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'Storage Wars' Stars

Uncover Real-Life Pirates' Chest

Filled with $500,000 in Gold

11/13/2011 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The people behind "Storage Wars" just stumbled upon their most incredible discovery yet -- a real-life pirates' chest that's at least 200 years old ... containing half a mil in gold doubloons

Dan and Laura Dotson came across the stash inside a foreclosed storage locker at an auction in Contra Costa County, CA -- which they sold off to one lucky bastard for just over a grand.

The Dotsons discovered the pirates booty after auctioning off the locker -- a small treasure an expert described as "Pieces of Eight Spanish Gold," dating anywhere between the 16th and 19th century.

According to one source, the coin box was so heavy ... it took 3 people to move it out of storage.  

We're told an appraisal expert valued the collection at around $500,000. Yo ho ho!


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this show is beyond fake..half the **** they find in those storage units people would be sure to keep.just like this.if i had to move id make sure i kept my money with me.

1074 days ago



1074 days ago


WOW....I wonder who left it there and let it go into foreclosure....doesn't make sense. Anyway, TMZ is saying "one lucky bastard" so does that mean none of the regulars got it? I watch this show all the time and I hope any of the regulars except for Barry got it. He's too mean and greedy and then tries to stop others from making money.

1074 days ago


The FAKE show is called STORAGE HUNTERS! I'm glad they overdo the fakeness of it because I know not to waste my time on it. Storage Wars is real. It better be real!! I will be happy for anyone who got it, but I love Dave Hester!!

1074 days ago


If it does nothing else, the storage industry should be happy that their auctions now draw people. I used to be on several call lists and sometimes there'd only be three or four people there to buy units and haul out the trash for the site owner.

1074 days ago


Well maybe some people die and no one in the family knows about storage sheds. Maybe some people have stolen things and hide them in a packed storage shed. Maybe they are in prison. There are a million reasons why sheds are abandoned. Any shed with value in it - that's probably what happened.

1074 days ago


I don't believe it, if you had an old chest in your posession that was that heavy I'm sure you would open it thinking it might be treasure and not auction it for $1000 LOL

1074 days ago

the dude    

just goes to show Dave ain't ****

1074 days ago


Contra Costa County is in Northern California, 45 minutes north east of San Francisco, so I don't think any of the regulars from La La land made that far north

1074 days ago


I have a hard time believing this one! Who has a half million that they first put in a crappy storage box instead of a safety box at a bank. Then they have a half million but can't pay the bill or die and no one in the family knows that their parents are stupid (for putting it in a storage box) but that they have something like that.

Stinks of publicity must be the same agency that made a deal with Range Rover to pay them to give a car to a 16 yr old. You know just like the deal De Beers did with the queen way back when to wear diamonds even though she liked ruby's and emeralds. In case you haven't figured it out yet they give people in the spotlight things for free plus cash to get them to advertise in a more subtle way!!!

1074 days ago

Dale Gregory    

I wanna know who the dumb ass was who let his storage lapse with that treasure inside!!!!!!

1074 days ago


Hope its Barry, he deserves it, he's a man of class, not Jarrel & Darrod!!! (Barry's mess up, lol). Daves sucks, he's a mean ass and throws his money around just to piss off and prevent the nice guys from getting the bid even if he doesnt wanit, Brandi & Jarred, he's so mean to Brandi, borderline abusive, Darrol & Brandon are idiots. Buys empty keyboard boxes!! Please let it be Barry!!!! The smart Jew!!!!

1074 days ago


Agreed, I hope this was Barry's purchase.

1074 days ago


First, I find it impossible to believe someone would put this in a storage unit. Second, there is no way they would not pay the bill with that much money in it or take it out before the bill was due.

1074 days ago


I hope it is Barry. I was talking to the manager at my storage unit, I was asking about auctions. They told me they have a little lady that comes every month and pays in cash. She told them if she ever misses 2 months to do what they wanted with the unit because she was dead. She said her family did not know she had the unit and she did not want them to know! They said she never takes a receipt and has had the unit for 12 years! That is one auction I want to go to.

1074 days ago
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