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11/13/2011 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment president Steven Hirsch thinks Sasha Grey is the porn version of Jackie Robinson ... hoping she's opened the door for other adult stars to read books to kids.

As TMZ first reported, Sasha read children's books at Emerson Elementary School in Compton on November 2 as part of the Read Across America program. Even though we have photos of Sasha reading to kids, a rep for the school denies she was ever there. 

Regardless, Hirsch fired off a letter commending the school for allowing Grey to appear. In the letter, Hirsch offers up two of his stars -- Chyna and Allie Haze -- as possible future volunteers.

So he's saying there are three porn stars who can read? Who knew? 


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I'm willing to bet that 80% of the parents complaining have never read to their kids once (I would know, I used to be a teacher)

1073 days ago


People who think that Sasha Grey is just some average porn star a la Jenna Jameson has clearly never seen any of her "performances". She is possibly the most self-degrading porn actor out there; having the most foul things imaginable done to her mouth and ******* (and back again) for money. She stopped performing for a long time because of an extreme case of anal warts. It is very clear that she absolutely hates herself.

I wish people who think it's cool with porn "stars" would think twice before they let kids get exposed to these girls. It is not a lifestyle that is glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, and you don't want your kids to think these girls are "cool". They are NOT cool. They are sad birds with broken wings, desperately trying to get the attention their fathers never gave them.

Yes I live right in the heart of Porn Valley and I am frequently involved in these girls' future well-being.

1073 days ago


look, she isn't teaching kids how to give *******s or anything. and as if the kids know what she has done in the past? to them shes a nice person helping them learn how to read. and how many parents have done things in their past that they aren't particularly proud of? probably everyone.

1073 days ago


Jackie Robinson? You're comparing people not wanting people that have sex for money around their kids to racism? Seriously.

1073 days ago

Deb Colorado    

Some of these young kids in porn have a history of abuse...and feel there is nothing better for them out there. My heart goes out to them. I look at the school district and where they are on this. It is up to them as to who can read to the children and who can't. If the parents don't want this they have the power to end it and they can. It is up to them as well.

1073 days ago


"i find it funny..people saying porn stars dont belong around kids.little do you realize that the kids parents do the same things in their bed rooms that porn stars do in front of a camera."

I find it funny that there are people who "seem" to think that your average uninhibited active sexual person's parents (or persons)are gulping down milk enemas from another person's anus(Sasha loves this practice, she has made public claim), licking toilet seats, had several (anonymous ,unprotected) partner's in her @ once.

Not so,sorry. She did/does the disgusting degrading acts because A. The paycheck was larger than your standard porn. B. She needed to promote herself on a larger scale than the average porn whore i.e. being known for doing the most degrading things of all.
Gotta thank Sasha and her ilk for sending out this message to impressionable/ uninformed young people so they can have certain expectations just what your average sex life entails (shaking head,yet again).

1073 days ago


OMG I had never heard of her prior to TMZ running this story. I just googled her. She's had Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and anal warts. WTF is wrong with her? She's clearly not playing with a full deck. I thought you invite romodels to read to kids. How is she one?

1073 days ago

Deb Colorado    

...and another thought, who is this young lady? Does she have family who goes to school there? If so, maybe she wanted to be there for her child or relative. And I would say kudos to her for that. I amy not agree with her lifestyle but...

I volunteered in my kids elementary school when they were little. Worked along side a mother who was a stripper in the community. She was a single mom who had to make a living to support her child. She was dedicated to her child. I thought she deserved to be there volunteering in the school as much as I did and it meant the world to her child. Just saying...something to think about.

1073 days ago


I'm sure the school board feels real "validated" to by whore monger Steven Hirsch commending as opposed to say Barack Obama or someone who actually matters.

1073 days ago


Deb Colorado:
"Some of these young kids in porn have a history of abuse...and feel there is nothing better for them out there. My heart goes out to them. I look at the school district and where they are on this. It is up to them as to who can read to the children and who can't. If the parents don't want this they have the power to end it and they can. It is up to them as well."

No Deb, she doesn't have any children , nor family that go to school there. An average stripper is in a totally different league than "this".

1073 days ago


I never post on these but this one I had to. Jackie Robinson changed the landscape of sports in America, and was the single handedly the most important person when it comes to equality in America (More important than mlk too). Sasha Grey is known for pissing in a cup and drinking it on film. Steve Hirsh is an idiot.

1073 days ago


I just don't see anything wrong with it. It's not like she was reading her autobiography. Those who are the most upset are so called "christians". The problem is these so called "christians" are unwilling to forgive this young lady for her questionable past. They are unwilling to give her the chance to change.

1073 days ago

Deb Colorado    

Thanks, Kyle. As I stated before...parents have a say and the power to do something about this. And I think they will.

1073 days ago


The porn industry is trying to upgrade its image since ages. They brand it 'erotic', so that each douche bag may believe, his sick dreams are more than a Beavis and Butt-Head fantasy about crude perverse sex.

Porn has nothing to do with sexual freedom or sexual revolution. Nothing is more wedged and smug as an idiot with balls on fire who only can see tits and asses when he walks through the street.

What's dangerous, is that the porn industry is trying to make our kids believe, that you can be an innocent little girl with cuddly toys at one go with being f***** in front of a camera from all directions. In this sense porn is getting socialized. You are not a hooker anymore, you are just a bad girl.
This is like Mickey Mouse is doing a commercial for smoking heroine.
Porn stars reading for kids gives your kids the wrong message. Little Red Riding Hood is not a whore and does not like porn!
What about a Tommy Gunn-Ken and a Jenna Jameson-Barbie for next XMas for your kids? Ho, Ho, Ho!

1073 days ago


Oh this is too funny!:D
I just noticed it after re-reading Hirsch's letter) "Sasha is a fine actress with many wonderful roles".

LITERALLY laughing my ass off (no kidding).

K,must get composure...
Yeah umm Sasha was great in the 3 episodes of Enterouge when she portrayed herself as the influence that helps destruct lead character Vince.Even in the episode they made fun of her with a line Scott Caan says to Vince (What are you doing with "her", you know these porn chicks are all damaged!". lol

Or how about her "big" movie debut when she portrayed (wait for it)... A call girl!
Yeah that was very "far reaching" no doubt.

No one takes her seriously...
A few minor bit parts playing a whore...
A film that got a whore to play a whore (in hope of creating,and it did to a small degree controversy).
Why do you think she's trying so hard to get other roles.
She even knows it!

Now onto exploiting little kids for self gain...

1073 days ago
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