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Penn State Scandal:

Victim #1's Mom Speaks --

Son Was Too Scared to Say No

11/11/2011 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The mother of Victim #1 in the Penn State child sex scandal is finally speaking out -- telling ABC she first became suspicious about Jerry Sandusky when her son asked how to get information about "sex weirdos."

The mother -- whose identity was not revealed -- spoke with "Good Morning America" ... telling George Stephanopoulos her son met Jerry in 2005 through the program he founded for at-risk youth.

The boy is not believed to be Sandusky's first alleged victim, but he's referred to as Victim #1 in the grand jury testimony.

The mother says Jerry began to pull her son out of class and secretly force the boy to perform sex acts on him.

The mother claims she became concerned when her son began asking for information about identifying "sex weirdos" -- and when she asked why, he told her he thought Jerry was one of those people.

After she learned about the abuse, the mom says she asked her son why he didn't speak up sooner -- and, "He was like, 'Well, I didn't know what to do … you just can't tell Jerry no.'"

The mother says both she and her son have been plagued by nightmares because of Sandusky -- adding, "I want justice. I want him to be locked up. There's no help for someone who does this. Not like this. He needs to be put away. He needs to be put away for a long time."

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Oh my gosh. Thats breathtakingly heartbraking. I cant imagine doin wrong to a youngun like this. All them enablers, doers and abetters should go down for this awful crime against the innocint.

1075 days ago


cars.com has pulled out of advertising during the games, seems someone running the cars.com company has morals and was not educated at penn state....good for u cars.com...hope more follow you..

1075 days ago


the School President, the red headed piece of S*it a**hole who did NOTHING but run to his daddy...JoePa, and THE MOTHER...sorry, your kid comes to you to look up "sex weirdos"...and says he thinks that Jerry Sandusky is one of them....listen, WAKE THE F UP PEOPLE...you have a monster of the worse degree taking your kids out, that to me, regardless of his status in the community, would be a serious red flag....what older man wants to spend so much time with your child...the red flags were there for EVERYBODY AND EVERYBODY IS GOING TO PAY...as far as Sandusky...get ready for a life time of Bubba's raping you...over and over and over....cause you got it coming.

1075 days ago


I think we can count on Sandusky to kill himself. Or he can go to prison and get what's coming to him. Nothing can repair the harm he has done to these young me. I am confident that one way or another Jerry is going to eat it.

1075 days ago


Oh for crying out loud people. For all you who say this women should have contacted the police READ THE GRAND JURY PAPERS http://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/do***ents/Sandusky-Grand-Jury-Presentment.pdf

The cops heard Sandusky appologizing to her!!

1075 days ago


let me guess the guy is going to plead not guilty .. just admit to it and then let the victims choose the sentance anyone that touches a child should get 25 years to stsrt this stuff is sick he should be waiting in jail not on bail we need that proscuter in the murry case mr walgren he can get a confiction hes the best if he ever goes to be a defense lawer hell get all the good cases hell be better than johnny

1075 days ago


People should actually read the 23 page report ( that's the number of pages that I read online) before posting anything else regarding who's at fault or who should have done what. I'm reading people commenting on things and the facts reported in the grand jury report are being muddled and/or ignored.

Don't read snippets of stuff online and try to condemn "whoever" (excluding Sandusky and the others CHARGED, seems pretty irrefutable their roles in this) read the report and then form your own opinion.

1075 days ago


This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach - those poor kids. Back when my son was a baby, I took a parenting class my town was offering that was mostly about protecting your kids from predators. And the one big thing I came away from that class with was this - you ALWAYS need to be questioning the motives of adults who take an inordinate amount of interest in your child. The sad truth is very very few people do anything out of the goodness of their hearts - especially over the long term. There is almost always something in it for them. And someone who is willing to put all kinds of time into a relationship with your kid may well be grooming them for a sexual relationship. Of course it's not universally true - but I would never allow anyone to get that close to my child without extremely careful supervision of the situation - and making sure that anyone who WAS that close to my kid was aware that I was watching like a hawk - and that they would be in a world of hurt if they so much as laid a finger on my son or harmed him in any way. My son is fortunate to also have the protection of his father/my extremely large husband who would just mangle anyone who hurt him. That's why sexual predators go after the vulnerable kids - like those in "at-risk" programs. So the kids who most need the help are often victimized by the very people who were holding out a hand. Nice.

1075 days ago


Hey PEOPLE! The mother DID go to the police, people. Sandusky MET her son in 2005 - that's NOT when the mother found out. When she found out about it, later, from her son, she went to the police. That's what started the whole grand jury investigation and that's how the whole scandal got blown open. She and her son are the true heroes. SHE was not willing to be quiet and let the Penn State machine intimidate her into silence. SHE went ahead and sought justice, even though school officials tried to talk her out of it. So, anyone who says she was complacent is simply uninformed. Do the research. Read the interview with the counselor who assisted Victim #1 during the Grand Jury investigation. Do NOT equate this mother, who had the courage to stand up for her own son and the former and potential future victims, with those cowards JoPa, McQueary or any of the other money-grabbing Penn Staters who participated in a cover up of crimes against children. And more information is coming about the cover up, mark my words.

1075 days ago


To all you criticizing the mother- How do you know that she didn't go to the police? I listen to real news, not just TMZ and the police had been investigating for years and there was a police cover up too. SO don't get mad at the mother, just get the whole story

1075 days ago


So why didn't mom call police? Not everyone is being held accountable this is out of hand. Clean house and start fresh!

1075 days ago


I was sexually assaulted in a grocery store at the age of 11 or so. It took years of dreams and nightmares to get over it. You can't stop blaming yourself when you are a child.
It was in public and it could have been much worse if it wasn't. I know adults saw what was going on and did nothing. I did what I thought was the right thing, I called my father who picked me up and took me straight to the police station. I should have screamed blue murder, but I was never told to do so. It has made me afraid of people, and quite guarded as an adult.

Tell your children as I have mine, no one has the right to touch you, scream and make as much noise as you can if someone does. We must work together to stop these sick people dead in their tracks.

1075 days ago


Mom is too kind. I would prefer to see him hung upside down by his so-called "Manly" parts.

1075 days ago


I do not believe football and money prevented these men from doing the right thing. I believe they are all pedophiles. They reported this creep's molestation of kids as if they simply caught him having sex on property with an adult. The red head, his dad, and all the officials treated this as if the creep had only used the facilities inappropriately with someone that wasn't his wife. Only another pedophile would not be outraged by witnessing or being notified of child molestation, and no amount of money or football notoriety could prevent a man from doing the right thing. Any regular human being in the red head's shoes would have minimally removed that monster off of that child, but more than likely would have kicked his old disgusting ass then called the police and a lawyer so he could keep his job and not be charged with assault.
Every "man" involved, from the red head and his dad to Paterno and the other officials are pedophiles as well. Normal human beings don't react like this to horrible crimes against children, especially not collectively and definitely not for this long.

1075 days ago


In the Grandjury report she did go to the police hence the investigation. Why the investigation took so long I don't know.

1075 days ago
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