getting lighter and lighter. And how there appears to be less of it in the front (note excessive forehead curve).

When she fries it white and gets new titties, then she can be a celebrity.

1085 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


I watched the video. Ali handled the paps very well. She is a very pretty teen. I see what you are saying. I really hope she keeps it together. Who was that with her waiting for the valet? Does she have a friend? I hope so. She really needs one other than family or Lindsay's.

1085 days ago


Confessions of a Broken Heart

1085 days ago

Ellie G    

I like the way Ali looks. I think if she keeps her professional life separate from her family she will do great.

1085 days ago

Jay W.     

I once accused Ketjo of secretly loving Lilo. I stood corrected.. Where is the love?

1085 days ago


Ok ....It over they stopped barking and all I can hear is the faint snoring sound drifting down the stairs from hubby and the snorking snore from Miss Tiffys little pushed in nose under the desk. Funniest little sound you will ever hear......
So much for Agent Smith respected and loved by her follow actors and stars.....Joan Rivers did a number on her tonight and even the little gay guy on her show Fashion police took a shot at her.....and TMZ had a little story about About Linda Lovelace and the movie *********** and how that was one roll Lindsay Lohan could play and they didn't mean it in a good way....
That is not admiration ....Smithie not at all.....

1085 days ago


You know they call woman over 40 cougars if they go for younger men......
Now they call women over 60 who do ...dragons
You won't happened to be into fantasy play would you ? I know a dragon who thinks youre a cutie pie....LOL...

1085 days ago


Well shoot , must have scared that poor boy to dead !!
Thats all right this old dragon is all smoke and praticly no fire anyway.....besides I've been married 45 yrs now and well you could say we got each other trained about were we want the other to be. and the thought of starting that kind of training over again tires me out..... Just wanted to see if I could tease a little.....
Time for me to head back to bed...Ya'll have

1085 days ago


Ali is Mr. Peepers from SNL. The same eyebrows and apple eating technique. Ali is ugly.

1084 days ago
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