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Jerry Sandusky to Bob Costas

I'm Not Sexually Attracted

To Young Boys

11/15/2011 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky had to pause and think before he answered Bob Costas' question, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys," during his first interview since the scandal broke.

Costas, who interviewed Sandusky on "Rock Center" Monday night ... peppered him with questions, including, "Are you a pedophile?" 

Costas once again showed why he's one of the smartest and most effective interviewers around.

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I would like to think this guy is innocent of these charges for different reasons. #1 - It would mean that these kids weren't really abused, unless you count non-sexual contact abuse. #2) It would give back Penn State's good reputation and allow Joe Paterno to be remembered as a great man. #3) The Second Mile seems to have done great things and it would show that the good outweighed the bad.

This interview didn't do Jerry any favors. Being a former defensive coordinator, you would think he would have a better game plan. When asked if he was sexually attracted to young boys, he should've responded "absolutely not" right away.

It seems like Jerry has the same obsession with children that Michael Jackson had. I feel bad for both of them. They both didn't intend to hurt anybody, but in their world they were doing what seemed normal. While most of it was probably innocent and charitable, there had to be a little bit more than an overgrown kid recapturing his youth.

I'm not defending Sandusky's actions if he is guilty of these charges, but let's give the man a fair trial. People are hypocritical because they give MJ a free pass because he was a great entertainer, yet this guy is a sicko who should rot in jail?

1053 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This whole scandal is bizarre, disgusting, vile and sad.

1053 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

Why on earth would this guy ever give an interview?

The Grand Jury Report says that he told the mother of one of his victims that he was sorry for showering with the boy - that he knew he wouldn't get forgiveness from the boy's mother, that he wished he was dead.

Just like the remorse of a date rapist, he probably meant those things at that moment. And probably while saying he was sorry and that he wished he was dead, he knew he would not stop molesting children.

Only now he knows how many people wished he was dead, too.

1052 days ago


Self preservation! He is minimizing his sick behavior, re-victimizing these boys with his denial. So many abusers try to do this and shame their victims into silence. Next he'll accuse them of fabricating, lying, which will damage the boys more then he probably already has.

My heart goes out to the boys he abused and their families and the continued hell this sick individual is putting them through.

God be with the children he hurt.

1052 days ago


Pedopile just dug his own grave... why waste $ to have a trial when he just confessed he like to touch boys on national tv by Bob Costas. Put this 'Kid Toucher' in prison already!

1052 days ago


"Are you sexually attractive to underage boys?"...
"Sexually attracted? No, no I enjoy young people."

1052 days ago


I remember reading a psychology book the other day. They say when someone repeats a question that is clearly asked to him while he is attentive, means he is thinking of a false answer. So when asked if he is sexually attracted to boys and he simply repeats the question, HE IS LYING.

1052 days ago

Mick Jagger    

Hardly! Why would ESPN give Jerry and his pedophile friend/attorney a forum to profess their innocence with that sh*t eating grin??? Uh..he was witnessed sodomizing a little boy, the DA Gricar was killed in 2005, Second Mile is what pedophiles call a 'chicken ranch' where people like Jerry pimp out kids to their wealthy friends, George HW Bush was one of those friends as stated in his own autobiography naming Second Mile as one of his '1000 Points Of Light" and George HW Bush is also named in The Franklin Cover-Up which is basically the same episode except most of the children were assassinated after testifying. BBC do***entary, Conspiracy Of Silence (available on youtube) implicates them and 2 books, The Franklin Cover-Up by decorated Green Beret and Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp and The Franklin Scandal by Oprah acclaimed author and actual child advocate Nick Bryant detail the politician pedophile ring used to blackmail other politicians and wealthy businessmen, lawyers and judges. Ex-Cia Director William Colby comes clean in the intro to The Franklin Cover-Up and says he himself  knew of occult laden ritualistic rapes of children by those associated with **** Cheney and George HW Bush in the 80s and 90s. Colby was found drowned soon after the book was published and he actually stated in the book he knew he would be targeted but saving his soul was more important than saving his life. Sandusky's attorney looks slimy and evil and could very well be a part of that ring utilizing damage control...the latest on HuffPost is that Jerry pimped out these poor kids to wealthy university donors. Just a repeat of The Franklin Scandal.

1052 days ago


Am I sexually attractive to young boys? Is that what you're asking? Am I sexually attractive to young boys....well....I like being around them. But am I sexually attractive to young boys. No.

LOL yes you are dirty old man

1052 days ago


i am sexually attracted to sasha grey!

1052 days ago


Of course he's not going to just come out and admit to it. He's kept it hidden for this long, he's going to be a nasty, dirty, child rapist until he dies.... which will hopefully be in prison.

1052 days ago


Haha! He's going to have all the boyz he wants when he goes to jail for the next 100 years. Be careful what you wish for Jerry! lol!

1052 days ago


Yes, I showered with boys but I didn't molest them..That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. This man is off the charts sick in the head!

1052 days ago


Took away his locker room keys! Access to the locker room was not Sandusky's basic problem. Sandusky has a psychiatric disorder that is very harmful to others and that we do not know how to cure or effectively treat. He belongs in a leper colony, no offense to those with Leprosy intended.

1052 days ago


I don't know what is happening to this world. I am still haunted by a recent visit to Antigua, I was having dinner in a 5 star restaurant, a few tables away,a 60-ish year old man was passionately kissing and french-kissing a 15-16 yr old boy - right there in the open. I stared in disgust, the other patrons did too - the maitre'd and waiters did nothing, but continued to serve them. The age of consent is 16, but still, it was repulsive to see. There must be something biologically wrong with a man's brain, to even think of having sex with a child and/or young teen. Poor kids. Sandusky belongs in jail, for life - he will never change.

1052 days ago
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