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Penn State Scandal:

Victim #1's Mom Speaks --

Son Was Too Scared to Say No

11/11/2011 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The mother of Victim #1 in the Penn State child sex scandal is finally speaking out -- telling ABC she first became suspicious about Jerry Sandusky when her son asked how to get information about "sex weirdos."

The mother -- whose identity was not revealed -- spoke with "Good Morning America" ... telling George Stephanopoulos her son met Jerry in 2005 through the program he founded for at-risk youth.

The boy is not believed to be Sandusky's first alleged victim, but he's referred to as Victim #1 in the grand jury testimony.

The mother says Jerry began to pull her son out of class and secretly force the boy to perform sex acts on him.

The mother claims she became concerned when her son began asking for information about identifying "sex weirdos" -- and when she asked why, he told her he thought Jerry was one of those people.

After she learned about the abuse, the mom says she asked her son why he didn't speak up sooner -- and, "He was like, 'Well, I didn't know what to do … you just can't tell Jerry no.'"

The mother says both she and her son have been plagued by nightmares because of Sandusky -- adding, "I want justice. I want him to be locked up. There's no help for someone who does this. Not like this. He needs to be put away. He needs to be put away for a long time."

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nipples mugee    

Pen state , here comes the lawsuits . These people deserve millions for what they went thru..

1076 days ago


The MOTHER knew what happened and didn't call police? She's just as vile and responsible as the others. Moron.

1076 days ago


I feel for you and your son. I wish and pray that all the victims come forward and join together in solidarity to STOP the madness that was formed from Sandusky. I will pray that PSU will OVERHAUL everyone that had any inkling of this tragic and disgusting event and they all LOSE THEIR JOBS!

1076 days ago


My problem is this happened in 2005, why didn't the mother go to the police then. She wants justice & wants himi locked up she should have went to the police. So many more children could have been saved. There is so many people to blame in the case including the Parents & Paterno is the scape goat. A freaking janitor saw this jerk give oral sex to a kid & didn't do anything about it. All the ones that saw this happen is able to keep thier job. But the one who was told partial information is fired. How does that make sense.

1076 days ago


I personally think Sandusky should be executed.

1076 days ago


shes wrong-he doesn't need to be put away-he needs to be shot and thrown in the dump

1076 days ago


I just can't understand what is going through the minds of these old weirdos . Do they think they are gonna get away with this crap forever . Hopefully they send this guy to the pen and he gets anally violated by some well hung psycho.. OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

1076 days ago


I am beyond sickened. Every single one of the S.O.B's needs to let the victims and their families show THEM justice. I hope Sandusky meets BIG BUBBA and gets his anal cavity ripped and shredded to the point that stiches wont help and "witnesses just walk away turning a blind eye". ALl involved rot in HELL!

1076 days ago


All things being equal, we better fire the pope too.

1076 days ago

Susie q    

It' s called accountability people....everyone involved should be held accountable.

1076 days ago


I think this molester was running a pedophile ring and making boatloads of money doing it, that's why he left his coaching job at the prime age of 55 at the top of his game, and never worked again.

1076 days ago


I think when more of the details come out about these boys' horror stories, all those idiots at Penn State rioting over the firing of their beloved football coach are going to be feeling pretty disgusted with themselves. It will finally sink in that their wonderful Jo Pa is actually a child molester enabler. If someone told me they witnessed my employee sodomizing a little boy, do you think I could ignore it and continue to work with them for years? And allow them to have a BOYS program at the university? Nothing was more important than winning to him--even if it meant little boys being molested! This whole thing is just amazingly horrifying.

1076 days ago

Mary P    

It doesn't say she learned in 2005. It says he started there in 2005. It sounds more like it took time for him to start asking questions and came to this. There is reports the police were aware as early as 2009, possibly because of her reports so it would be on the police here.

1076 days ago


I wish the media would stop calling this a "sex scandal". A sex scandal implies an act involving consenting adults doing something naughty. This is a "child molestation scandal." Don't sugar-coat it.

1076 days ago


I refuse to watch videos that begin with a friggin commercial. If I wanted commercials, I'd watch TV.

1076 days ago
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