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Michael Jackson

Former Manager Says Propofol Use Began in 1999

11/13/2011 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson took Propofol as early as 1999, a former manager claims in a new book -- and says Jackson was late to his 30th anniversary concerts because he was drugged up. 

Frank Cascio, a former personal assistant to Jackson who eventually became his close friend and manager, writes that he first noticed Jackson taking Demerol in 1993 during his "Dangerous" tour. He says Jackson was first introduced to the drug in 1984, after Jackson burned his head during a Pepsi commercial shoot. 

In the book, an advanced copy of which was obtained by the AP, Cascio claims Jackson took Propofol in 1999 after a stage accident in Munich.

Cascio says he spoke to Jackson's siblings about his drug use in 2001 and they tried to approach Jackson about it -- but MJ "simply pushed them away."

Writing about Jackson's death, Cascio says Michael "died in his endless quest to attain some inner peace."


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michael jackson forced his limousine driver to drive up to a stranger then jackson threw the water balloon at him at 4 a.m. cruel freak wore a Hulk mask. jackson didn't need a mask, as he already had a scary face when he threw cold water on the poor man. poor fanatics didn't buy his invincible album, but they excuse his behavior the last 20 years.

1042 days ago


black or white aka "DUMB AS DIRT" OhWell

you let him rest in peace! now that your QUACK is guilty, do the boards a favor and leave, for good! nothing here to see anymore dumbass!



1042 days ago


JACKSONFIVE---I will try again,getting through a cement block.Michael could NOT get addicted to any med,if the doctor did not write a scrip for them.Someone had to give Michael access to the DRUGS,GUESS WHO?I will let you in on some of my job.SEVEN YEARS WORKING IN A METHADONE CLINIC.and you sound like a SMART MOUTH BRAT,maybe you should take yourself to a hospital drug ward,and listen very carefully to what got those pts addicted,most of what I heard in seven years,for those on street drugs,"I just wanted my mom and dad to love me,MAYBE YOU BRAT,YOU WILL GROW UP

1042 days ago


Watching "This Is It" on VH1

Michael J. Jackson

The KING of All Music

1042 days ago


Michael was addicted to demerol. He, however, didn't have to take it when he was drugged up on other stuff; in this case, propofol, lorazapem, etc.. Do people really think that Murray drugged Michael only that one night?
People with a functioning brain believe the evidence. the evidence shows that Murray gave Michael those drugs once....and there was no damage or signs of substance abuse to michael's internal organs.......according to the autopsy...
Those who want to speculate about it will come to the same conclusion as a funcitioning illiterate......

If Michael was a drug addict the evidence would have proven this to be true. The fans would have been hurt but would have loved him nontheless. Thank goodness the evidence proved the haters wrong.......Michael was not a drug addict. His life was filled with the love of his kids, a devoted fan base and his family who stood with him during the dark daze of the allegations....

1042 days ago


Cascio says he spoke to Jackson's siblings about his drug use in 2001 and they tried to approach Jackson about it -- but MJ "simply pushed them away."

Writing about Jackson's death, Cascio says Michael "died in his endless quest to attain some inner peace."
Cascio can go to Hades. Nobody wanted those sound bites by him therefore he's written his version of a tell all....(yeah right) book. If michael did not have inner peace it was because of fake wannabes like Frank Cascio. Michael embraced him and his family into his inner circle. Yet since Michael's passing all the Cascios have done is exploit their friendship with Michael. There are no revelations here. Murray is guilty of killing Michael in cold blood. Frank Casio is guilty of betraying Michael Jackson for "ah'do1her". Dominic Casio is guilty of eating enough left overs to feed a mid size southeast asian village.......LOL!!! (how fast can the casios say lap-band surgery, hair plugs for men & women not to mention a full mommy make over....)

Casio: We hope that wherever he is now, he has found the peace that seemed to evade him during his time on Earth.

Just what the world needs most...........another tell all the same information over and over and over again book on the life of Michael.........nothing new............nothing to help anyone.................just the same stuff over the last 25-30 years. Frank Casio is under 30??? Which makes him a leading authority on......the same information over and over and over.....give or take a few personal photos????

It doesn't matter when or if Michael first used propofol during a dental procedure, reconstructive surgery for his scalp nor any other medical procedures.............michael did not DIE until Murray killed him with it......

shame on you frank cascio, shame on you!!! trying to tie the alleged past use of propofol to justify murray's actions to kill Michael with the drug........directly or indirectly there's noway you would have received a book deal unless you agreed to the editor's spin on propofol in conjunction to michael's past and death!!!!!

can't wait for the claim or the disclosure: I was paid $1 for the book........all other monies went to charity......"Nothing" from "Zilch" leaves "NADDA"(North American Dog Daycare Association...LOL!! ......but SERIOUSLY FOLKS: you can best believe Cascio received an advance for his soundbites and recollection of his time in michael's employ.............he did not betray Michael for free!!!!

I live for the day when Michael's friends stop using him for a fast buck!!!!

1042 days ago


you don't strongly hold up mj's fake legacy. is that why you can't handle the truth about this mutilated, primitive-brained animal? oh no, he didn't eat; he vomited if he had pills. you know those collapsed veins needed to relax without so much blood pressure. mj was really annoyed by imperfect bloody propofol injections!
mj from 1983 MENTALLY DIED IN THE 1990s, along with the beatles catalog...
he had everything but threw it all away to please his kids. how ironic!

elvis and r. kelly were mj's pedophile friends. who cared when drugs mercifully ended his insanity, right?
at least he adored throwing water balloons at strangers and he loved druggie friends, pedos, thieves, murderous boys and murray.

katherine, la toya and jermaine are building neverland with joe the abuser too. it's called "mj kids land".

1042 days ago


No wonder as ex addict excuses are like ********* everyones got them and they are all full of **** and even more so dealing with an addict. I've blamed everyone but in the end it was my own fault no one elses not the doctors, my parents, friends or girl friends. On a different note you should tell everyone at your methadone clinic too switch to suboxone works just as good without the hellish withdrawl. Methadone it's great intill someone has to get off of it then they would rather withdrawl off strong opaites.

1042 days ago


guess what? mj betrayed himself by paying lawyers to handle his troubles and lame 'lost childhood' excuse.
the handing out of $20 million from some 'good old insurance company' to crazy child abusers and the boy he worshipped in 1993 wasn't enough for the bed sharer.
he decided to help little murderer and trust all kids, plastic surgeons & drug DEALERS in his money-flaunting lifestyle...because he SAID HE KNEW EVERYBODY HE MET AND his bible and family allowed that! lol

1042 days ago


Frank Cascio was never a manager to Michael Jackson. He was nothing other than a hired help / friend / assistant to Michael.

He & his entire family were extremely lucky to have had that privilege due to his Father who also had the privilege of getting to know Michael through his then position at the Hotel he worked in.

Michael financially supported and helped his family in numerous ways.
Suffice to say, I believe that Cascio is using his association with Michael Jackson's name & fame to make money now is unforgivable, Michael would be disgusted - his so - called friends making profit from his murder…..

If he was ever a 'friend' to Michael, Casio should never have written a book for money, he got enough when MJ was alive.

Just like Gest, who made a complete idiot of himself on UK TV a few years ago, to the point he was a complete joke of a person with no credibility to be taken seriously at all. He knew Michael in the 70's - SO he didn’t KNOW Michael, absolutely No recent photos, he was Titos friend - not Michael.

Obviously Cascio has some great memories of his privileged time with Michael and it is really nice to share those memories however, not in a book to gain money off Michael Jackson’s death.

After all, this is exactly what he endured most of his life, in one way or another.

1042 days ago


Would the REAL Michael Jackson please stand
Can someone HONEST please tell us the TRUTH?

1042 days ago


Great post SarahJane!

I really don't have a problem with a so called "friend" writing a book consisted of their time spent with MJ. What I do have a problem with is when a so called "friend" is intent on airing details of someones life that are better kept unsaid.

Nothin like stabbing a "friend" in the back after he's passed on.

1042 days ago


black or white aka "DUMB AS DIRT"


1042 days ago


david Gest had photos of himself in the 1980s and in his wedding.

cascio certainly didn't lie about murder conspiracies like jermaine and la toya did.

jermaine told his friend stacy that mj looked sick with his red blood-shot eyes in 2001.

the jacksons were the ones who went to england to promote this is it, family concerts & bullcrap about how healthy mj was.

1042 days ago
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