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Michael Jackson

Former Manager Says Propofol Use Began in 1999

11/13/2011 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson took Propofol as early as 1999, a former manager claims in a new book -- and says Jackson was late to his 30th anniversary concerts because he was drugged up. 

Frank Cascio, a former personal assistant to Jackson who eventually became his close friend and manager, writes that he first noticed Jackson taking Demerol in 1993 during his "Dangerous" tour. He says Jackson was first introduced to the drug in 1984, after Jackson burned his head during a Pepsi commercial shoot. 

In the book, an advanced copy of which was obtained by the AP, Cascio claims Jackson took Propofol in 1999 after a stage accident in Munich.

Cascio says he spoke to Jackson's siblings about his drug use in 2001 and they tried to approach Jackson about it -- but MJ "simply pushed them away."

Writing about Jackson's death, Cascio says Michael "died in his endless quest to attain some inner peace."


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Carla S.    

Wow, did MJ ever have any true friends? It seems like everyone in the vicinity had to write a tell-all or cash in on his name. No wonder he was on painkillers. *ouch*

1037 days ago


....Do not fret my brothers and sisters. Fore the only people who still refuse to believe that Michael Jackson had a drug abuse problem-- of which I personally know he had had since his Thriller days---also happen to be the same people who sleep in Snoopy imprinted PJs while wearing a white sequence glove, live in their mother's basement, and still believe in Santa....Artofwar

1037 days ago


....Oh and by the way, Michael Jackson had just one plastic surgery operation in his entire life---Michael's own words. Yea, and I once witnessed a rainbow colored Unicorn pulling a wagon full of pink laughing puppies---they exist really---you MUST believe me--please---pretty please....Artofwar

1037 days ago


There they go... I am so disappointed. When the Cascio's went on Oprah I felt that they are quite down to earth and were good for and to Michael. It annoys me that everyone seems to have to come out of the woodwork now and spill some secrets about Michael. If they were his friends they would be glad to have known him and would not do stuff Michael would have hatet. I feel so sorry that he had to live with such people around him... H emost have felt incredibly lonely. Thank god he had at least his kids but even they can't level out the disappointmrnt and pain he must have felt.
Very sad story and the media continue to haunt him... I have to admit that this is my biggest issue with the US... a person is worth nothing, not even respect, living or dead as long as he or she makes a great headline... Sad if people have nothing else to do in their lives...

1037 days ago


Fanatics are delusional. They really have mental problems & need some help.
They cannot accept a simple fact that Michael was on Propofol a long time ago. He was touring with ANESTHESIOLOGIST who gave him that drug because he could not relax naturally after performing on stage.
Doctors who exposed him to such powerful drug are all guilty and share responsibility for MJ death.
Because MJ was superstar and $$$ kept coming at time it was more important to make him to perform & nobody cared.They just needed a result of "sleeping" & they used this anesthetic on him to make him to calm down.
Propofol is an ADDICTIVE substance. Crazy fanatics have to look it up before they speak their BS.
Fanatics are not able to accept reality because it does not fit in their fairy tale kinda image they created in their minds.
Michael was a great artist but as a human he has his ups & downs.
Fanatics can only love perfect Michael on stage but they cannot accept him as a real person with all his mistakes, drugs & bad choices he made.
They think they knew him better than his friends did. What a bunch of delusional loonies.Go get your life finally. Let Michael rest in piece from your sick struggling of getting a piece of him,a new album or the video.He left his $ grabbing family & all of you finally, go live your OWN life now. May God have mercy on your all.

1037 days ago


All Conrad Murray was was the doctor sleazy enough to be the drug dealer for the piece of **** addict pedophile that was MJ.

And the hero that erased that piece of sh*t from the face of the earth.

1037 days ago


"They often genuinely like to be with children," Finkelhor said. "They are often good in organizing activities that are fun and gratifying to children. They have learned to normalize the activities that allow them to gain sexual access to children by making games out of it or providing rewards for it or providing a rationalization that makes the kids think it's OK.

"They tend to elicit a fair amount of allegiance with the children that they interact with, which makes it easier for them to escape detection."

How does a man who had a seemingly idyllic childhood and was so accomplished professionally become a suspected child molester?

In the same way we don't know what controls sexual orientation, we don't really know where that kind of motivation comes from," Finkelhor said. "Sometimes, preferential child molesters are married. But oftentimes, you find these people who do not relate well to adult peer relationships. They prefer to relate to children."

-Were these comments about Wacko Jacko? No - Jerry Sandusky

1037 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Now see? But the delusional don't want to hear it. Dr. Murray is a murderer as far as they're concerned, & Michael Jackson was an innocent pure soul worthy of sainthood.

He was a drug addict, pure & simple. While *involuntary* manslaughter was a fitting conviction for Murray, Jackson himself was largely to blame. Anyone who doesn't see that is lying to themselves.

1037 days ago


A drug addict? How could anyone so normal be a drug addict?

1037 days ago


Too many of Michael's friends have turned out to be opportunistic leeches. They all can not be trusted to tell what they really don't know. Michael's addiction started with the burn and that is all we know for sure.
I find it sad that one of Michael's supporters has turned out to be a greedy, untrustworthy human being who is using his association with Michael to make a quick dollar.

1037 days ago

yvonne from uk    

Since when has Frank Cascio ever been Michaels manager, personal assistant maybe, but TMZ state he eventually became his friend. Michael knew this family for years through Franks dad who ran the Helmsley Palace Hotel where Michael frequently stayed, so he knew Frank from years back. He does mention the 30th Anniversary incident on the David Gest DVD Life of an Icon, but he also goes on to say that he didn't think Michael was an addict. It's time TMZ started to get their stories straight, yes Michael did take drugs on occasion but as Frank Cascio said it depended what was going on in his life at any particular time, and lets see, if anyone of us had to deal with just half of what Michael did maybe we would have done the same, i can't even begin to imagine how he sometimes managed to get though a day with all the crap that he had to deal with.

1037 days ago


In 2003, Michael said that he could not sleep. He talked about this in an interview in 2003. In 2005, his lawyer said that mj could not sleep during the process. He could not sleep, could not eat. Of course, that MJ had problems much earlier than in 2009, but this was due to teribble treated him by cruel people. He was in constant stress. Media haunted him until his death. MJ was a victim of media.

1037 days ago


I waited ages for it not to be too soon to link this:

1037 days ago
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