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Michael Jackson

Former Manager Says Propofol Use Began in 1999

11/13/2011 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson took Propofol as early as 1999, a former manager claims in a new book -- and says Jackson was late to his 30th anniversary concerts because he was drugged up. 

Frank Cascio, a former personal assistant to Jackson who eventually became his close friend and manager, writes that he first noticed Jackson taking Demerol in 1993 during his "Dangerous" tour. He says Jackson was first introduced to the drug in 1984, after Jackson burned his head during a Pepsi commercial shoot. 

In the book, an advanced copy of which was obtained by the AP, Cascio claims Jackson took Propofol in 1999 after a stage accident in Munich.

Cascio says he spoke to Jackson's siblings about his drug use in 2001 and they tried to approach Jackson about it -- but MJ "simply pushed them away."

Writing about Jackson's death, Cascio says Michael "died in his endless quest to attain some inner peace."


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MJ died because there was no middle ground between using Propofol legitimately and using it wrongfully. The life-saving precautions were only a few thousand dollars extra, but MJ and Murray needed to avoid any fuss and play it low key. It's as if the safety precautions would have been an admission of wrong-doing. And we still don't know how MJ died.

1073 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

I could care less what michael jackson did to himself, his passing was no great loss to society.

What I do care about are the young children's lives he ripped apart to feed his pedophilia cravings.

1073 days ago


I don't know whether Michael ever had real friends. But if so, I'm sure we'll hardly ever learn about them. Because they won't be the ones to write books and try to turn their "friendship" into big money.

1073 days ago


A Pedophile on Propofol.

1073 days ago

The Neko Nation    


1073 days ago


Jacksonfive210----=If Michael was addicted to drugs,pray tell,HOW DID HE GET THAT WAY?You and the fools like you blame Michael,your pea-brain,cannot or will not put the blame where it belongs."THE DOCTORS"Each doctor,who gave Michael addictive meds and never cared enough to do followups or restrict meds,they are to blame,because someone demands,any ethical doctor"DON'T GIVE"Michael needed a M.D. for "propofol"and ALL the drugs he was taking,and you will aways have "kiss up" or DOCTORS.who are ready to make a fast buck,and like Conrad Murray,like telling people they were Michael Jackson Doctor.Then go around and say.I was Michael Jackson friend .Michael Jackson friends ROT.ALL THE DOCTORS,and I mean ALL ARE RESPONSIBLE IN SOME WAY TO MICHAEL DEATH,Dr Conrad Murray finally took michael life,because he never had the guts and "INTERGRITY" ENOUGH TO JUST SAY NO "I WILL NOT HELP YOU"GET PROPOFOL,I would call Michael Nurse a TRUE FRIEND,SHE SAID NO

1073 days ago


The STANS don't want to believe anything negative about Michael YET these same fans speak negative things about all of Michael's so called haters. Michael was enabled into death. When a person told Michale the truth, he got rid of them and that is why he is dead; he never wanted to hear the truth.

Michael was addicted to demerol. He, however, didn't have to take it when he was drugged up on other stuff; in this case, propofol, lorazapem, etc.. Do people really think that Murray drugged Michael only that one night?

Murray was drugging Michael every night so Michael no longer needed the Demerol. Whateer the case may be, Michael needed some form of drug to face his lonely empty life. A life lonely because of a lack of trust. If Michael had found one person to trust he would have been able to find some level of happiness.

1073 days ago


Haters that use the term "diddle," are probably the ones that actually do that themselves. What a disgusting bunch of people you are.

1073 days ago


jm50: 16 minutes ago

Haters that use the term "diddle," are probably the ones that actually do that themselves. What a disgusting bunch of people you are.

You are so right! Those disgusting individuals are drawn to the Michael Jackson stories because they THINK that he was a pedophile, and they WANT to talk about pedos, they LIKE and ENJOY it.
They are vile closet (or not so closet - who knows) pedos who should go get some treatment for their unhealthy obsession with pedophelia.
They are too stupid to see that they give themselves away with this constant babbling about pedophelia. ugh

1073 days ago


Your comments get dumber and dumber it's not mj's fault he was a drug addict it's the doctors yes it's there fault somewhat not talking about murray but the man prob starting taking drugs like pain killers and sleep aids for legitimate reasons then liked the way he felt couldn't function without so then the people making him money turned a blind eye and he didnt care either because he was getting high. Thats why he and his managers interviewed a bunch of doctors asking them if they will give him these drugs and if not kick rocks. Your trying to blame everyone else when the main person to blame is MJ for getting hooked on drugs and taking it to the extreme. Do you really think one day dr.murray was like hey im gonna start you on propofol, valium, ativan, and demerol I think it will work wonders for you heck no. MJ always got what he wanted and paid with his life. He's a idiot for ever taking all those drugs and taking propofol with it and murray's a idiot for giving it to him.

1073 days ago


Also your perfect job would of been on mj's team because you blame everyone else for his problems and turn a blind eye to his bad actions. smhh

1073 days ago


LET MJ R.I.P!!!!!

1073 days ago
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