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Jerry Sandusky

First Interview: 'I Shouldn't Have

Showered With Those Kids'

11/14/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky claims he's not a pedophile, but also admits showering with young boys ... in his first interview since the Penn State scandal broke.

Sandusky talked to Bob Costas, and admitted ... "I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact."

During the interview, which airs tonight on NBC's "Rock Center" ... Sandusky claims he is innocent ... and concedes, "I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

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Sick, disgusting son of a bitch.

1038 days ago


1. OJ got off for MURDER
2. Casey Anthony got off for MURDER
3. Lindsay Lohan breaks the law once a month and walks every time.

I hate to even say this but Sandusky will walk away a free Man too.

Remember folks we live in America....the legal system is a joke.
Sad but true.

1038 days ago


As much as I HATE to say this......Jerry Sandusky will beat these charges and WALK away a FREE Man. Why?????
Lets not forget that this is America (the worst legal system on earth)......
1. OJ got off scott free for murdering his wife and and another Man!
2. Casey Anthony is living a FREE woman for KILLING her own Baby!
3. Lindsay Lohan gets off every time she breaks the Law which is often! Countless times!!!

Sad but true......This US legal system is F#CKED UP! Makes me sick to my stomach.

1038 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

Showering -- is that what the young people are calling it nowadays?

1038 days ago


I guess you are all dumb?

This is what they want you to do. To say F-word over and over again. Why do you think Michael Jackson is still the news? Why do you think Lohan gets so much media attention.

This is how it works.

Illuminati own large corporations, large corporations own politicians (skeletons in the closet), politicians own media, and media own every person on this planet that is addicted to gossip and news.

They want you to fight back, that is why they force music industry to make such a horrible music, boost those people's ego via social networks(facebook-likes, twitter-block the user), so they think they are above the law.
That is why they force Movie industry to use Illuminati symbols in the movies, and how protagonist always discovers a horrible secret about his past.

Want to know the truth?

When Kennedy was killed, they had all freedom, but they needed large amount of cash, they needed to control people, and that is when they involved their names into music industry(90es), Hollywood(90es), Sports(2000).

Sadly you are too dumb to realize that, and you keep following people that don't know you, could care less about you, and keep ignoring people who do know you and care a lot about you.

Its amazing things you learn when you stop reading and listening to the news, watching television shows, go to the movies, and stop giving a .... about those so called celebrities, stop procrastinating...

Soon a very high profile celebrity will be innocent of killing a child while DUI, no matter the evidence, and you will fight back!

1038 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

See.. this is why Dr. Conrad Murray should be free. Look how good of a job he did of ridding the world of one of the most famous pedophiles ever!! Imagine what Dr. Murray could do to this sick piece of garbage. I hope this guy and MJ someday burn in hell together for what they did to kids.

1038 days ago


Horsed around? Are you kidding me? I have horses and they don't do crap like that. You sick old man.

1038 days ago


Disgusting pederast needs to be castrated, then put into solitary confinement forever. Give him pig slop.

1038 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...WOW...who knew this would make me want to log off and watch E!

1038 days ago


Sandusky is a Psycho- Predator- Pedophile --of course he would not do the right thing a make a plea to spare the victims of a trial.

1038 days ago


Serious hesitation by this prick in answering if he's sexually attracted to young boys. Geez, really!? What a disgusting worthless piece of human being! What a disgrace!

1038 days ago


Even Michael Jackson would think this is disgusting. He says he's innocent but he just admitted to being a sick pedo.

1038 days ago


Forgot to add, SHAME on you and your lame, phoney totally UNBELIEVABLE FACADE! You and your KIND have polluted history through the ages and ages. Go buy a new Rove Ranger and better yourself and your clandestine clan. Where will it comfort you? On paper? Do you think God cares?

1038 days ago


Those are the same lies he tells every time he gets caught -- and he keeps doing it. He absolutely IS a pedophile, and he needs to be kept away from children. Why should he be given the chance to ruin many more boy's lives than he already has done? What BS.

1038 days ago


My mind is already polluted beyond all the pollution I can handle by Kim K. and today Kris K.'s admission of adultery. Man, how much can TV ask one to pollute their mind than to watch this TV segment? I just can't handle more mind pollution. TV, please send me some positive people. Not like the Duggars that live in la-la-land that believe all people can have 20 children and be multi-billionaires, but really good people on TV. A reality show with really good people that are not out to travel the world, live in mansions, and to get rich, but just to share with the world their good life and to be an inspiration to us all. Any producers out there want to talk about my idea?

1038 days ago
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