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Joe Paterno's Son

Chokes Up After Game:

'Dad, I Wish You Were Here'

11/12/2011 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_2l5zhgwx_0_s14r3zwgJoe Paterno's son -- Penn State's QB coach Jay Paterno -- just broke down during a postgame interview, tearing up as he addressed his father to the camera ... claiming, "Dad, I wish you were here. We love you."

Joe Paterno -- who was fired as head coach earlier this week following PSU's massive child abuse scandal -- did not attend the game.

Penn State lost to Nebraska 17-14.

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Shut the F up, you big *****. You should be crying for the ass raped kids, not your senile old disgusting ass father, you make me sick. Someone bitch slap him please.

1019 days ago


Are you kidding me? Everyone needs to stop commenting things like "Boo-hoo, go to hell," If it were your dad, i'm sure you'd be upset too. Dont believe everything the media tells you either, there just needed to be someone else blamed, and it was Joe Paterno. People these days. Walk a mile in his shoes. i guarantee you wont like it.

1019 days ago

Bill Beatty    

wah wah wah, your dad's a freakin criminal who ought to be put behind bars for abstruction of justice.

1019 days ago

Eda Foster    

Joe Paterno and his PEDO State University gang should go to jail, it has this ******* who silence everything, because the stadium was getting renewed. And this beast continue walking side by side with Sandosky, and gave McQueery the job to shut up his mounth. Simple.
You f. bitch are in disgrace, the whole world hates you, and watch this fat ass crying, did you f. daddy doctored you for this?

1019 days ago

Eda Foster    

Parents of victims, victims, grand parents, siblings, all of you SUE THESE MOUNSTERS, squeeze them, so nobody does the same again. The whole country is with you.

1019 days ago


Joe Paterno could have phoned the police.

1018 days ago


Joe Paterno should have said I'm going to the police first.........wrong mo fo........No one is above the law or for that matter a college...everyone involved had the onus to protect the innocense of children and was to make sure this would not happen to another......and there was no insurance because no one went to the police....figure heads or not, policies and procedures go out the door when a crime is committed........Colleges do no have the right to be judge, jury or for that matter take the law into their own hands and end result is disaster for a lot of children who have to live with this.....sic. Figure heads is not what makes a college great, it's the students........

1018 days ago


Nobody is crying for the children that got raped by that creep Jerry Sandusky. But they are all crying for Joe Paterno the coward who failed to report child sex abuse to the police. What kind of a world am I living in?

1018 days ago



1018 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Maybe he should shed tears for all the kids that were subsequently raped after Paterno was told that Sandusky was anally raping a 10 year old boy.

I don't see this s***bag shedding tears for these children. Child rapist pedophile enabler!

1018 days ago


I can't believe that anyone would criticize a son for loving his father. But let's put this into perspective. Suppose your father, son or daughter committed a crime would you still love them? Probably so but you would feel pain, sorrow for the victims of their crime, betrayal but in the end would you stop loving them? Unless you are a worthless son, daughter or parent you would answer no you would still love them. So why the criticism here. And for all you people criticizing people for saying they still support Joe its the same thing. When you have raised millions of dollars for charities, given back more than $4 million to your employer, helped thousands of young kids get a degree, and preach that "Football is just part of your life, it's not your life then I think you can judge as a peer so until then shut up. Does those 60 years of good deeds overshadow this one deed. Absolutely not and will forever stain his career. I also firmly believe that had this happened in say 1987 he would have gone past his bosses and reported it. Joe Paterno truly loved that University and the students to much. He didn't let football sway his judgement. He let his love for PSU, the school he had a huge hand in making one of the greatest universities in the USA cloud his judgement. Am I making excuses for him? Absolutely not. But this is what happens when one has spent their life building something they love. In my example earlier a large number of the people on here would have protected their children and not report a crime they had committed. Now I know whoever replies to this will say they would turn their kids into police and that may be true. But we all have heard the stories where parents have not reported their children for crimes they have committed.
So don't criticize a son for loving his father.

1018 days ago


oh please people. you guys wouldn't cry after what you learned about your dad and what you saw this week? you would stop loving your father? i know i wouldn't. you people need to get the hell over yourselves and start thinking logically, instead of just taking the first conclusion that comes to mind. ugh, pepople these days...

1018 days ago


What a ******* ***** cry baby. WTF is this as***** crying about? His dad isn't dead. The old **** was going to retire after this season anyway. Big ******* deal. The old man should choke to death on a ****.

1018 days ago


Oh please..just the same "good ol' boy" stuff. If you don't call authorities you are just as guilty... accessory to a crime , period.

1018 days ago


Your fckin' dad should've "been there" for those kids!

1017 days ago
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