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Penn State

Fans Unite with MASSIVE Chant

11/12/2011 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Echoing their brand new President Rodney Erickson, hundreds of Penn State fans pumped themselves up in the stands today ... chanting, "WE ARE .. PENN STATE!"

As we previously reported, Erickson released a video statement yesterday, claiming the University "must move forward" despite the child abuse scandal.

Erickson signed off with the school's infamous motto ... reminding students, "We are Penn State."

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Total BS and nauseating self-glorification. And let's face it - over the past 10-years that these atrocities were taking place at good old PSU, try and make me believe that students, to some degree, did not hear rumours and maybe the facts about what was taking place. Anyone who paid tuition to this school during the past 10-years should be demanding a refund because they were defrauded in thinking that they were attending a university which had a sterling reputation. This school had a reputation no better than the neighborhood pedophile. Penn State and Paterno are frauds. This stupid game today should never have taken place in true respect for the victims. This cowardly simpleton of a Student Body President, who TMZ interviewed this past week, should be kicked out of office, too, for his lack of moral leadership. This dope should be standing with a megaphone on a soap box in the middle of the campus square, DEMANDING that the Administration totally clean house; and in protest, tell all students not to go to class and to not give a penny more to this school in any way until there is proof that everyone who deserved to be fired was fired. These students who were interviewed by TMZ are no better than Paterno and his comrades in crime. These students were whining about the "confusion" of it all, instead of showing true condemnation for the faculty involved. There is no confusion about a rape which took place, aided and abetted by PSU faculty on PSU soil. The confusion these morally deficient students are speaking of is the same confusion which met Paterno when he was told, the same confusion which met McQueary when he witnessed the boy and his rapist, and the same confusion which caused the AD and President to pu***** under the rug. The confusion is about self-interest and preservation trying to take priority over the truth and extent of the crime. These students are doing exactly what their evil mentors did. They should be ashamed themselves, and should not kid themselves in thinking that a degree is going to define them because, in reality, this will.

1040 days ago

Bottom Line    

I don't understand how Penn State students and alum don't get why people are criticizing the students and their behavior. They held a candle light vigil in lieu of the victims…good job! Some are wearing blue ribbons in support of the Victims…good job! But protesting the firing of JoePa was like spitting in the face of the victims. Not to mention they HAVE NOT PROTESTED to have those individuals who were involved REMOVED and FIRED from Penn State! Actions speak louder than words and so far by the actions of most Penn State students and alums it seems as if they tolerate, support and welcome those who were involved. Do the right thing and press your admin to GET RID OF THEM NOW!

1040 days ago


penn state is sad that they lost but the players said they will feel better after they hit the showers

1040 days ago




1040 days ago


Yeah right , chant all you want, this time a few lit candles and a few prayer breakfasts, ain't gonna cut it, babe. Wearing blue is also a very insensitive color to wear. Blue is the color the Adult Film Industry uses ; DUH. A better color choice would have been stripes / the color you'll be wearing if you abuse our kids, MOFO.

Though come to think of it -- many aduse survivors will grow up to work in the SEX TRADE a direct connection to being abused. Others will live a life of promisculity / substance abuse then some become abusers themselves ,; i have observed . in women self abuse is more common , it seems more males ACT OUT their abuse in similar ways to their own abuse, probably trying to recover or an symtom of post traumatic stress syndrome. Dr. Drew decribes it as DIS-AVOWing. that's why a 'man' like Sandusty can fool so many people for so long a time , because he denys it to himself , almost like a fuse that blows in the brain and short circuits the compassionate brain. HUH ? I dunno, i'm stupid, but we have to fix this or mankind is doomed.

1040 days ago


Hey, every d-bag with a "Joe Knows Football" shirt... die in a fiery car crash. Joe might know football, but he's clearly a moral midget. ENOUGH with allowing this crap to fester in the dark. "Good men" have let evil flourish long enough!

1040 days ago


These people are f*cking shameless. A moment of silence for the victims, and then an extravaganza of emotional claptrap, including prayers, singing, chants, to feed the "poor us" line that these sick Penn Staters have adopted. Looking at the t-shirts, signs, & crying fans, all carrying on over the disgraceful Joe-pa & their schools loss of prestige, you can tell these freaks haven't learned a thing all week. If they had a shred of dignity, honesty, & real compassion for the victims, they would show some class by sitting the hell down and shutting up. I'm so glad they lost, now hopefully the NCAA will step in and give this horrible school the punishment it deserves, severe sanctions.

1040 days ago


I'd hate to be a member of the Penn State alumni; I'd feel like I supported child molesters. At the very least, they ought to ban the football team for a year; the football department knew what was going on. The lawsuits over this will be huge.

1040 days ago


we chant this before every game.. its not a news story

1040 days ago


penn state was actually well-represented by mcqueary: they are all a bunch of spineless wimps. the students calling in yesterday were still afraid to stand up and criticize the school

1040 days ago


The MASSSIVE CHANT should have been:

1040 days ago


They would have shown more class and morality had they not played the game at all in light of what was happening off the field in their football programs. While it isn't the students fault at all they need to take a real hard look at their value system and realize the a football game just isn't really important right now. It's not a triumph of the human spirit that they went and played football after what happened. The sport is NOTHING compared to what happened to those kids and if they really want to repair the reputation of their school then showing up and chanting pride in that school today was not the way to do it. They should have stayed home and had a prayer vigil for the victims there. The very fact that they played that game at all is tacky. The very fact that the students seem to be casting themselves as victims in this fiasco is also tacky. The people who suffered were those little boys and their families. If the students are so concerned with the reputation of the school they attend, perhaps they should go find another school or at least have the good taste to sit this game out. Very low class.

1040 days ago


if TMZ actually was a sports site..they would know that penn state chants this at every game.TMZ trying to cash in on this old news now.

1040 days ago


these arrogant a holes.
It's not child abuse...it's child rape...
Child molestation...
Child buggary...
These people remind me of religious bigots....
f your college and f you're little football team.
man up...

1039 days ago


First of all, why cancel the football game? Why punish the student-athletes who have worked so hard? Second ... I don't care who you are or what you say ... given the exact situation, 99.9% of you would have done the exact same thing as Paterno did. It is very easy to sit back now, after everything is out and we know what happened and what was done. Hindsight is 20/20 and maybe Paterno said "I wish I had done more," but for all of you righteous, just, moral, 'perfect' people out there - how many of you would have done anything but report the situation to your superior? All of us at some point in our life have started a sentence with "I wish I would have..." or "If only I had...." How many of you have what it takes - in a similar situation - to turn in one of your best friends of 30 years to the police on something that you never witnessed. I am not saying PSU is not wrong - people need to be held accountable - but Paterno did what is expected of him per law. Although his legacy will be forever tarnished, he will always be on a pedestal to me!

1039 days ago
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