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Joe Paterno's Son

Chokes Up After Game:

'Dad, I Wish You Were Here'

11/12/2011 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_2l5zhgwx_0_s14r3zwgJoe Paterno's son -- Penn State's QB coach Jay Paterno -- just broke down during a postgame interview, tearing up as he addressed his father to the camera ... claiming, "Dad, I wish you were here. We love you."

Joe Paterno -- who was fired as head coach earlier this week following PSU's massive child abuse scandal -- did not attend the game.

Penn State lost to Nebraska 17-14.

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you got to be kidding!!!!!!!!F.U.JOE

1083 days ago



BS. Just because he told the athletic director doesn't put him off the hook. if they saw the athletic director wasn't doing anything McQueary or Paterno should have taken upon themselves to do something about. the correct decision from the beginning should have been to go to police. the safety of those children should have been priority over everything else whether protecting a person, the sport or the school.

1083 days ago


Maybe Paterno is "old school" but he obviously didn't follow thru to see it things were handled properly. You can't tell me that if he and Sandusky were so close and he pretty much ruled the roost around there that Paterno didn't know something was going on for all these years. If he didn't he should have retired a long time ago for being so clueless. I don't know how those players can even walk into those showers again knowing what has been going on in there. Is everyone morally corrupt these days?

1083 days ago


Think you've milked this long enough. Do you remember what celebrity gossip is?

1083 days ago


These people are f*cking shameless. A moment of silence for the victims, and then an extravaganza of emotional claptrap, including prayers, singing, chants, to feed the "poor us" line that these sick Penn Staters have adopted. Looking at the t-shirts, signs, & crying fans, all carrying on over the disgraceful Joe-pa & their schools loss of prestige, you can tell these freaks haven't learned a thing all week. If they had a shred of dignity, honesty, & real compassion for the victims, they would show some class by sitting the hell down and shutting up. I'm so glad they lost, now hopefully the NCAA will step in and give this horrible school the punishment it deserves, severe sanctions.

1083 days ago


TMZ, for godsake, please quit giving this trashy, shameless group of people so much blog time. They aren't worthy of this much attention. There are other things going on in the world.

1083 days ago


Am I the ONLY one who can see there is an azzhole named McQueeeery who was RESPONSIBLE for stopping the rape he walked in on??????? AND, he didn't???
AND, is anyone bothering to read the WHOLE process of events??? Did anyone read that one of the victims MOTHERS talked to Sandusky while this was being done to her son????
Sorry...that "mutha" had an OBLIGATION to HER son!!! She made Sandusky "promise" not to shower with her son anymore....ummmmm, HELLO????????
The "police" were supposedly LISTENING to her confronting this garbage....and nothing was done....BY ANYONE!!!
NOT just Paterno....why does everyone have such venom for only him??? All the administrators at Penn State should be fired...CLEAN SWEEP...no matter WHO they are.
The MOTHER had a RESPONSIBILITY to HER SON!!! The police didn't do anything...why didn't SHE blow the whistle??? Why wasn't SHE jumping up and down in the streets??? Telling Sandusky's wife...screaming at the President of Penn State???
If someone were doing THAT to my child, first, I'd end up on trial for murder....BUT, I'd do EVERYTHING in MY power to get rid of that s***!!! Just because the police didn't do anything at that time, I sure as hell would!!!
Seems EVERYBODY let those poor boys down...but, in my eyes....the WORST offender, after Sandusky, is his MOTHER!!!

1083 days ago


Listen Jay Paterno, you dumb moron....if it was YOU who were being molested, this whole effing thing would've been stopped years ago! Your father knew full well of the crimes going on and DID NOT FIRE OR REPORT SANDUSKY TO POLICE, thereby making him just as bad as the perpetrator in my book!!!

1083 days ago


Think about those RAPE VICTIMS, not old Joe. Every one of those men had an opportunity to call the police, but they chose themselves over a helpless, innocent child. They should all do time.

1083 days ago


@ CC, no one is blaming just Paterno. He's getting the bulk of comments now becuz of all the fans with their I heart Joe t shirts and signs and their undignified displays of hysteria and school pride. There is obviously a lot more to this case than we know, and will come out in the near future. I'm sure the group of persons who knew what Sandusky was doing will be greatly expanded, and don't worry, decent people will be condemning them all.

1083 days ago


Oh boo freakin hoo...why don't you shead some tears for those children that were raped that he didn't help! You as big of an idiot as your father!

1083 days ago


mattyMAN just because joe told 1 person does not make him innocent - a lie by omission is still a lie - at the very least the contract w/ sandusky, paterno, and the college that allowed sandusky to keep an office on campus said sadusky could not be around children - so at the minimum paterno should have had him banned from campus for breaking the contract, but he didn't even do that, and sandusky would still be there if 1 lone victim did not come forward in 2009 after 4 years of abuse. - even after his mom was threatened by college officials that no one would believe the boy. sandusky was one of paterno's closest friends, can you honestly say paterno never knew any thing sandusky was doing and that he did every thing that was required??? just based on sandusky's office contract proves he didn't

1083 days ago


He should be crying for the kids that were sexually abused.Had his father made sure that sexual assaulter was reported to the police there could have been less victims. His son should learn their is more to life then football.His father should have made sure that a sexual abuser was not running free on Penn State campus.I really wish he would have shed just one tear for the victims!!!

1083 days ago


I don't understand some people. I have sympathy for the CHILDREN not the grown men who walked away or passed the buck off to someone else!. One man walks in on the molester in the locker room with the kid and just walks out and says what Joe oh by the way your assistant coach is rapping a kid see ya later, and Joes does what tells some other person so he wouldn't have any responsiblity. How about the guy who walks in on the kid getting rape try and stop it!!!!!!!!!! How about Joe freaking call the police pick up the freaking phone help the kids!. How about ask the people you told about the incident why the freaking molester is still working with you?????????

1083 days ago


Bottom line, Jay Paterno: The most powerful, the most influential man at Penn State, your father, knew that a boy was raped and he looked the other way. Joe Paterno does not deserve a single tear. Shame on the whole rotten lot of you who place football higher than a life of a child. I hope the class actions suits that are coming your way bring you to your knees and force you to understand that ALL tears should be for those forsaken children, not your lousy, worthless, empty football program

1083 days ago
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