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Joe Paterno's Son

Chokes Up After Game:

'Dad, I Wish You Were Here'

11/12/2011 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_2l5zhgwx_0_s14r3zwgJoe Paterno's son -- Penn State's QB coach Jay Paterno -- just broke down during a postgame interview, tearing up as he addressed his father to the camera ... claiming, "Dad, I wish you were here. We love you."

Joe Paterno -- who was fired as head coach earlier this week following PSU's massive child abuse scandal -- did not attend the game.

Penn State lost to Nebraska 17-14.

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Why is noone screaming about SANDUSKY being out on bail? Why are they forgetting about SANDUSKY committing the crimes in favour of going after Joe Paterno? SANDUSKY raped those children!! He's out on bail!! Question the court system that let him out!
I'm being sickened to think that people have now turned all their rage toward Paterno and McQueary while the one that did the raping is getting a free pass!!! Sickening!

1038 days ago


Penn state should come down to Louisiana!! After LSU gets hold of em they'll know abuse!

1038 days ago


if you witness a child getting raped/molested and you tell someone who does nothing about it, it is your OBLIGATION to do something about it- CALL THE POLICE! Poor PAPA my ass, the guy was a witness to many crimes and was only concerned about be a football coach. Maybe if his son was being raped he would have spoken up!

1038 days ago


I'm NOT that other ******* Truth....

Joe Paterno will never be remembered as a great football coach. He will be remembered as a coward and a no good prick. This story is far from over and I would not be surprised if Joe Blow was assisting his good friend Sandusky and also molesting young boys.
This is just the beginning and as for Joe Blows jerk off son....go to hell you crybaby wimp.
You are all TOAST!

1038 days ago


Penn state should come down to Louisiana!! After LSU gets hold of em they'll know abuse!

1038 days ago


Stupid Dego

1038 days ago


Pathetic !! Old Joe did not stand up for the poor boys who were molested and firing was appropriate. I am sure more nasty things Joe did will surface and Karma will get him!!

1038 days ago


your all uneducated by the whole story, u probaly all watched espn and have no idea what really went on our whole state is better than all of your come here and get dropped cause your all pu**ys

1038 days ago


I bet the kid who was getting molested said, "Coach I wish you had come and helped me". It's a GAME and a childs life was destroyed because people thought the game was more important than a child.

1038 days ago

Deb Colorado    

So rh, educate us. I am sure you know the whole story. I suppose somone witnessing a small child being sodomized by an adult was just all in their head eh.

1038 days ago


they are lamenting the fact that they got caught and I'd bet this Jay Paterno is wrapped up in it too...

1038 days ago


He's acting like his dad is dead or something, dumbcrap

1038 days ago


So NH I went to an actual College - not a State School - with an actual Division 1 Football, Basketball and Hockey program AND it didn't take 3 hours on a one lane road to drive into campus. We actually had a campus as well as a business school and law school to boot! Imagin? As all major media outlets have reported ESPN is the worst sourse due to there feduciary connections with the school. I know that's a big word for you back woods rapists to try to pronounce but what it basically means is that ESPN is as much in the bag as a 10 year old getting raped by your defensive teams coach. Even more of a translation - they don't have much to say b/c their hands are tied. BTW I used "your" appropriately. What you meant to say (besides the non caps) was YOU ' RE. I understand they din't teach grammer in a state school just rapist talk. Back woods hicks. Please!

1038 days ago


boo hoo hooo ... pathetic. do you have ANY idea that had your father gone to the police .. other boys may have not been raped?? do you GET THAT? this isn't about football you **** ... it's about these young men whose lives were forever changed .. and your father COULD have done something about it

1038 days ago


I don't know what is wrong with the clueless people, including Paterno's son, who worry more about Paterno's job than those poor boys who were molested by that monster. Had one of those adults at Penn State gone to the police, several boys could have been spared such a tragedy. So many adults failed those boys and that is what people should be sad about, not the fact that someone lost a job....

1038 days ago
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