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Kim Kardashian

Unleashing Heavyweight Lawyer

To Silence PR Flack

11/13/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1113_kim_kardashian_new3Kim Kardashian is finally firing back at the guy who has been making claims her wedding was a sham -- by hiring legal pit bull Marty Singer to put a muzzle on him ... TMZ has learned. 

A guy by the name of Jonathan Jaxson has been doing a media tour to promote his book (coincidence?) and saying Kim never wanted to marry Kris Humphries and her wedding was all staged.

Jaxson claims he knows this because he did PR work for her, but a source close to Kim tells us they worked together once, years ago, on a blog ... and that Kim barely remembers who he is.

We're told Kim is particularly baffled how Jaxson can talk about Kim's wedding plans ... when she hasn't spoken to him in years.

But as part of their brief time together, we're told Kim had Jaxson sign a confidentiality agreement -- which Kim clearly feels he's violating now. Kim has now hired Marty Singer, who submitted papers to a private arbitration to attempt to shut Jaxson up immediately.

KK is claiming Jaxson has damaged her reputation with his allegedly defamatory statements and she wants a minimum of $200,000 in damages.

Singer tells TMZ, "Everything that he is saying is false and nonsense ... This guy is in it to promote himself for his 15 mins of fame."

When contacted, Jonathan Jaxson told us, "I have never signed an agreement dealing with confidentiality with Kim Kardashian.  I have an agreement in my possession that does not have either parties signature on it."


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I doubt Kim K remebmers much about ANY man that she has been associated with, slept with, got peed on with, had dinner with, got married with... (Sorry, Kris Humphries). The whole KarTRA$Hian Klan needs to melt away. Poof! Bye!

885 days ago


Your reputation?? Comedy gold right there.

885 days ago

Joan K    

KIMMY, KIMMY, KIMMY, what do you think you are trying to do this time? Do you truly think that the public is going to fall for this ruse? What you have been trying to do to get some of your fans back isn't working so now this? Please just give it up already because we all know what you and your whole family are about, MONEY and nothing else. Go away and take your fake azz family with you, PLEASE.

885 days ago


I REMEMBER THIS GUY named Jonathan Jaxson. He is a homosexual who was "performing" on cam for Perez Hilton a while back, on the promise that Perez would help him with his own gossip blog. It turned out that Perez did not help him, so Jonathan Jaxson posted the screen shots of their cam and conversation. You can read the transcript here:

885 days ago


The Kardashians will exploit anyone, anything for the almighty dollar. The Kardashian women have ALL "exploited" their husbands on TV, emasculating, humiliating, making fun of them and demeaning them, all for money and to feel relevant, it is vile. If they truly loved the men in their life they would treat their husbands with respect on and off camera. Period.

Kim "chose" to make a mockery out of her marriage. She publicly said vows to her husband, all for the camera.

Kim and her mother even got mad at Kris Humphries for showing up late for picking items out for their bridal registry. They could not get enough of picking out expensive items they hoped the wedding guests would lavish Kim with, all the while treating Kris Humphries like nothing more then a prop in a play.

It was horrible, and it is horrible how any of the Kardashian women treat their husbands, Bruce Jenner included. As if they are there to serve them and as if it is all about them, forgetting any respect toward their husband. Even the husbands joke how their balls were cut off the day they said "I Do"....says volumes.

So, no one but the Kardashian women have ruined their own reputations, by choice, by their own doing, in treating others poorly, exploiting them, so they could have fame and fortune.

Not a message to send to the youth of today. Selfish and unhealthy sense of entitlement.

Wake up Kardashians! All of you, YOU all did this to yourselves. There is no one else to blame but yourselves.

885 days ago


ewww shes so god damn ugly how could anyone ever find her attractive is beyond me!

885 days ago


Well, where do we begin.

"She(Kim)barely remembers him." And the same can be said of Kris Humpries.
Her reputation has been damaged. Has to go down as the most stupid statement made in 2011.

$200,000 damages wanted. Just the amount she wants to "donate" for the wedding gifts. Now there's a Kardashian talking.

885 days ago


Hate to repeat myself, but it is amazing that the entire family even makes the news - there is no talent there, except for Bruce in the past. Hopefully the brain dead followers and fans will finally see the light -- then "poof" -- go away forever.

885 days ago


Riiiigggghhht.... because if it wasn't for this guy we would all think your wedding was real! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Get a life, Kim!

885 days ago


B I t c h please you are a sham and no amount of lawyering up will change what the public thinks of you, you are a wretched money hungry fake ho, who needs to disappear stat!

885 days ago


So lemme get this straight: She and especially her mom can go around to tabloids like the Star and slander her soon-to-be ex of cheating and millions of other things he simply did not do, but she's lawyered up and wants to sue because someone called her out on her fake sham made-for-TV marriage?

The hypocricy stinks big-time in here.

885 days ago


In season2 I think Kim and her sisters used a software to hack the phone of their boyfriends in order to know if these boyfriends were cheating on her and her sisters was to me the last time I enjoyed watching them. It became for me interesting to know how they scam people. I realised that all the show is a scam before the Wedding. And of course I was the haters Kim and her family were mocking. I will not be surprised if the twitter account is something like A BIG a scam as well.

885 days ago


Use your whore-money for something more positive and helpful to humanity, Whore.

Everyone already KNOWS it was a sham.

885 days ago


It should also be pointed out that TMZ makes a living on the Kardashians... We all have to keep that in mind.

facebook dot com / BoycottRealityTV

885 days ago

KeepItSimple A interview he did (Jonathan Jaxson) Very interesting! Kim's pissed because she is BUSTED! ahahahahaha

885 days ago
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