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Demi Moore

Good Genes or Good Docs?

11/12/2011 9:10 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Being married to Ashton Kutcher keeps Demi Moore young.

Here's the 20-year-old former "General Hospital" star back in 1982 (left) -- and 29 years later, the 48-year-old in L.A. recently (right).

Charlie's Angel indeed.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

You see those two flaps of skin around her mouth? What is that? I see these women who are way too thin, their faces getting sucked in like Skeletor, and they have those things going from their cheekbone to chin, I don't know if it's a tendon or what that is, but it's gross and makes the women look old.

1041 days ago


"being married to ashton keeps her young"?? lol. I just read that. i take it you have never studied genetics. The genetics of Aging has NOTHING to do with who you are married to.
Let me guess. You were a literary major?
Conversely, using your logic,.. could we also conclude that if a male who marries a female much our senior, it will age us fast? Ashton looks 40 with that beard he was sporting and he is going thru early midlife crisis because his wife was so old? That explains everything now. ashton cheated because his wife was much older which aged him faster which caused premature midlife crisis.

1041 days ago


She looks awful. Needs to eat and lay off surgery. Grow old gracefully.

1041 days ago


I'm sure everyone has seen her in recent photos where she looked great and could put women half her age to shame, so why are people so quick to jump in and tear her down, just because TMZ didn't post one of her better pics? How many misogynists are there on here, and how many of you can even spell that word? :p

1041 days ago


She looks like someone her age should look. Next year is 50. She's looking pretty good.

1041 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Man these people are harsh. Demi looks good in both pics she just looks DIFFERENT in both pics. Demi has had a TON of plastic surgery though and she admitted as much when she did GI Jane. She looks very manly in the second pic since she is probably using Growth Hormones thinking it will keep her looking young.

Some of the men on here. Geez. PEOPLE GET OLDER LIKE YOU WILL GET OLDER. But these men are butt-ugly & stupid. They don't realize they look like crap and criticize women all the time. Here's a tidbit: MOST PEOPLE LOOK MUCH WORSE AS THEY GET OLDER. INCLUDING YOU. So don't THINK that women will give guys a pass on their fugly old looks because we won't. If you have money we may marry you for your $$$, but then we will cheat on your a$$ ... like ANY TIME WE CAN. LOL. And I'm in my mid 20s. You're welcome :)

1041 days ago


Oprah had Demi on her show a few years ago. I was so impressed with her. She's a very smart and giving woman. I feel bad that she has fallen into that Hollywood trap that she avoided when she moved her young girls to Iowa?/Idaho?, I think. When she made her comeback in the "Charlie's Angels" movie and had Ashton on her arm, she was the envy of even the young starlets in Hollywood. Unfortunately, they thought it was a good idea to marry. They should've just enjoyed each others' company for how ever long it lasted. Demi is smart enough to know that no matter how hot some young hot guy thinks your old ass is, he's eventually going to want to have his own family. If you could not have his baby BEFORE the wedding, you should've done the right thing and let the young man off the hook. YOU knew what was going to happen down the line; he didn't (too inexperienced & immature). Now you're paying the price. Let him go, girl. He's begging you to end the marriage. He's too afraid to say. . .I WANT A DIVORCE, so he acts out, assuming you'll be too humiliated to stay in the marriage. Do yourself a favor and do what you know needs to be done. Why prolong the inevitable? One last thing. . .I beg you to go on a month-long soul food diet. You need to put some meat on them bones. That skeletal look ages you.

1041 days ago


I wouldn't let my enemy **** her with YOUR ****. For gods sake she's had ashton kutcher's penis inside her.

1041 days ago


Good doc + good makeup artists+good photoshop work +good genes etc.

1041 days ago


OMG , you look great what are you trying to do with yourself? Act and be your age. I have followed you a long time Demi, I like how you look but now you look sick and the media is making you look desprate. You don't need to respond to the **** but it is making you look like a fool. Doesn't matter how you think love makes you look and the image of hollywood, you are looking like an ass right now. Right it. You are not an ass.

1041 days ago


...I'd have to say it's more like good coke.

1041 days ago


You should also have a "Bad docs" box to click on.

1041 days ago


She's over-detoxed, botoxed, cut-up, butt-upped, tanned, manned,...once a natural just f'cked up.

1040 days ago


If you look closely, her feature are the same and doesn't look like any plastic surgery. The OBVIOUS difference is the veneers on her teeth that are extremely fake looking and too big for her mouth.

1040 days ago

Mom of Five    

She is becoming so thin that it is making her face look like a skeleton. She doesn't look good at all and if her husband is giving her the impression that she does he is doing her a big diservice.

1040 days ago
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