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Penn State Scandal

Full Investigation Demanded

11/14/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Was there a concerted effort to coverup Jerry Sandusky's alleged child sex abuse scandal at Penn State? That's what Pennsylvania state legislator Scott Conklin wants to know. He joined us today and answered this question: Why not fire Mike McQueary?

Plus, the Conrad Murray documentary reveals behind the scenes lawyer fights ... and big tears from Conrad. And maybe that's the problem -- did the doc love Michael Jackson too much?


(0:45) If PSU fired Joe Paterno over the Jerry Sandusky scandal, why haven't they gotten rid of Mike McQueary?
(3:45) Pennsylvania state legislator Scott Conklin is on the phone -- and demands a "full investigation" into the scandal.
(4:45) Conklin doesn't think you can have a cover up of this size without "elected officials" being involved.
(8:00) Conklin believe the close-nit, "good ol' boy" mentality at PSU was responsible for sweeping this under the rug.
(18:00) Unbelievable ... Jerry Sandusky -- who's out on bail -- is free to roam the country. Why?
(23:20) Kendall Jenner got a $90k truck for her 16th birthday -- does such overindulgence fail to teach teens responsibility?
(26:35) Which generation pampers themselves too much?
(32:05) Story time ... Harvey was threatened by an alleged mafia member after a car crash in Florida!
(39:01) The Conrad Murray documentary -- crazy is so many ways ... but especially when Murray professes his love for MJ.


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The picture TMZ claims to be Sandusky is inaccurate. The man in the picture is not Sandusky.

1081 days ago


HARV!!! REPRESENTING HERMOSA BEACH!!!!!!! Did Charles get it for you on the pier?

1081 days ago


Does Kendall even have a driver's license?

1081 days ago


Is McQuerry not fired due to a whistle blower law?

1081 days ago


McCreary should have been the first fired. He began the cover-up when he failed to intervene at the very moment he saw the disgusting pig raping that little boy. Every citizen of the United States has the ability to perform a Citizen's Arrest when they witness a felony. Pretty sure child rape is a felony! And this guy decides to walk away, he was the first player of the cover-up. I would say it is no longer accessory after the fact, it became accessory to the crime. He should be charged, too. They all should. I am so sorry for him and every boy who was hurt and damaged by that despicable animal. And I do not remotely buy into the argument that McCreary was young and couldn't appreciate what his responsibility was, I think I knew at 15 if I saw something like that I had to call the police first. How have they lived with themselves all of these years? I just can't fathom it. To know that people can be this monstrous in such an organized manner, people some in society have looked up to and elevated to iconic status is so terrorizing to my soul and sensibilities. Does Paterno still get his pension/retirement? It was upsetting to see Paterno's son say he was thinking about his father and crying. He should be thinking about how he's ever going to be able to speak his child raping protector of a father again. This situation is so ugly from every angle.

1081 days ago


Thank the lord that everyone is finally seeing through the Kardashians BULL****. Everything about this family is FAKE from their marriages down to their lies that they tell the public. Just accept that your 15 minutes are over and GO AWAY!

1081 days ago


allowing him to walk out so easily will make other victims think twice about stepping forward, and we need them to step forward.
The entire ordeal should be moved out of that county so that the victims might feel some faith in justice and security in coming forward.
There are to many connections and possible involvement locally.

1081 days ago


Max has it right about the millenials. He also has it right about the Kardashians being in the 1 percent.
the millenials are different and NOT the same as the genexers. They are conscious and aware and will propel humanity forward. Hopefully, Kendall will be representative of her generation as well, but she's got a tough road just being member of a shallow money focused family. You are way off on the millenials Harvey.

1081 days ago


WHAT?????? did the doc love Michael Jackson too much?.....HE DIDN'T LOVE MICHAEL AT ALL....I DON'T EVEN THINK HE LIKED HIM.
The only person on earth Conrad Murray loves IS HIMSELF. You guys better get a damn clue and realize Conrad Murray is a PROVEN LIAR, narcissistic SOCIOPATH...oh yeah and a KILLER

1081 days ago


the Sandusky thing makes me vomit. That guy had been caught RAPING kids rare is that to get an eye witness to rape?...AND NOTHING HAPPENED?????....HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!! How could you live with yourself KNOWING what you saw and not doing anything or going to the police??...and for what? to keep your football team together to keep winning?...WOW I guess football is so important that everybody just let it slide that one of the coaches is a RAPIST!!!!.. "allegedly"

1081 days ago


your comments to Conklin are completely on point. It's terrible that he was so clearly using this to his political advantage but I appreciate that you asked the same questions as I had. Now an "anonymous" source is saying that McQueary stopped the assault he witnessed, though the details of how are frustratingly oblique. Did he send the child home w/ Sandusky? Did he drive him home himself? Why didn't he call the police if he witnessed a rape? Why did he tell the Grand Jury he stopped the assault if he, in fact, did so? Please help clear this up for people like me, because this whole thing is too horrible to understand.
Much Love,

1081 days ago

Booger McGee    

Penn State's motto (from their website):

"Leges sine moribus vanae, translates to "Laws without morals are useless.""

1080 days ago


Harvey & Charles two l(0)(0)k like TWINS. You behave alike; You talk alike; your heights are ..alike. GET THEM SEPARATED PLEASE--

1080 days ago

Richard Barletta from Boston    

Dear Harvey..
This is the first time i've ever chimed into comment on any subject or scandal in my life at 38 years o****e but i hope you let my voice be heard on the penn state scandal..How is not Mike Mcueary in handcuffs yet??..Wether he stopped it or not he didn't call law enforcement and for the next seven or so years this monster continued to rape children..Please do everything in your power to put Mcqueary away in prison..I don't even have children but i have a niece and two nephews and it turns my stomach to think about it..
Thank you

1080 days ago


Harvey thank you for caring about these boys who were abused. thank you for questioning all of the lies! you are helping to move the truth to the surface. thank you!

1080 days ago
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