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Penn State

Mixed Messages at Tailgate

11/12/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Penn State fans supporting Joe Paterno, and Penn State fans against child abuse -- the two camps embraced each other during today's football tailgate.

In a group photo, a PSU fan wearing a "Joe Knows Football" sweatshirt posed with one wearing a "Stop Child Abuse" t-shirt (below).

The "Shuck the Husks" pin refers to the University of Nebraska -- the lesser of Penn State's battles today.

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I have deep respect for the gentleman wearing the Stop child abuse shirt. The rest can go leap off a building for all I care.

1015 days ago

Throwback kid    

It should say Joe knows how to keep his mouth shut when a boy is sodomized in the shower

1015 days ago


guess all those psu students swearing they were all going to support victims and not joe were full of crap - new school name bsu

1015 days ago


But Joe doesn't know how to dial 911!

1015 days ago


You can support Joe and be against child abuse. The jury is still out on exactly what Mike told Joe he saw. There are a lot of indications that Mike may have sugar coated what he saw, suggesting that he saw them goofing around in the shower, instead of the much more serious charges we now know about. I think it is very possible Joe was led to believe by Mike that it was the kind of behavior that wasn't necessarily a crime, but was inappropriate enough that the Athletic Director needed to investigate. Anyway, I'm reserving judgement on Joe until we know what Mike really said to him.

1015 days ago


All Penn State seems to care about is football--not the victims of the sexual molestation.

1015 days ago


Penn State is now on the same American hate page as Bin Laden.
That's not going to change for a very long time.
If I were a student their or an alumni I would never tell anyone. Too embarassing.

1015 days ago


These coaches are people and they have families. They made mistakes. They will also fight to put that evil man behind bars for the rest of his life! None of us knows what we would have exactly done in that situation. McQueary reported to Paterno and he reported to his boss, so what about him!!! They probably trusted the school would do the right thing, not what it did!! Let's just remember, there is ONE perpetrator here, Jerry Sandusky. Where is the anger towards him???

1015 days ago


Bet tat boy got it from Joe rrrrreal good.

1015 days ago



1015 days ago


This just proves these students have no moral compass or brains. Trying to be soo P.C., everybody gets a trophy..do you feel better now. FkU!!

1015 days ago

Queen Karma    

I don't get the moral compass, distortion of the facts that some of you have.
Sandusky is guilty of the most horrendus crimes. He has been at it for a while. People knew and kewn for a long time.McQueary,Paterno knew. Paterno was almight powerful and knew, no matter how McQueary told him, he because it wasn't the first time Sandsuky 's evil deeds were brought to light.
People in charge did nothing. Those like McQueary did nothing except took the sweetheart deal of career and money for STFU.
JoeP's sons should STFU. Dad, I wish you were here, well, Victims 1-8, these victims are at lest known, I wish they were not b utt f uk ed and were at the games too. JoeP's sons and the crazy educated fools of the student body need to STFU and let the authorities speak.

1015 days ago

Integrity and honesty=humanity    

You Joe P. lovers make me sick!!!! How can you support this type of barbaric behavior against humankind...!!!!!!!!!!!!

1015 days ago


Hey idiots, that sweatshirt and slogan has been around for years. I don't think it's a big deal to wear a shirt that says "Joe Knows Football" to a football game. It's not like he is wearing a shirt saying "Support Joe" or "Sandusky is innocent". Of all the stories you can write about PennState and this game and you write this, a story about a decades old slogan.

1014 days ago

R Price    

By all accounts Joe Paterno knew everything re PSU football and everyone involved with the program. ss

982 days ago

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