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Kendall Jenner

A Really, Really Sweet 16 Present

11/14/2011 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall Jenner emerged from her sweet 16 dinner last night (with sister Kim among the guests) to find her present -- a brand new, bow-tie wrapped Range Rover -- waiting for her outside.

Must be nice.



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I'm recalling an episode, not too long ago when Bruce took his daughters to a Homeless Shelter to teach/show them how fortunate they are...then Dad turns around and hands over keys to a Rover? Seriously - a bit hypocritical eh Bruce?? How about you go green and practical and backup that shelter lesson?

1039 days ago


That" the way to teach her responsibility!! Kim Clone on the horizon!!

1039 days ago


I find it ironic that Bruce has handed over the keys to a Rover when not too long ago we saw him take his daughters to a Homeless Shelter. Way to follow thru with the lesson Dad.
Seriously....maybe go green and practical??
So irresponsible Jenner.

1039 days ago


what is the big deal about her getting a range rover for her birthday, if you have the money like they do...... spend it.... this has nothing to do with whoring them out for publicity. you know there name, not there story.... you heard what they have done.... but not what they have been put through. you guys should just stop talking, they became famous over there famous friends. they are models and business people. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

1039 days ago


These people are the biggest waste of oxygen on this planet. They should all be airlifted to Afganistan, and left in the middle of no where.

1039 days ago


Good for her! Her parents work hard and she's already started on her own career....if they can afford it then what the hell does anyone else care!?? All you jealous star-bashers should go find a job or something or at least keep your jealous pea-brain comments to yourselves. Geeeezzz...some people!!!!!!!! Get over yourselves already! These folks WORK and deserve whatever the hell they wanna buy.

1039 days ago


Looks like they've turned our attention away from Kim to the young sisters. They wouldn't be that sneaky........would they?

1039 days ago


Im 54 yrs old & remember buying my first car. I did it without my parents co-signing too. It was not a luxery car. I know Kendall also is making money modeling.It is the see what I have syndrome. Too bad she couldn't have gotten a pratical but cute car. Show the public that you do not need a $40 K car, be real..

1039 days ago


Wow, Really.. Just hand a 16 year old keys to an expensive SUV. Time to let the Kardashians fall. They have become a group of people, who have no values, will do anything to make money, including hurting anyone who gets in their way. I still can see Kris with her flag on her (%&^) and that alone shows the morality of the clan.... Lets not give them anymore of our time. There are other situation comedies and Horror stories to watch.

1039 days ago


Who really cares what kind of a car this dumb kid drives? A car does not define somebody. These people have expensive cars, clothes, and houses and yet they are still low class low lifes. They make sex tapes and allow someone to pee on them. They treat marriage like a big joke, they get married for money and fame, they peel of their clothes for Playboy, they refuse to give a soon to be ex husband back his expensive engagement ring and on and on and on. These jokers are the very defination of "crass, boorish, low brow and ignorant".

This moron mother has taught her children that material objects are the key to happiness. Money and material objects do NOT equal happiness.

Pull the plug on this show please! These wretched females are dumb, uneducated, lazy, vapid, materialistic and entitled. They the world's worst role models for young, impressionable girls. I wish these dummies would stop referring to themselves as "smart businesswomen". They are nothing but a bunch of ho's who will sell themselves out to the highest bidder. That Klown Kris Jenner would have them going to the opening of a atomic bomb factory if the price was right.

Poor Kris Humphries got caught in the trap. All these biatches wanted was some pro athlete to play the role of groom for the show. These dumb shiats must have search high and low through the NBA and NFL to find an unmarried guy whose name stated with a the letter "K".

1039 days ago

Loving Monterey    

All of the Kardashians are greedy self serving low life fame whores. As for Bruce? Well, he needs to grow a pair and get control of his Pimp Wife. He is a man biiotch. The biggest man biiotch I have ever seen.

1039 days ago


AND NOW, THE KARDASHIAN/JENNER EXPRESS goes on, and on, and on, proudly delivering, yet, another daughter who will probably become a clone of Mama and BIG SISTER KIM!!! Forget the rest of the family because they failed to generate enough interest to keep the family in major mega bucks! This Kendall child will never know what she may have missed by the time she becomes a woman in her mid, to upper, twenties. Just another kid from the most repulsive family in America. Good Luck, kiddo, you are in for the most expensive ride of your life and damage to your very soul! Right now, you are much too young to understand what ambitious adults will do for their piece of the pie. Unfortunately, your parents are masters at leading the way, especially, Mama.

1039 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

What dummies. This car will end up at the bottom of Mulholland Drive.

1039 days ago


Another media whore in the making....Kris Jenner should be ashamed and Ryan Seacrest shot!

1039 days ago


now she can start her career by dating black men, and letting them pee on her in a sex tape! mama kris knows how to whore out her daughters!!!

1039 days ago
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