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Joe Paterno's Son

Chokes Up After Game:

'Dad, I Wish You Were Here'

11/12/2011 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_2l5zhgwx_0_s14r3zwgJoe Paterno's son -- Penn State's QB coach Jay Paterno -- just broke down during a postgame interview, tearing up as he addressed his father to the camera ... claiming, "Dad, I wish you were here. We love you."

Joe Paterno -- who was fired as head coach earlier this week following PSU's massive child abuse scandal -- did not attend the game.

Penn State lost to Nebraska 17-14.

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Tom Jones    

You wish your dad was here? Tough titty, pal.

1024 days ago


Penn State makes me sick! I used to like them but I can't believe so many people are supporting a man who helped keep a child rapist's secret! How does anyone justify that??? I hope they all burn in hell!

1024 days ago


Paterno reported the issue to Penn authorities but he remained silent for years, knowing the authorities didn't do anything about the abuse. This pedofile was all the time on campus with young boys even after he got his retirement. I hope that the police would do a huge investigation about this case. All of them they deserve to go to jail for cover up a monster.

1024 days ago

David Gojira    

wish you where here? really? i was worried with the current political leadership in our country. Now I am more worried that if these students, to include the president of the student union, are the future of America...we are doomed.

1024 days ago


cry me a ****in' river... i'll bet he wishes his dad "was there" for that poor child who was sexually abused, right infront of him.

1024 days ago


This A hole should be the next one to go. And the reason is that he is the son of Joe. He will never stop whinning and complaining about this. He will never be able to admit that his daddy was wrong. He will continue to infect this team with his cry baby attitude. I can see why some are calling for the program to be shut down. Quite the incestuous clan. They need a new coach and not an alumni to come in and hire new people. That is the only thing that will heal this program. If they don't cut out the entire infection it will come back.

1024 days ago


No one should feel sorry for old Joe. He was a very powerful man on that campus and was in no danger of losing his job. When McCoward told him about what he say he should have grabbed him by the ear and hauled him down to the police station to make a statement. He should have fired Sandusky immediately. Instead he chose to start the coverup. He was smart enough to know that the abuse was ongoing. He could have done the right thing and he would have been a real life American hero. The piblic would have ate it up. But the fact is he didn't give a s--t about some kid from the other side of the tracks. Bet it would have been different if he caught Sandusky bending Jay over at the Sunday picnic. King Joe spoke volumes about what he is made of with the choice he made that day.

1024 days ago


What about the tears shed from the 8 children molested? I do not think that this coach should be idolized. There are 8 boys whose lives have been negatively impacted and scarred forever. What about how choked up they and their families are? Where is the compassion and support for them?

The adults failed them! There were many who had an opportunity to report it and get it to stop and they failed these 8 children!

What about their tears? What about their heartbreak and the shame they feel as people minimize what happened to them? Every time someone idolizes their abuser, it re-victimizes the abused.

What about being chocked up for what they went through and have to continue to go through into their lives because of this defining moment forever a part of them now, at the hands of an adult who knew better!!

He used these children for his perverted pleasure and that is not okay and despite what kind of coach he was, he should not be idolized and praised.

8 lives forever effected. Not okay.

1024 days ago


I've read the Grand Jury Report. I've watched multiple people cover this topic from ESPN to CNN. Fact is, Joe Paterno could have done more, HOWEVER, he didn't (a) witness this event and (b) cover it up. He passed the information to his Penn St. superiors. Is he supposed to take 2nd hand information and call the police himself? Is that the moral test he failed?

I've read many comments on this board...and it appears as though the people that post against Joe Paterno get more likes than dislikes. I fully suspect people will dislike my point of view, but it's fact based.

1024 days ago


the victims all said "we wish joe would've done more".

1024 days ago


I bet good old JoePa would have done something about it if it had been his son getting anally raped in the locker room.

1024 days ago


I find it interesting that he is upset that his dad missed the game, not because of his reprehensible actions. Football is just a game and has no actual impact on anything in the world. How can you be more upset about a game than the fact that your dad turned the other cheek to child rape?

1024 days ago

American Patriot    

Joe is just as disgusting as his assistant, for letting it happen and not stopping it.


1024 days ago


Funny, ESPN showed this dude coming out of his father's house this morning, which to me looked at though he lives there.

1024 days ago

greg kettner    

Pedifile State University. PSU

1024 days ago
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