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Senator Orrin Hatch

GOP Doesn't Have a Shot in Hell


11/14/2011 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1114_hatch_launchRepublican Senator for Utah Orrin Hatch doesn't have much faith in his party -- telling TMZ NONE of the GOP candidates has a fighting chance to take the Oval Office ... except for one very handsome Mormon.

Not that you have to be good-looking to be President -- Orrin tells us, one man clearly stands out as the ugliest Chief Executive of all time .. and maybe the greatest.


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I'm afraid if Mitt is in charge, President Monson (president of the Mormon church) will have a Joseph Smith-style revelation declaring that God wants us to go back to polygamy. I question the judgment and reasoning ability of anyone who believes the whole Joseph Smith tale and accepts the tenants and practices of that religion.

1052 days ago


So far the GOP debates have been nothing short of embarrassing.

1052 days ago


Orrin, you're an idiot RINO establishment Republican which is of course why you believe that but the fact is, Romney is not a conservative.

1052 days ago


Yeeahh, Riigght ..All Christian conservatives will leave their homes on election night to go vote for a Mormon a.k.a "The cult Religion"...lmao..That's the biggest lie Mitt Romney is feeding some Republicans now...Even Mccain's mother knows better -Remember when she said with such disgust on her her " Mitt is a Mormon " . Nominate Mitt and Obama might not even need to's over..

1052 days ago


Mormons are a group only barely separated from their racist sexist heritage and still clinging to their shady behind closed doors ultra 19th century conservative methodic approach to changing the world through their proselytizing mission campaigns. Orin Hatch is bought and sold down the Jordan river by his elder good ol' church boy Bishops. He thinks his "church" has embarked into a new era of accceptance by the mainstream conservative far right. He hasn't accounted for the narrow minded bigotry of mainstream WASP America. They cling to their bibles (King James version) and guns and they see the "Book of Mormon" as heresy. Hatch is dreaming his Mormon dream of mainstream acceptance. It's amusing actually. Barack Obama will be our pres till Jan 2017. Maybe in Nov 2016 Amerians will vote Mormon but I think that will be Hillary's year.

1052 days ago


Anyone but marxist Obama, anyone. Im voting for anyone but the current commie idiot in chief. Worst president ever.

1052 days ago


I came here to get away from politics. Thought this is an entertainment news site. Politic is everywhere, and I'm sick and tired of it. Keep this up, and I will probably visit TMZ less often.

1051 days ago


Orrin Hatch is seriously clueless. He is trying to be the next Strom Thurmond. I hope Utah will relieve the rest of the country of this big spending phoney "conservative", out of touch guy. He not only votes for things like bank bailouts with TARP, but then has the audacity to demolish our civil liberties with things like the Patriot Act...double whammy...gotta go Orrin.

1005 days ago


Orrin Hatch needs to go- he's lost his mind- and he supports big government, 16 debt ceiling increases... Romney is big gov. RON PAUL FOR FREEDOM!!!
check out to learn how to stop him getting re-elected after 36 years!!

1005 days ago


Senator Hatch is a flaming Liberal- just like Romney. here's his record, look it up online: hatchrecord, or dethronehatch.
Hatch voted for the NDAA and for TARP, and 16 debt ceiling increases-

1001 days ago
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