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Kendall Jenner

A Really, Really Sweet 16 Present

11/14/2011 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kendall Jenner emerged from her sweet 16 dinner last night (with sister Kim among the guests) to find her present -- a brand new, bow-tie wrapped Range Rover -- waiting for her outside.

Must be nice.



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Amazing how many (not all) in LA are so full o' cr_p. Range Rovers are notoriously unreliable, BUT to all the shallow LA people who try to impress, it's the IN car to have, so they buy them. One more shallow member of the Jenner / Kardashian family TRYING desperately to get attention!

1073 days ago

That explains it    

Tsk, tsk. Wonder what she'll get when she turns 18, cuz everyone knows it has to be a better gift. Then they wonder how their kids turn out spoiled.

1073 days ago


NOT gonna Happen

1073 days ago


Kim always makes sure she is front and center in any picture. I'm glad she was willing to share the picture with the birthday girl.

1073 days ago


WOW how exciting, especially for a 16 year old, that's a expensive vehicle, wonder if her momanager got the SUV for free? I mean that's the Kardashian line isn't it "I will promote your crap, if you give it to me for free".
Look at poor Robert, the whole family is overshadowing him, here he is on DWTS and its almost like he is invisible, but when Kim was on DWTS she was the one that was supported by the whole freaking family and she was voted off early, Rob is in the final four! The girls tweeting for people to vote for Rob, yeah that's not support, biotches

1073 days ago


I'm confused this girl has the Kardashian name but she is too young to have done a sex video. Why should I care or know her name!

1073 days ago


Sorry to break the news folks , but this family is not going away anytime soon. And Frankly , it's because of all of you. They are not the " Simple Plain Vanilla" family , and so , YOU will remain fascinated by them..PERIOD..

1073 days ago


I think she earned this car as her mother has pimped her out for modeling. Let's see what she ends up with at 18 when she does her sex tape! Little girl runaway!

1073 days ago


More KarPIGians?

I thought there were only 3 of those gas bags.

They are multiplying!!!!! End of days!!!!!

1073 days ago


What does a 16 year old know about a $85,000.00 SUV or what it takes to earn the money to purchase such an extravagant gift?

They're hurting their children with trash like this - if money was so darn great - why is this family such a train wreck of plastic, soul-less, unhappy, twice married, money grubbing prostitutes?

1073 days ago


Boycott The Kardashians! Nothing like the 1%ers showing off...

facebook dot com / BoycottRealityTV

1073 days ago


How these people made their money should be of no concern to any of you. You don't like them,fine,don'*****ch them.But don't hate just because they made money any way they could. That's America. If someone told you 'Make a reality show and we'll pay you a hundred grand a episode' you would be out there in a second. I know I would. Disregard bitches,aquire currency.

1073 days ago


Kendall's sweet 16 party will be showing on an episode of KUWTK. Who cares!

1073 days ago


Definitely on board to boycott E. The other thing we need to do...stop commenting on stories about her and her family. If you look at the number of posts for her stories versus others hers are high. So whether we like them or want to bash them..if we ignore them and not post on there stories..then the TMZ's and E's will stop giving us the status of every twitting moment of her sKanKy life.
So stop posting on her either way. I strongly strongly dislike this let's boycott by not posting on this bitch anymore so she will go away. The only reason TMZ/E post these crap stories is cause WE read them. Ignore her and anything to do with her and she will fade away....drop them on their big big huge, large, crater sized arses!!P.S. I also blame Ryan "dumboarse" Seacrest too!!

1073 days ago


That's an absurd gift for a 16 year old! Plain and simple, she's done nothing to earn it. Why work hard, when before you've graduated from High School you own a car that successful adults in their 30's and 40's have the money for? I hope that in spite of their trashy mother and brain dead father, the two younger K's go to college and contribute to society and support themselves, but I doubt they will.

1073 days ago
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