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Penn State

Bomb Threat at Beaver Stadium

11/12/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Penn State Stadium
Police and FBI investigated a bomb threat received last night on Beaver Stadium, where Penn State is set to play Nebraska today -- but searches last night and this morning produced nothing.

According to Lisa Powers, director of public information at PSU, the call came in last night around 6:30 PM to the main number on campus. The caller mentioned a bomb at Beaver Stadium and police were immediately notified.

Police went through the stadium with bomb-sniffing dogs and made two run-throughs ... but found nothing. Powers said the FBI and police are working on tracing who the caller is, but so far have found nothing. 

Powers said they never took the call as a credible threat because the stadium has been on lockdown since Tuesday.

Once things were all clear, the university sent out a mass text message at 9:08 AM this morning, informing students of the situation (see below). 

Penn State bomb threat text
The university has extra security measures in place for today's game, the first since the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal broke, and is urging students to arrive earlier than usual for the game. 

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There's a problem here    

The students of that school are trying to recover from these heinous acts of one adult, followed by the good old boy's club of a few others, then recover from the idiotic vandalism of a few of their own morons. The majority of the student population have let the dust settle and realized this begins and ends with great harm and damage done to children. A bomb threat is bullcrap. It was probably the same azzwholes that rioted downtown; a few ruining it for many. Remember the children.

1074 days ago


I realise everyone is angry at the coaches and top brass at Penn State, the students that are playing football should not be victimised! Why should they be punished by not allowing them to play? People need to keep their hatred directed at those who committed crimes not the players.

1074 days ago


Hmm sounds like something a bitter x-coach who'd been Double Fisting Booze all night might do.

Seriously, I feel really bad for those kids on the team. They didn't do anything wrong. There dream of becoming big football stars has become a nightmare. If the school would just have the balls to take a stand and clean house it would come to an end and everyone could start building a better future.

1074 days ago


CANCEL THE GAME!!!!! SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET HURT!!! Is it really worth going on with this game so soon after the scandal broke?

1074 days ago


There was also a cinder block thrown through Sandusky's window Thursday night.

1074 days ago


Speaking of the FBI...Go see J Edgar - OMG! Who would have thought the founding "father" of the FBI was a complete pillow-bitter, public mens-room, park bushes, glory-hole, peep-show-lurker freak? Clint Eastwood has taken this entire institution to the woodshed!

1074 days ago


as a college football fan..TMZ stick to covering D list celebs..that is all

1074 days ago

cmon man    

please stop calling it a sex scandal. its child abuse and rape. criminal, not scandalous

1074 days ago


Anyone who has spent time on the Penn State Campus knows that it is occupied with low i.q. underachievers, drunken losers and complete morons!
If you don't believe me go spend an afternoon there and see for yourself.

It's nothing more than a giant toilet.

1074 days ago


Penn is going to take decades to recover from this shame--all credibility is lost because of the coverup. Everyone will wonder what else went on behind closed doors and why was it covered up--who else was involved? Disgraceful.

1074 days ago


Now there have been bomb threats and all this school can do is tell students to arrive earlier? Anything for football huh? This country is despicable!

1074 days ago


I can’t believe everyone is taking their rage out on Penn State students. It is disgusting to me. Let’s remember, there are over 40,000 students that go to University Park. I am pretty sure all 40,000 were not at that riot. Bashing everyone from Penn State is a major fallacy. All of you are so blindly angered, so you take your rage out on the students who, many, are going to college to make this world a better place. Maybe you should learn your facts about Penn State before you make such harsh judgments. Ever hear of Thon? It’s the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. They raise funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer ($78 million dollars raised since 1977). But you don’t care about that, because you’re mad right now. I sure hope no one who is commenting is a Catholic. The Catholic Church is part of the biggest child molesting cover up in history, so I guess that means we can call all Catholics pedophiles. Also, I hope you didn’t mourn the death of Michael Jackson, because if you did, you’re a creepy pedophile enabler who is down with child molestation. Please people, grow a brain, and stop bashing students who have nothing to do with this.

1074 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Hey penn students... this is your tuition dollars at work.

How's the education thing working out for you? Is this football stupidity going to increase your GPA of help you find a job?

Don't forget to apply at McDonald's on the way home... with your stupid attitude, that's as far as you will all get in life.

1074 days ago


Mike - put the crack pipe down and spend an afternoon at Penn State....then you just might "Get It". You functioning idiot.

1074 days ago


I am SO sick of people bashing Penn State. I attended Penn State and it is a great school. Not everyone is a drunk idiot who attends. Also, there is more than one campus throughout the state, so you can't judge the entire student body on ONE campus, or the actions of a few thousand on the ENTIRE student body at State College.

1074 days ago
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