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Leo DiCaprio

Gas Guzzler Down Under

11/14/2011 10:18 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1114_leo_dicaprio_SplashLeonardo DiCaprio may have reason to hide ... because the environmentalist wasn't very green as he arrived in Sydney Monday ... on a private jet.

In the past, Leo's camp has claimed the 37-year-old "J.Edgar" star occasionally flies private when he has to get to remote locations. 

Sydney may have kangaroos, but it's not remotely remote.

A source close to Leo tells TMZ ... he simply hitched a ride with a plane that was already headed to Australia. 


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Icebaby... is back dude    

I can't stand this weasel. He is easily the most overrated actor in the world. Ha ha, and some say his performance in ONE if films makes him the greatest... true foolishness. He's predictable in EVERYTHING he does now. His performances scream "GIVE ME THAT F__KING OSCAR ALREADY!"
Annoying brat.

1073 days ago


This is a stupid story so the guy flew private. Its not like Leo has a fleet of Jets and is yelling out to the crew "keep em running boys" WTF I don't care one way or the other and Leo can be a little sanctimonious but its not like hes clubbing baby seals for fun, relax TMZ this is a non story

1073 days ago


I'm glad you told me who it was, I barely recognize him under that umbrella!! What a great disguise!!

1073 days ago


Perhaps, a little hypocritcal. But, he has done honest work to promote the environment. Which is more than you right-wingers will ever do for the environment. Or, anything else for that matter. All you care about is money, protecting corporations that DO pollute the environment, your precious gun rights, illegal wars, and Bible thumping.

1073 days ago


Leonardo DiCrapio: "Do as I say, not as I do"...

1073 days ago


"Do as I say, not as I do" ? No...that would be the Pope. Ha!

1073 days ago


Sydney doesn't have kangaroos you idiots. The only kangaroos here are in zoo's, the rest of them are in the outback

1073 days ago


It is hypocritical. A regular flight is far better on the environment by nature of the number of passengers and amount of cargo. Just like a fully laden coach versus an SUV with one person in it, on a long haul journey I don't want to be too judgemental because I don't know whether someone with that level of fame attracts so much attention, even first class, that flying with public becomes extremely annoying, and/or whether flying commercial guarantees huge amounts of paparazzi at the airport. But clearly not practising what he preaches, even if it is probably understandable.

1073 days ago


All you people going off on him would do the same fn thing if you had his money!So just shut up and wine about somthing else!

1073 days ago


Besides Titanic, has he been in any blockbuster movies?

1073 days ago


News flash to all the people who idolize Dicrapio: He's a HUGE douche in real life.

1073 days ago


After my last flight to/from Sydney, I don't blame anyone for taking a private flight. Also very limited flight schedule if needed to get there fast.

1073 days ago

Jay W.     

Most folks... if they had the same purchasing power, would fly private.

1073 days ago


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are also hypocrites when it comes to being green. They drive huge SUVs, motorcycles, and use private jets. They also have several homes that are 6000+ square feet. Even if their home is eco friendly it still uses way too much energy. Most celebrities who promote a eco friendly lifestyle do things that condradict what they say. But, atleast some celebs make an effort.

1073 days ago


Caprio who$
I think Jack had more style while drowning in the titanic movie

1073 days ago
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