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Leo DiCaprio

Gas Guzzler Down Under

11/14/2011 10:18 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1114_leo_dicaprio_SplashLeonardo DiCaprio may have reason to hide ... because the environmentalist wasn't very green as he arrived in Sydney Monday ... on a private jet.

In the past, Leo's camp has claimed the 37-year-old "J.Edgar" star occasionally flies private when he has to get to remote locations. 

Sydney may have kangaroos, but it's not remotely remote.

A source close to Leo tells TMZ ... he simply hitched a ride with a plane that was already headed to Australia. 


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I'm no fan of Leo but he does purchase certain cars and such. The kind of people who point out these things are the ones who do nothing even though they know it's a problem.
Like the little brother that gets told to do something then complains so and so never has to!

1073 days ago


Actors are over-paid morons. They have no clue what the real world is about and most will die without ever knowing.

1073 days ago


I just realized its not even raining...why is he hiding? Is he embarrased about something?

1073 days ago


It's not a big deal. Most of the people on here complaining most likely don't even recycle, let alone go the lengths that he does to reduce his carbon footprint. You can't expect the guy to fly commercial 100% of the time. Plus, he could've been coming FROM a remote location.

1073 days ago

Carla S.    

Life doesn't exist in black and white, it exists in shades of grey. We are all contradictions in one form or another. At least Leo has given a lot of himself where he can, that's more than I can say for many.

1073 days ago


Everyone is some hypocritical at one point in their lives, like come on, give the guy a break! I don't think anyone realizes how air travel works. Sometimes you have to be at a certain place, and most commercial airlines fly on a schedule specific time and may fly in only to certain cities on certain days or not the same city one has to fly in. Leo normally uses commercial airlines but when he is pressed for time, a private plane is faster way to get to your destination.

1073 days ago


His private jet runs on vegetable oil breh! duh!

1073 days ago


All of these environmental celebrities are a bunch of hypocrits!

1073 days ago


Typical liberal, wants to lecture to the "commoners" about saving the planet and have us live like we did back in the 1800's, while those hypocrites live the good life from the multi-millions they have made from the "commoners". BITE ME !

1073 days ago


My biggest concern is that you all think Kangaroo's just run around everywhere in Oz...The only Kangaroo's in Sydney would be the one's in Taronga Zoo. SORRY TO DISAPPOINT - So bloody naive lol...I think they need to educate a little more about the goings on in other countries in your schools. Then again I saw a show once that asked Americans when 9/11 was and they answered with every other date except september 11th I was so saddened by it ummmm August WTF?????

1073 days ago


Leo is very hypocritical. Straighten up your own life first before you preach to others how to live. Don't use your celebrity as a political platform unless you are running for office. That would be my plea to celebrities.

1073 days ago


This is more than a little hypocritical and why I never put stock in anything a celebrity says. They think a different set of rules applies to them compared to the general public. I can't remember exactly what the stat is, but it's something like a person could drive their car for a year and it produces as much emission as ONE trip in a private plane. Suck it, Leo.

1073 days ago


Typical "Do as I say, Not as I do" Liberal.
"Oh Piss Boy!, tah tah, wait for the shake!
Phony is as Phony does.

1073 days ago


RE to 12 travcm
LOL You have to be his mom, right?
And how is having a home in NY and one in CA anything close to being evironmentally friendly? Like someone said, it is for us little people to cut down so the 'ones' can go about their busy schedules conveniently. Afterall, they only do it for our good, right? :-)

1073 days ago


Do as I say and not as I do...

1073 days ago
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