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Conrad Murray

I Was Trying to "Tip"

MJ Into Sleep When He Died

11/12/2011 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray claims he was only trying to "tip" Michael Jackson into sleep when he gave him a "tiny bit" of Propofol the morning MJ died -- and it's the first hint at what the doctor might have said on the stand.

Murray went into stark detail about June 25, 2009 during the documentary "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Relationship" ... which aired on MSNBC.

In the documentary, Murray says he eventually gave in to Michael begging for "some milk" ... Propofol. Murray says he thought ... "If I give him just a tiny amount of Propofol ... 25 milligrams, slowly infused, I may just tip him into sleep ... and the other medications will now get a chance to work because he had a fair amount of medication on board."

According to Murray's recorded interview with police -- two days after MJ's death -- he had already pumped MJ with sedatives -- Valium, Lorazepam, Midazolam -- but the singer was still unable to fall asleep.

in the docu, Murray claims it was the other drugs -- not the Propofol -- that "overwhelmed" Michael. Of course, Murray also gave MJ those other drugs ... at least according to what he told police.

Maybe not testifying was for the best.


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ARE YOU ALL HEARING WHAT I AM HEARING COMING OUT OF CONRAD MURRAY MOUTH? The murderer just totally confessed to killing Michael with his so called "Tip" him into sleep and abandoning him. Dear God I hope the judge is watching these clips, I didn't see the stupid doc-mentary, but I sure hope the judge that's sentencing in this case has. Murray is putting his foot all in his mouth and what's coming out is COLD BLOODED MURDER ONE not involuntary manslaughter.

Murray is breaking the law all over the place and making a laughing stock of the LA California judical legal system as well as Michael Jackson death and he just doesn't give a damn! By his own admissions in these clips Murray admitting he killed Michael Jackson and doesn't even realize it. How horribly awful... Did you hear him snap at his mother? Bet he snapped at Michael the same way before OD Michael on propofol. Just goes to show how nasty and controlling he really is. Sick murdering bastard!

1075 days ago


Michael you should have leaned on me (your fans) we would have never let this mess happen.

You were a great man. A great man who wanted to help others but bad people were drawn to your goodness and light.

But you always seem to rise above it.

Murray just showed why the verdict came back the way it did.

1075 days ago


TMZ thank you for not referring to Conrad Murray as a doctor anymore. I am sure by now after watching these clips or the doc-mentary --like the rest of us civilize humanbeing on here with sense, you realize he is NO DOCTOR for no sane doctor would have done what Murray did. Thanks for respecting the fans of Michael Jackson and not disrespecting real doctors by associating a murdering creep like Murray with them.

1075 days ago


Something that has been on my mind for some time,Michael Jackson said he could not sleep without his "milk"I often wonder if Dr Murray ever made a attempt at using a "PLACEBO"if Michael mind was set on Propofol,he would force himself awake till he got "his milk",now it may have not worked,but I would have tried a placebo,after,all the meds that were given the day Michael died,sometime just the idea he was gettng what he asked for,would relax him enough to let the other meds work,JUST A IDEA.

1075 days ago


Why was Nicole Alvarez aka "The Instrument" so happy when she was on the witness stand. Giggling and enjoying herself to no end. Her "boy"friend was on trial for killing Michael Jackson, why the light mood? Murray´s other girlfriends were on the stand the same day - that would be enough to pee anybody off, but not The Instrument. Why is that?
I think she was so happy because everything is going according to plan. I think that Murray stole money (millions) from Michael, then killed him, because Michael would know that it was Murray who had stolen the money. I think he called his girlfriends as a sort of alibi, giving the impression of him being carefree that fatal morning, when in fact he had killed Michael. One of them witnessed Murray "discovering" Michael. I don´t buy this - it is too convenient. Remember she said that Murray called "out of the blue", and that she hadn´t heard from him for a long time.
I also think that The Instrument is in on the whole thing, and that is why she wasn´t peed off about Murray´s other girlfriends.
Everything is going according to plan. Murray gets a light sentence, is freed, and they can live happily ever after on Michael´s millions.
I would like for the LA police department to look into Murray´s money matters, the answer is there.

1075 days ago


Ironically, I fell asleep about fifteen minutes into the Conrad Murray do***entary last night.

He sounds like a nut. Almost as nutty as Jackson did in the Martin Bashir do***entary, condemned by the words coming out of their own mouths.

1075 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Was it me or did Conrad seem full of himself and sorry to say God Complex? I have always felt two wrongs don't make a right.

1075 days ago


mac the knife: 5 minutes ago

good go,luv.. but Murray had no access to MJ's money. As that's all handled by his accountants.

My sense way the 'instrument' was so light-hearted was 'they' assumed Murray would be acquitted & thern they cash on the notoreity & become 'stars' charging lots of $$'s for appearances.. I bet Murray killa.. told her he'll finance her a movie that'll make her a 'star'!

It is well known that Michael hid stashes of MILLIONS in his homes. Under carpets, in garbage bags, etc.
Murray was free to roam the house with Michael put under and no one else there.

1075 days ago

mac the knife    

hmm.. this was/is my theory before the verdict.. & it is provong to be true. From Murray's own lying mouth-- one can 'hear' snippets of truth here & there.. & piece together what truly happened..

Contrary to what he alluded to? HE ALREADY HAD MICHAEL ON A PROPOFOL DRIP!

just think of it-- he gave MJ other d rugs & it didn't work? he knew Michael needed sleep.. meanwhile from the evidence-- MURRAY WAS ALREADY ON THE PHINE AS EARLY AS AROUND 7 AM.. busy texting, etc.. & long calls too.. which meant Michael WAS 'DOWN'!
if MJ was wide awake like he said-- he won't be on that damn phone! Mj will be pissed!

oh Murray was topping up that drip between calls.. leaving t he room as he busied himself on the phone, until around 10 when he called that Sade .. he realized MJ wasn't breathing..dying.. HE PANICKED!

and what did he do first thing? clean up the room from all the empties vials/bottles! took away the drip..etc.. then he made phone calls to his offices in Texas & Vegas .. instructing his staff to clean out those propofol that's still there.. good thing.. when he was being investigated.. the police found proof of his huge orders!

yeah.. MJ was dead.. he died from Murray's hands!

I always said- the timeline has always been that phone records! one can see clearly how early Murray gave Mj the propofol!

and this is why-- the autopsy stated Mj died from propofol intoxication!

thrn his defense kept changing their stance until they were trying hard to show it was the lorizelam? LOLOLOL.. & that MJ injected himself? or took pills? which is which? Murray I don't think ordered pill form.. those orders showed vials.

1075 days ago


And mac the knife, I am not your "luv", needed to clear that up!

1075 days ago


Dont know if it was true elsewhere but it did NOT air in South Orange county.

1075 days ago

mac the knife    

have you noticed too.. Murray kept moaning.. me.. me.. ME..!!!!!

Michael betrayed me.. deceived me.. I was the one.. etc.. me.. me.. me.. bloody bastard.. poor Conrrad Murray,, Michael Jackson entrapped me to live in that mansion!

by all accounts-- he didn't! he arrived when MJ was a bout to go to bed! GEEZ!!!

Me.. me.. me.. HOW CAN HE BE DECEIVED? BEING PAID $150,000 A MONTH! and he was originally even demanding $5miilion a year?! what? he assumed he'll get that much for sorting out the kids? have MJ eat healthy?

MJ deceived me-- he should have been truthful telling him his medical history? from this bastard who was ordering gallons/tons of drugs a month?!
ell.. I don't condon Michael getting that way.. he should have tried acupuncture I always thought.. but geez.. let's be fair & real;istic.. the reason MJ wanted a d octor by his side.. was be he wanted to be sure--he was 'safe' whilst under sedation.. like he told Nurse Lee.. someone there to be monitoring him.. NOT THIS BASTARD MAKING PHONE CALLS.. WHILST HE WAS DOWN.. & NOT HAVING THE EQUIPMENT WHEN HE DID!

and did he really think-- Michael will give a sh*t if the paramedics came to his bedroom-- if it meant.. SAVING HIS LIFE?!

1075 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

When will Michael Jackson be held responsible for the part he played in his own death?

1075 days ago
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