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Jerry Sandusky to Bob Costas

I'm Not Sexually Attracted

To Young Boys

11/15/2011 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky had to pause and think before he answered Bob Costas' question, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys," during his first interview since the scandal broke.

Costas, who interviewed Sandusky on "Rock Center" Monday night ... peppered him with questions, including, "Are you a pedophile?" 

Costas once again showed why he's one of the smartest and most effective interviewers around.

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Sandusky is truly a psycho who will never face up to what he has done and will force more pain on his sexual molestation victims by forcing a trial. Why doesn't he just make a plea and spare the victims and the families the humiliation all over again.

1038 days ago


Great interview by bob costas

1038 days ago

Chuck Connors    

Sandusky's attorney called him a "big overgrown kid." His attorney didn't really say this, did he? That's crazy for an attorney to say something like that. Michael Jackson also was a big overgrown kid.

1038 days ago


A coach has sex with some boys and he is the top news story all over the world for weeks, Catholic Priest rape and abuse children all around the world for who knows how long and there is little if any news about it for a day or so before it seems to disappear as if into thin air.

1038 days ago


It is inappropriate for anyone to shower with anybody else's kids!! Sandusky couldn't even immediately admit that he is not sexually attracted to young boys. He was dodging the question and didn't even have a believeable response. He makes me sick. I pray for his victims and their families.

1038 days ago


Did anybody actually think he was going to admit to doing all those horrific things to those little boys? If he is so evil in doing all those things, he ain't going to have any problem lying about. It would be a travesty if he pleads not guilty, and puts those kids through more pain relieving all those acts in court. It would be like raping them all over again, only this time with a an audience watching.

1038 days ago


wtf people defending him? he's obviously demented and a pedophile... He actually admits showering with KIDS, this is outrageous. I hate to hope things on people I don't know, but this guy is the exception, so I truly 100% hope that he at least gets his penis cut off and sent to jail and rot in it.

1038 days ago


Homosexuality has nothing to do with Jerry Sandusky, Im a gay guy and I don't even think of young boys sexually, thats is really disgusting. He has psychological problems. Some People think that just because we are gay we are perverts and want to sleep with any man or boy. How dare you judge other people. As for Sandusky, he is innocent until proven guilty that is his human right. Although the court report and the witnesses seem to be true.

1038 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..I look at this " man" and visually he could be my father or grandfather too my children....but ...he isn't a "man"..he clearly is a SICK HUMAN ON THIS EARTH WHO HAS HURT BOYS...DAM HIM

1038 days ago


sure took him a long time to answer that last questions "Are you sexually attracted to little boys/kids?" C'mon was he surprised by that questions???

1038 days ago


Harvey Levin.. TMZ.. Sandusky 'Exclusive' first photos. No.

1038 days ago


This man is pathetically evil

1038 days ago


What a wimpy, disturbing voice Sandusky has. He's so guilty, and guess what, he won't take the stand during his trial for the same reason Conrad Murray didn't -- he would incriminate himself and be destroyed by the prosecution. The denial of Sandusky is stunning. I read somewhere that pedophiles fall romantically in love with these kids and think that the kids romantically love them. This is all so twisted. Interesting how Sandusky so casually dismisses McClearly's grand jury testimony. Why would M lie? What motivation would he have to do so? "You'll have to ask him?" Sandusky wimpers. Very sick stuff.

1038 days ago

buzz kill    

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Jerry's kids"

1038 days ago


Sorry, but Bob Costas always seemed like a tiny perv to me, always into those manly sports with a lot of enthusiasm.

1038 days ago
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