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Penn State

We're Not a Bunch of Sanduskies

11/12/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not all Penn State students are van-flipping Joe Paterno supporters -- one fan hit the game today carrying a sign that distanced the school from Jerry Sandusky and the mob mentality that overran the campus when Paterno was fired this week.

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Word to students and alum: please dont wear your Penn State garb outside of your Smallville, Stepford Wives College Station Pa town...you're not going to be cheered or applauded through airports, malls, city or suburban streets wearing that reminder of the garbage thats been heaped on all of us about what this place has really stood for. Burn it, put it away, but do use discretion about announcing your "We are--Penn State" stuff outside of your little cloistered cluster of hero worshiping. You had the wrong heroes. Not all your fault, but if you still go around announcing this place on your clothes, be prepared for the fall out from a public that now looks to that place as a place of horror.

Be like wearing a "I heart Osama Bin Laden" shirt. Paterno is an egomaniac who was morally corrupt when it came to anything that could get in the way of football and the prestige that he gained from it.

I'm convinced he viewed these kids as "throw away" kids, given they were associated with Second Mile, a place for disadvantaged children. Had they been grandkids of coaches he knew--I am certain he would have personally intervened by confronting Sandusky with fists. He's warped and morally bankrupt. He's also a dangerous man. He views his choice of actions based solely on "will this impact our football program"?.

Dont wear PSU clothes outside of College Station, Pa.

1054 days ago


I have yet to hear ANYONE defend Sandusky and deny he is a pedophile. Everyone has known and never said a word about it. I sure wouldn't want to be in your shoes come judgement day.

1054 days ago


Charities????... Waw.Just... waw!!!


1054 days ago

Jessica Witmer    

To every single one of your morons who are commenting about Penn State and all the horrible things you're saying, shut the **** up. You did not go to this school. You are not entitled to an opinion. Therefore, you should not comment about a school or community that you know nothing about. The student holding the sing represents the majority of us who are PROUD PENN STATERS. He is right. They are not Penn State. We are Penn State. And we will rise out of these ashes again. You can not tear us down, for we will rebuild ourselves better than before. To A, Bruno and Stu and all you other morons, why don't you worry about what your school is doing. Oh that's right. What school...

Say it with me: WE ARE PENN STATE!! Don't you forget it!

1053 days ago


Penn State is an excellent institution. The sick act of one is not representative of Penn State. I won't respond to those that have nothing positive to say and have somehow relegated students who have nothing to do with this atrocity to being equal to Sandusky. No one feels worse for those children that were abused than the students. They have nothing to do with it and your equating them to an alleged child abuser is disgusting. You are all a joke. What have YOU done to better the world? What have YOU done to support a fund for these children? Before you cast the first stone, you should all do soul searching. The students that rioted are not representative of all Penn State students. Were you even aware of the MANY quiet protests that occured that same evening? No, I am sure you weren't because the media doesn't get a good story of boring kids quietly protesting. It isn't too sensational. The candlelight vigil was planned before the riots. Stop hating on people who have nothing to do with this atrocity. The excellence of Penn State may be questioned by others, but anyone who is attended this excellent school will rally together and do what is right, because we are and will always be Penn State.

1053 days ago

Real n the field    

If this was a Black Man rapping White/Jewish kids, there would be a Lynch Mob roaming
Penn State to hang any black man they could get there hands on!!

But since it was "Black" kids getting "RAPPED" by this White Devil S***,
then it was ok to cover it up!!

I hope everyone involved, will Burn in Eternal HELL!!
and once that Devil worshiper gets to prison, theres gonna be a line of Big Black Men
to RAP the **** out of him!!!

1053 days ago


Its not that people think that Penn State students are pedophiles and pervs because Jo-Pa was a part of their school or whatever. Its that after the arrests were made they were upset because he was fired and didnt believe that what he did was a reason to fire him.

He covered up the abuse of young boys! If it were my kid, they would all be dead. Not just fired.

1053 days ago

Necola Grigsby    

Penn State should be shut down, how could anyone go to a School that supports phedophiles. Theycan say they do not support, but considering how long it took any part of the truth to come out, their actions are stating otherwise. Who would want to go to a School, when they know, if any Instructor does any illegal actions it will not be reported if that instructor can make the School money.

1045 days ago


PEDObear U! Penn State will FOREVER be known as PEDObear U.
come here, we'll protect the Pedophiles...Was noting *BUT* a conspiracy to cover up the EYE WITNESS RAPE of a child. A grown man, so shaken up by what he saw had to call his dad to ask to stay the night with him before talking to Paterno *OBVIOUSLY* told Paterno what he saw, then Paterno down played it. These SICK MONSTERS didn't even do enough Investigation to determine the child's NAME! Paterno has been covering for Sandusky since 1998 when Sandusky was asked to retire in his "Prime" and not *ONE* college offered him even an interview...as it was well known in college circles this guy was Nuclear Waste....
The NCAA DEATH PENALTY would be TOO GOOD for this school.
Your Students RIOTED when a PEDOPHILE PROTECTOR was fired. Shows what your school stands for. I'm the biggest College Football fan around, but at the end of the day it's just about Touchdowns and Field Goals...not the Mental Health and Livelihood and "LIFE" of a child forever Damaged by a RACKET of Corrupt Men, Paterno driving the bus. Cancer is too good a death sentence for this Man.

1032 days ago


I would *NEVER* allow my child to attend this institution. Imagine they let Rapes go on for 10+ years in the Football program, wonder what would happen in a dorm room (where an Athlete involved in the rape)===Those Pedobear Portectors would run the poor girl/guy off campus to "Protect" the Athletic program...bunch of SICK students and Faculty. The only lady that tried to reign this in was run off campus by Paterno (to continue protecting his pedophile friends) so that his "boys" could continue shopping little boys to Large Donors..

1032 days ago
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