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Jerry Sandusky

First Interview: 'I Shouldn't Have

Showered With Those Kids'

11/14/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky claims he's not a pedophile, but also admits showering with young boys ... in his first interview since the Penn State scandal broke.

Sandusky talked to Bob Costas, and admitted ... "I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact."

During the interview, which airs tonight on NBC's "Rock Center" ... Sandusky claims he is innocent ... and concedes, "I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

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There's a problem here    

I doubt if he'll ever see general population if he is put in jail. That's really too bad. I'd love for him to feel the helplessness his victims felt.

1072 days ago

Joey Boots    

Jerry, you shouldn't have raped them either.....do the HONORABLE thing and kill yourself.....it's the right thing to do.

1072 days ago


This just speaks to the depth of how sick this dude really is. Denial and minimization are the defense mechanisms of a child molester - if he really let himself speak the truth he'd be blown away by his perversion. I'm sure he'll talk about how much he loves kids and never would hurt them. Stupid move, Jer - hire really good attorneys and fire the PR hack who advised you to talk so stupidly about this. Better yet, just burn in hell.

1072 days ago


He needs to go to prison and all the parents of the young boys he victomized needs to sue and bankrupt him for punitive damages and include in those damages cost for lifetime therapy for all he's abused.

1072 days ago


So, it took this creep & his lawyer a week to come up with this lame *ss story? Pathetic.

1072 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

Wow! NBC must be hard-up for ratings.

Gee, isn't anyone concerned about a 10 year old being raped? Why, pray tell, is anyone giving this guy the benefit of a doubt when a witness testified that he was seen sodomizing a 10 year old?

Drop this fool!

mike t.

1072 days ago


There needs to be legislation to have the death penalty for sex criminals and pedifilers. they murder a person's spirit and take away their sense of safety they take away so much that can never be recovered. sex predators need the death penalty. there is no cure. that's why they are registered and have so many restrictions. they shouldn't be let out into the general public period and why should the taxpayers pay for lifetime of imprisonment.

1072 days ago


This man is depraved and should not be interviewed!!! Shame on NBC!

1072 days ago


This man is evil. NBC had to know the only reason he agreed to the interview was to deny the charges not admit to them. This is not news NBC it is greed on your part and you know it.

And this guy who saw him raping the child in the shower should have been the firest one fired. He should have made Sandusky stop and then immediately called the police. Yes he was grad student at the time but if I'm not mistaken he was 28 years old! And all he did was call his Daddy? Help him grow up Penn State fire his ass too!

1072 days ago


This guy is a disgusting PIG! Throw his lying ass in prison and lets see how he likes the showers in prison!

1072 days ago


...or given them ********s.

1072 days ago


This is the problem when society begins blurring the line between right and wrong. With the recent push to grant special rights to homosexuals in the form of homosexual "marriage," it really does turn into a slippery slope. Perverts see other perverts getting married, and even more sick perverts like this take it to the next level and force their perversion onto little boys. Unfortunately we can expect more of this type of perverted behavior to come unless the homosexual agenda is confronted and stopped.

1072 days ago


ElPablo: Of course an ignorant a**hole like you would bring up homosexuality here. Why don't get that big chip off of your shoulders there and come out of the closet? Anti-gay folks like you usually have serious coming out issues. You're a sad person.

1072 days ago


Sandusky will get off light because he has money and America loves treating sports douchebags like f'ing heroes (when they're ALL s***bags). In the meantime, people falsely accused of sex crimes against children (and it happens more than you know) will have the book thrown at them. Great country you got here, folks - NOT!

1072 days ago


Ah yes, the classic if you oppose homosexuality, you must be one yourself argument. Sorry, but that's played out. As noted, this is obviously a different level of perversion. Nonetheless, both scenarios are perverted. My point is that as society begins to confuse right and wrong, we will see more of this type of sick behavior. I'm sorry you're so delusional that you obviously don't get that. Wise up!

1072 days ago
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