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Roseanne Barr

Ex Says She's Worth $42 MIL

Demands Lawyers' Fees

11/14/2011 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Roseanne Barr
's ex-husband is demanding $75,000 for attorneys' fees, and another $100,000 for dragging him through a child custody battle -- and he claims that's a tiny fraction of her $42 MILLION fortune.

Ben Thomas filed legal docs today demanding that massive amount of money ... in the wake of their extended custody battle over their teenage son, Buck. The exes reached a settlement back in August -- but Thomas claims Roseanne's efforts to strip him of custody were only motivated by revenge ... hence the demand for $100K.

In the document, Thomas points out the $100,000 is a mere .002% of Roseanne's net worth of $42 million.

By the way, Thomas claims he earns $7,305 monthly ... compared to Roseanne's $211,667 per month.



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Necola Grigsby    

Ben needs to get over it, our country is in a recession right now, and he is boo-hooing over 7 grand, are you kidding...Just because he married her and had a child with her does not give him a right to any of the money she made before or after the divorce from him. I watch Roseanne's new show "Roseanne's Nuts" and it is funny, it is also something I can watch with my children and not have to worry about them hearing something that they should not hear. The picture looks very old, how old is the child now?

1081 days ago


Your free ride is over, bud. Move along.

1081 days ago


Obviously you guys don't do math well. 100,000 dollars is 0.00238% of her wealth. 100,000/42,000,000=0.00238% If your going to report the story at least make it accurate!

1081 days ago


$42 million?

If that fat, disgusting bag of dung is worth $42 million, I'd even marry her.


1081 days ago


Take her to court and make her bleed money, Ben. She's a low life liar and it's time someone finally brings her to her knees.

1081 days ago


This guy is a free loading mooch! Go get a job. Haven't you been divorced from her for a long time now? Roseanne earned that money. You have no rights to it! You are a nobody. Stop embarrassing yourself. What kind of pansy ass are you anyway???? You want money? GET A JOB!

1081 days ago


It's 42million that she made happen not him. She receives money from her sitcom that she worked on, and for him to complain about a 7K a month ? Wow can we say douche bag.

1081 days ago


Hmmmmm, she has studios, produces shows, has a reality tv show, a huge working farm in Hawaii, etc etc etc. I would buy the 42 million. I do not buy she should pay his lawyers fees.

1081 days ago


The fact he was able to get it up with that pig should be worth an easy 100k.

1081 days ago


Roseanne - anytime I see your face I remember July 26, 1990 at Jack Murphy Stadium. You spit on the ground and grabbed your crotch after singing our National Anthem.

I dont care about you since and never will.

1081 days ago


Most of the comments supporting Rosie are women, if it was a woman trying to get money out of a man, they would still supporting the woman. Feminazi's. She keeps taking him to court because she can afford lawyers and he can't.

1081 days ago

TMZ = Math Fail    

At least you said you weren't math geniuses.

$100,000 = .0025% of $42 million.


1081 days ago


That's sad.

1081 days ago


To the person who said .2% is 20% um no, it's .2%.

Tmz is right. 100000 divided by 42 mil is .02 which is.2% because you move the decimal two spaces over for percent.

Case closed.

1081 days ago


Take it easy on the guy, he's just taking a cue from the Occupy "movement". Why shouldn't the wealthier party share? Go communism!

1081 days ago
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