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Penn State

Fans Unite with MASSIVE Chant

11/12/2011 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Echoing their brand new President Rodney Erickson, hundreds of Penn State fans pumped themselves up in the stands today ... chanting, "WE ARE .. PENN STATE!"

As we previously reported, Erickson released a video statement yesterday, claiming the University "must move forward" despite the child abuse scandal.

Erickson signed off with the school's infamous motto ... reminding students, "We are Penn State."

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this is our school and this occured with football. penn state isnt just a football team its a school. all you can hate on us all u want. pro football players do awful things even kill people sometimes and u guys look up to them. were the most loyal fans out there. i guess known of you saw what happened friday night, u were probally all caught up on watching ESPN and their false comments. who gives a **** what a sports specialists say about our school, we still are penn state

1045 days ago


We are--Penn Rape, We are--Pen Rape!!

1045 days ago


Do NOT copy or use the "We Are Marshall" chant. It's not theirs.

1045 days ago


Idiots. Your campus will always be remembered for rape.

1045 days ago


TO THE VICTIMS: Please know that you are in the hearts and prayers of so many good people who truly care. I am so sorry for all that you have been through! This was ABSOLUTELY NOT your fault. I wish you peace, love, and happiness! God bless!

1045 days ago


We need the Penn State's president's email address. They actually didn't fire the old president, they just demoted him. They didn't fire the witness to the sexual abuse, they just put hum on leave after they fired everyone else. Please Please someone post Rodney Erickson's email address or home address. Mcqueary has already gone into hiding, hopefully to kill himself soon. Pandusky will either kill himself or be raped to death in prison. Erickson needs to not just say he is going to fix things but he needs to actually fix things, starting with the formal firing of Mcqueary and Spainer being completly fired

1045 days ago


Should have been shouting "We belong in the state pen!"

1045 days ago


it's not just a massive "chant", we do it just as loud this game as we do other games. media tries to ramp up stories without even being a previous psu games and see what we do.

1045 days ago


This has been a tragedy. Absolutely. But I would challenge anyone who works in a chain-of-command type situation to play it differently. Would not McQ have lost his job 9 years ago had he immediately called police? Would Paterno have lost his job had he called police? I bet these were questions that they asked themselves. I cannot personally call the police in my job - I would be fired. I have to go through my chain of command. When society comes to a real, true, workable point where anyone can call the police without ramifications, then we will not see a story like this playing out again. Were the police alerted? I bet McQ and Paterno were told that it would all be taken care of. They are not to be held responsible for making sure a conviction happens - that is not their place. I think the chain of command must be followed further up. I think McQ and Paterno, at least, are being used as scapegoats here. They did tell. What more were they supposed to do? And before you just glibly say 'call the police themselves', think about it - they knew that their jobs and dreams were on the line. I challenge each of us to make a better choice than they did. They did, in fact, tell. And what a horrible punishment for the telling they have paid!!!! That is the second part of the tragedy

1045 days ago


1) My parents met at PSU, my brother was a member of the Blue Band 1999-2003. I grew up going to the games. My parents still have season tickets. This school is a huge part of my life, and I am, above all things, disgusted. I, like many alumni and current students, cannot believe that something like this would happen at an institution that has always done it the right way when so many others did not. My heart aches for the victims. Above all, that is what I feel. After that comes anger at an institution I have always loved and then hurt. I feel betrayed. Not because of football, but because of what the university has come to represent in my life.
2) That chant originated in 1947 when Penn State was set to play SMU in the Cotton Bowl. PSU had two African-American players on its team, and SMU wanted to have a meeting, encouraging the team to leave them in PA. Team Captain, Steve Suhey, said "We are Penn State. There will be no meetings." When they arrived in Dallas, hotels would only admit he white players, so the entire team drove 14 miles outside of the city and bunked at the Naval Air Station. THAT is what WE ARE PENN STATE means.
3) Saying that it is a school of rapists and people who are willing to cover up for rapists wrongfully implies that the entire institution knew and supported what was going on. That is ridiculous. The events took place between 1994 and 2009. The incident explicitly described in the Grand Jury report happened in 2002, when most of these students were in elementary school or middle school. They had nothing to do with this and are hurting because the idea that something so awful could happen at a school they love is hard to take in.
4) At that game, after their raw emotions were able to settle down, they raised over $22,000 for victims of child abuse. An alumni organization had already raised $98,000 for victims of childhood sexual abuse. They do care. We do care. Stop acting like this is all about football. What the administration did is inexcusable, and we know that. Above all, the victims matter.

1044 days ago
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